What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I am so excited to bring you another installment of "What I'm Loving Wednesday" a weekly post that will list some things from the past week that I am loving, can't live without, on my wish-list, or are things I am plain obsessed with - and I will even add links (when applicable) so you can check out or scoop up anything you love too!

If you're new and haven't seen a WILW post before, here's a little about them: What I'm Loving Wednesday is one of my favorite ways for me to showcase some of my favorite products, tell about something fun that happened, show you what I'm crushing on, highlight some of my favorite blogs and Instagram feeds and a great way for you to find all kinds of great new products to buy or people to follow! I am so excited about What I'm Loving Wednesday and it is going to be a BLAST! I hope you  will follow along! Today features a little about our recent bathroom update! Read all about what I'm loving this week below!

When I spied this pretty wooden "Wash & Dry" sign from over at Magnolia Market I just couldn't stop thinking about it. I was wondering where I could put it, it would be perfect for a laundry room, but since we live in an apartment and don't have a laundry room of our own, that wasn't going to work. So then I got the idea of hanging it over our towel rack beside out shower in the bathroom! Perfect! It fits the spot like it was made for it and was the best finishing touch to the room. Definitely a statement piece and well worth the money in my opinion. It's handmade, hand painted and just so lovely. It looks like Magnolia Market is sold out of this sign at the moment, but here's one on Etsy that's similar if you're looking to purchase this sign for your home.
IKEA has become one of our favorite stores, not only are their prices really affordable but their products are also great quality! When we purchased a new shower curtain recently I also wanted to update our bathroom textiles, since we hadn't purchased any new ones for a couple years and our old dark purple ones (though nice) were starting to look their age. We found these white ones at IKEA and they are the softest bath towels ever, not to mention cheap in price (less than $8 apiece), they dry super well and we just love them.
This was my one (splurge purchase) this past black Friday when all the holiday sales started. I simply adore all things floral and this shower curtain is absolute perfection! I'd been wanting to switch the look of our bathroom up for awhile now, but if you know me, when it comes to tings like this, I won't buy just any old shower curtain (it took me months of searching to find our last ine haha). So when I spotted this one on Pinterest a few months back and followed the link to find out it was from Anthropologie and couldn't stop thinking about it, I knew we had to have it and right away added it to my wishlist. I couldn't bring myself to pay $88 for it regular priced so that's why I waited until it was on sale and then scooped it up super quick. Definitely one of my favorite purchases.

Four | Seventh Generation "Black Currant & Rosewater" Handwash from Grove Collaborative
For the past year or so I've been working on slowly replacing all of our soaps and products with greener, more natural alternatives, and this hand soap from Seventh Generation is one of my favorites so far. It smells sooooo good and cleans hands so well. Plus since I order from Grove Collaborative, it saves me a trip to the store when we need more soap, I actually just ordered a new one in my latest Grove Collaborative box (along with my favorite Mrs. Meyer's Dish soap, Mrs. Meyer's Every Day All Purpose Cleaner, and Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaner) since I noticed that we were running a little low. Whenever I notice we're running low, I just hop on their website and add it to my "pantry" to ship out in my next box, it's shipped right to our doorstep and it's definitely nice to not have to drag my little one out to the store every time we need more soap or cleaning products. And even better, since most of the stores around us don't carry our favorite natural cleaners and soaps anymore, so it actually saves us from having to drive 30+ minutes to the nearest Target to stock up. Click this link (here) to head over to the Grove Collaborative website and learn more about how they work. :)
Happy Wednesday!


Dinner Is Served Y'all! | With HelloFresh

Cooking is something I've enjoyed from a super young age, finding flavors that go well together and foods that taste amazing, and as I've gotten older and become a wife and mom, it's also become imp-important to me to find meals that take less time to prepare and are also nutritious!

That's where a meal box comes in handy! Last week we had the opportunity to try out a box from HelloFresh (I've been wanting to try them forever) and goodness you guys, it did not disappoint that's for sure. It arrived by UPS and the box was huge! I could barely carry it in by myself and when I opened it once Bella and I had hauled it inside, she and I couldn't believe our eyes! It was packed full of fresh goodness! 3 meals worth to be exact. On the top was the cutest HelloFresh apron and a little cookbook. Then came three large individual boxes with all of the ingredients for the three different meals that I would be making: Crispy Sole, Beefed Up Bolognese, and Spanish One pan Chicken. Then a layer of big ice packs and on the bottom was all of the frozen meat.

Nothing like having the ingredients for a nutritious and super yummy dinner delivered straight to your door (and not having to bundle my daughter up to take her to the grocery store in the cold for dinner supplies). HelloFresh offers meal plans for individuals, couples, families and vegetarians! All you have to do is choose from the meals offered that week and they'll get them shipped right to your doorstep! It's the perfect meal solution if your're busy, on the go or just want to try  something new!

Two out of the three meals that we tried with the HelloFresh box were completely new to us (I've made beef bolognese before but not any of the other two), and were so delicious! Even Bella and frank helped prep some aspects of them (Frank helped me cook the meat for the bolognese and Bella handed me all of the vegetables and herbs for every meal so I could wash and chop them). I made the Crispy Sole the first night, is was soooo delicious, I'm not usually a big fish eater but this was so good I'd even eat it again (even Bella who is a picky eater literally inhaled it AND asked for seconds).

The Beefed Up Bolognese was our second meal, guys, the carrots that came with it!! I've never seen carrots so big in my life, the peppers were pretty big too! It was delicious too and literally made enough for like 10 people haha, we're still eating the leftovers. :D

If you've been watching along with my Instagram stories you'll know that the last meal from our box that I made was the Spanish One Pan Chicken. Y'all! This one was the best one and our favorite one yet. It was so good that all of three of us came back for seconds. The Chorizo was Bella's favorite, she pretty much ate all of it out of the pan lol, and adding a squeeze of lemon really made the flavors pop. We had quite a bit of leftovers from this meal also (though no more chorizo haha) and they were my absolute favorite!

If you're looking to try something new, save yourself a grocery trip, make dinner a little easier or spice your meal routine up, a box from HelloFresh is just what you need! You can choose from servings for 2 to 4 adults, 2 adults and 2 children with the family plan or 2 to 4 adults with the vegetarian plan! Choose 3 to 5 meals! It makes dinner so much more convenient and shipping is free as well! If you've never tried HelloFresh now is the time to try it! With my code JOYFULTRIBE35 you can get $35 off of your first box! How awesome is that?! Head on over to www.HelloFresh.com top check out their menu and order your first box with my discount! Happy Cooking!

This post is sponsored by HelloFresh. I received product and was compensated in exchanged for my honest review. All opinions are my own and solely owned by me. As always, I do not endorse products that we don't fully love and use in our family. We definitely love HelloFresh. :)