Kids seem to outgrow their clothes so fast, or at least Bella has been lately, so with winter coming and the cold Pennsylvania weather already here, she needed a few extra cozy pieces to round out here wardrobe for the cooler months. I recently grabbed some of these adorable pieces below from over at Tea Collection and we are just loving them!

one | two | three | four | five

I just love how classic and simple each piece we chose from Tea Collection is! I try to keep out wardrobes simple and somewhat minimal, not a ton of clothing because I know that realistically, as fun as clothes are, if you have too many, there are going to be pieces that don't even get worn, which just feels like such a waste of money and space to me. So cute, timeless, mostly neutral pieces, that will be wardrobe staples and can be worn again and again, mixed and matched and that she'll not only love wearing again and again, but that I'll also love seeing her wear (aka not character printed clothing haha) are our go-to.

Not only are these pieces perfect for the upcoming holiday season, but all winter long they'll be great! I have a feeling that ruffle sleeve sweater dress may end up becoming her Christmas dress this year (and how sweet will it be for Valentine's Day paired with pink tights?), I just love the candy cane look to those striped leggings (perfect for a trip the the tree farm or a visit with Santa), that chambray jumper could definitely be an all year closet staple since it can be paired with a fun long sleeve shirt for winter (like this adorable navy and white stamped dots ruffle sleeve top) or a basic short sleeve tee or tank during warm months. This striped ruffle sleeve shoulder dress is also a big favorite, it's so classic, neutral, and yet fun at the same time, I have a feeling this one especially will get a ton of wear.

I'm just loving the simple pieces for all winter long wear, give me all the ruffles and cozy pieces this year, and of course the festive looks for the holidays! What pieces and styles are you loving for your little ones this winter?

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