Berry Goodness Juice | SUJA Juice Copycat

Recently when we ran into the store for a grocery run, a sale caught my eye... The SUJA Juices were on sale so I thought "Why not?" and grabbed the first one that looked good, "Berry Goodness" to be exact. I fell in love with the flavor, seriously, it was amazing! But no matter how amazing it was I couldn't justify spending $3 to $4 every time I wanted one, so I snapped a photo of the label before I tossed the container after drinking it and said to myself "I can make this!". But fast forward 2 weeks and I still hadn't purchased the necessary ingredients to make it and had actually forgotten about it. So when I came upon the photo again one day when I was making the grocery list I decided to go for it! And goodness am I glad I did!
It literally tastes amazing and almost exactly like the original! Plus it makes a really good amount, like think along the lines of 4 quarts (a gallon), and it kept great in mason jars in the fridge for a few days, I'm sure it could have lasted longer, but it didn't, it was that good! Even my husband (who isn't usually into juices) LOVED it, and my stepdaughters compared it to the Naked Juices that they love! The only thing I would have changed is added an extra package of blackberries because mine turned out a little more pink than theirs (I added it into the recipe already), but the taste was almost spot on with their juice! It's a pretty easy recipe, super fun to make and even better to drink!

1 bag apples (I used Fuji apples, but you can use any kind)
1 bag navel oranges

4 organic bananas

1 package strawberries

2 packages blackberries

2 packages blueberries

3 to 4 cups of water
1/2 cup lemon juice

1/4 cup chia seeds

You'll need a large mixing bowl or gallon sized pitcher. Put an entire bag of apples through your juicer (no peeling or coring needed), next peel your oranges and run them all through your juicer. Pour both juices together into your pitcher or bowl. Now run your bananas through your blender and puree them until they are liquefied, you'll need to add enough water in that they blend up, probably around a cup. Pour the bananas into the bowl/pitcher with your apple and orange juice. Now repeat the same steps (that you just done with the bananas) with the strawberries, cut the green tops off, put into the blender with 2 to 3 cups of water, add in blueberries and blackberries and blend them all until they are liquefied. Next, take a strainer (even a flour sifter works, its actually what I used lol) and pour the berry mixture through that into your bowl or pitcher, you can skip this step if you don't have a strainer or flour sifter but I like this step because it removes almost all of the strawberry, blueberry and blackberry seeds. You're almost done! Add in your lemon juice and make sure your juice is well mixed together with a wire whisk and then gently stir in 1/4 to 1/2 cup chia seeds. Pour into mason jars or cups, (I also topped with a little more chia seeds) and enjoy!


Front & Center | Pink Blush Feature

I'm so thrilled out of my mind today to be featuring Pink Blush here on The Joyful Tribe! I've been a huge fan of Pink Blush ever since I first tried their clothing late last year, the quality of their clothes are seriously top notch, on fleek (lol), and amazing!

PinkBlush is a women’s online boutique that sells the cutest dresses for women and so many other clothing items and accessories too!
Can my entire closet be filled with nothing but Pink Blush please? I currently own 8 pieces of clothing (plus a pair of boots) from Pink Blush Boutique... I just can't stop and I don't see my Pink Blush addiction ending anytime soon.

I was so excited when I was contacted recently by Pink Blush with an opportunity to collaborate with them, you better believe I said yes! As a stay at home wife and mom I'm definitely drawn towards comfy and cozy clothing but I also love stylish clothing and their clothing is just that! I was able to choose one item to review and I chose the Black Heathered Knit Long Cardigan in exchange for my review and for sharing my honest opinion with The Joyful Tribe readers.
Seriously, best choice ever! I really haven't even taken it off much, or like at all (well, a few times but that's it lol) since receiving it!
One thing I dislike about winter (besides the cold lol) is having to wear a coat all the time, I feel so bulky and my arms feel restricted so this cardigan is perfect for me because it's thick and comfy, and as long as I'm not going to be outside for a long amount of time I can just throw this on for running errands at the grocery store or when heading to the gym, and its great for indoors too because I'm always cold it seems.
I love the monochromatic color scheme because it goes with practically EVERYTHING! Something else I love about this cardigan is that it doesn't get fuzzies all over everything like some knits do, it's been perfection since the moment I pulled it out of the bag.
Have I convinced you yet? You NEED this cardigan! Seriously. Oh and it's  on sale right now for only $36! That's a price that really can't be beat for both the quality and durability of this item (their clothing is all seriously quality made) and how much I promise you'll end up wearing it. If you're looking for cute clothing at Trendy Boutiques Online, Shop Pink Blush is the way to go!
I'm so excited to announce that I’ve partnered up with Pink Blush to giveaway a $50 gift card to their shop (you'll also be able to use it over at Pink Blush Maternity if you're expecting) to one of YOU! Entering is super easy too! Full details on how to enter can be found over on my Instagram page (direct link found here)! Good luck ladies!


Front & Center | Beck + Belle Feature

Okay, so to say that I'm obsessed with Beck & Belle would not only be completely accurate but also the understatement of the year. Definitely one of my all time favorite shops and I am SO excited to be able to share a little about them with you today, oh and something else pretty fun? I also had the chance to interview Molly, the shop owner and creator herself! She is seriously one talented lady to say the least, oh and she's obsessed with Gossip Girl just like I am so that makes me like her and her shop even more (if that's even possible lol). :)
We received 3 items to review and it was pretty much the hardest choice to make, like ever. The products listed for sale at Beck & Belle are just THAT CUTE! But alas, though it was an epic life changing decision, we decided on the mommy and me floral reindeer ears and antlers and a golden bow for little Miss B.

The quality of these items are impeccable, you can tell that a lot of time and love went into each piece and that they'll also last for quite a long time.
We took some fun photos outside as soon as we got them in the mail and we also wore the reindeer ears out shopping quite a few times, you guys, so many compliments and I had so many people ask me where I got them. They are so much fun to wear, they're comfortable and we didn't get the usual "headband headache" (you all know what I'm talking about) that most headbands give, plus we seriously felt so stinking festive!
I especially love the sweet simplicity of the gold bow too. It goes with almost every outfit she owns and can be worn for practically any occasion, we're big fans of gold around here so it was pretty much a no-brainer, right?! I especially love it to top her long curly ponytails.
One thing I've always loved is getting to know shop owners, finding out a little about them and hearing the story behind the shop, it always makes me more interested in the brand/shop and definitely more likely to purchase and follow along with the shop on their social media... So without further ado, the much anticipated interview with Molly herself!
Hi! Thank you so much for featuring my little shop!  I first opened Beck + Belle in 2013 as a way to sell the crocheted pieces I made while enduring morning sickness in my second pregnancy.  Then we were branded Jumping + Jellybean.  In early 2015 I updated our shop name to Beck + Belle which reflects the inspiration behind my designs; My babes, Beckett Richard & Ellia Belle.
I make bows and other unique accessory pieces with wool felt and the highest quality glitter fabric.  I cater to babes, newborn through adult and am excited to introduce more little gentleman accessories in the future!
Beckett and Ellia Belle are the constant inspiration behind my creations.  While I’m open to custom orders, the majority of my unique designs are made with my daughter in mind.  As said above, I can’t wait to add some pieces for little gents :)
I’ve always loved hair accessories.  For quite some time I felt bare if I wasn’t wearing headband (I attribute much of that to my obsession with Gossip Girl haha). Once Ellia was born I decided to making bows of my own.  It seemed like others adored my bows just as much as I did, so I added them to my shop and haven’t looked back since!
100% self taught.  Everything I’ve learned in the past 3 years has completely been trial and error. I’ve learned more about design, business, managing/handling money than I have at any other point in my life.  Honestly, this journey has been one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me and I’m so grateful for my supportive & loyal following! I would be nothing without the support of bloggers and other fabulous customers :)

This past holiday season!  Over the past year I’ve worked to perfect as many products as I can.  One of which was my reindeer antlers.  I added ears, and a floral design. Once releasing pictures and making it available for sale, I was completely overwhelmed.  I have never endured such high demand for one of my products and it was so rewarding to know that others loved the design I had worked so hard on! My sanity was certainly put to the test a time or two, but I learned so much and I’m excited to use that knowledge to further growth in 2016.
I bet you think I’m going to say the reindeer ears … haha and pre December, I probably would have! (Those things are pretty darn time consuming, I’m looking forward to a little break. ;) 
Right now my favorite product is our customizable feathered crowns.  Glitter, feathers, sequins and you choose your littles first initial to customize it just for her; doesn’t get much cuter than that!
Yes!  I am working tirelessly to get my own website up and running in addition to designing new products, revamping my office and getting a Beck + Belle blog up :)  Hoping to make 2016 my best year yet!
So was that fun or was that fun?! I am super excited about all of the new products, new website and blog and I might just have to snag a pair (or let's be honest... two) of those Minnie Mouse Ears that are up for pre-order on the new site! :)



B's Birthday Bash | Bella Turns Two

Little Miss Bella had a birthday earlier this month and I seriously cannot believe my baby is TWO!
She is such a sweetheart and such a blessing and joy to us! The sweetest little soul, helpful and kind, smart and beautiful, funny and sweet, she's the most perfect little girl and I'm so proud and thankful to be her mommy!
So as I already mentioned, her birthday was earlier this month, and we had her party 2 days before her actual birth date. Last year we went with a gold and brown owl themed first birthday party and thus year I wanted to do something a little more colorful, and something that would fit the theme of the holiday season and our colorful pastel Christmas decor... so we chose to do a Nutcracker theme for her second birthday!
It turned out even cuter than I had imagined and I loved that I was also able to incorporate a book (The Little Golden Books Nutcracker book) that I loved when I was little and she loves now too!
The decor was amazing, the "TWO" letter banner from Oh! Shiny Paper Co. was adorable and the perfect way to announce her new age. She kept pointing to it and saying "Two!", yep you're 2 now little sweetheart! I can hardly believe it myself!
The beautiful custom tissue paper garland from Fancy Face Studio was a favorite. I love the colors too, all of Bella's party colors (mint, gold, pink, white and lilac) paired so perfectly together. It's still hanging above our couch in our living room because it goes perfectly with our pastel Christmas decor, and will be moved into Bella's room as part of the decor for her "big girl room" once Christmas is over. You can also receive 20% off the entire Fancy Face Studio shop when you order using the code "JOYFULTRIBE20"! Yay!
The "2" cake topper also from Oh! Shiny Paper Co., I mean,  look at those tiny tissue paper tassels, I can't even. So ADORABLE! And I have a particular love for Mylar balloons, they're just the best!
And last but not least... the nutcracker dress from Studio Mama B... there are no words for this dress, it's THAT gorgeous! The print,  the colors,  the quality, and the LOVE that went into making this dress... It's definitely one we'll be keeping forever, and maybe she can even pass it on to her own daughter someday! She looked like a little Princess and the cut and style of the dress reminded me of Clara's dress from the nutcracker.
The other items I mostly just picked up here and there but a few deserve special recognition... the nutcrackers from my favorite Target  (seriously, who doesn't love that place?!), the ballerina doll from Stapley Dolls (we love their dolls, and well, them too! Kristy is so great), the gold chargers from the dollar tree, and the nutcracker book (the same *out of print edition* that I loved when I was little) used from amazon.
We also decided to do donuts this year (mostly because I didn't feel like making 60 cupcakes again lol) from Dunkin Donuts, and I made sugar cookies and chocolate gluten free pretzel bark. Yum! The 2 cake topper from Oh! Shiny paper Co. looked absolutely perfect in the "donut cake"!
It was really a perfect day filled with laughter and gifts and sweets and snuggles afterward. And since everyone wasn't able to be there to celebrate with us I'm sharing some of the photos with you all below! Oh and look at the end of this post for an amazing giveaway!

Giveaway Time! ONE lucky winner will win a $35 SHOP CREDIT to Studio Mama B, a $25 SHOP CREDIT to Oh! Shiny Paper Co.! So fun! And Entering is super easy! Head over to my instagram and follow the steps on the giveaway image (click here for a direct link) there to enter for your chance to win!

The giveaway is open to US residents only and ends Sunday (1/10/16 at midnight EST). A random winner will be chosen via random.com and announced on the giveaway within 48 hours of the giveaway end. Good Luck!


Front & Center | Mama Mermaid Feature

I'm so excited to share with you a little about Mama Mermaid today! I've discovered so many of my favorite shops and companies through blogs and instagram so it's amazing to be able to share with you, my favorites too!
I love babywearing for so many reasons, it allows me to keep my daughter close and snuggle, it also frees my arms up and makes things like grocery shopping so much easier! This Linen sling I awesomely had the chance to try out is amazing! It's comfortable, snuggly AND the perfect color! My daughter loves it, and so do I!

One of my particularly favorite days wearing her in our Mama Mermaid basic linen sling (in seafoam), was a late autumn day not too long ago, a crisp day, perfect for a walk by the stream, listening to the bubbling and trickling of the water as it ran by, the water rushing over the waterfall, dancing in the falling leaves as they fell around us when the breeze blew and hearing them crunch beneath our feet and smelling the early autumn air... And a great day to explore one of our favorite little towns nestled between two hills in the nearby Pennsylvania farmland  and all of the tiny antique, boutique and handmade shops there!

Since the town is tiny and the shops are tiny, there was no way to safely roll around a big jogging stroller (without breaking all the antiques lol), so this was the perfect way to not only keep our daughter extra warm and snuggly on a chilly day, but also keep little fingers a safe distance away and off of items in the shops. Double win. Oh, and it allowed me to get some extra snuggles in too, so make that a triple win!
I was also able to conduct a little interview with the ever so lovely Nicole, the beautiful and down to earth mama behind the shop, I always love hearing the shop owners point of view, learning a little more about them and hearing them speak about the products they pour their heart, souls and creativity into...
Celebrating the beautiful bond between parents and their babies, Mama Mermaid specializes in ring sling baby carriers made from luxurious hand-woven silk and linen textiles.

The beautiful textures and designs found in nature have been a major influence for Mama Mermaid's designs since the very beginning. When not working on my brand, you will almost always find me hanging out at the beach for that reason! The outdoors provide such wonderful gifts of inspiration!
I am self-taught, actually. I always wanted to learn how to make my own clothing and since high school I had entire sketchbooks full of designs. It wasn't until I became a mother that I started learning my craft though!
It is so hard to say, this entire journey of building a business has blessed me with many amazing moments. Getting to see parents happily cuddling their little ones in their Mama Mermaid sling never gets old and brings a smile to my face every single day.
Oh, that's an easy one: Stardust Rose! Pastel muted pink meets shimmering silver, the colors really came together with the hand-woven dupioni silk textiles. It will definitely be one of those slings I keep permanently in my stash!
The closeness. The time we have with our children being so little is  fleeting and the tenderness of a baby's sleeping breath on your chest, the top of their head close enough for endless kisses is so incredibly magical to me.
Be patient with yourself if it seems a bit challenging at first! It takes practice to master it but with a little effort, you will be so grateful for the joys babywearing will give you!

Be on the lookout for a super fun giveaway with Mama Mermaid on my instagram soon! You'll have the chance to win your very own Basic Linen Sling in any color you'd like and the giveaway will be open to both domestic AND international participants!