The holiday season is upon us, which means everyone is Christmas shopping and decking the halls. With a baby boy on the way this year it's been so much fun to shop for some little boy items since I've primarily only ever shopped for all the girly things, and of course I've rounded up some of my favorite items below to share with you, perfect for babies and little boys, and the perfect under the tree must haves!

Cuddle & Kind has been one of our favorite brands for almost 4 years, Bella has just loved their sweet cuddly dolls for so long, and now that we have a little boy on the way, he needed some too! I just fell in love with Hudson the polar bear, I've loved bears, especially polar bears since I was a little girl when my Dad always called me his little bear, and I love the monochromatic minimal color theme to his outfit. Our other choice for baby boy was Everest the penguin! I mean, can you even handle the cuteness? It's LOVE. The real reason we love Cuddle & Kind (I mean other than the fact that they're so adorable), is because with every doll purchased, Cuddle & Kind gives 10 meals to a child in need! Each hand knit doll is ethically made, heirloom quality, something your child will love for so many years and gives back to help those in need! Nothing better!

We've been big fans of Tubby Todd for the past several years since discovering them. Their scents are amazing, and we love that they're made with the highest quality natural ingredients, safe for babies and toddlers sensitive skin. All of their products are just the best, and since we've loved their hair and body wash, as well as their body lotion for the past several years, of course we had to get some for baby boy, and we are excited to try out the all over ointment too! The Tubby Todd Regulars Bundle is the perfect way to go for the minimalist who wants just the essentials, or if you want to go all out, the Tubby Todd Basics Bundle is everything! All of their ingredients are 100% natural + organic, the fragrances are natural and plant based, free of toxins, parabens, sulfates and bpa, are gluten free and dairy free, certified animal-cruelty free, made in the USA and safe for all skin types (even the most sensitive skin).

Baby's name is... B----. Yep, I'm still making you wait a little bit longer. But now you at least have a hint as to what his name is, it starts with a B! I'm in love with this sweet little 'N is for' Name onesie from Cheerily, it's the perfect, soft as butter little onesie and I can't wait to see him wearing it. When purchasing and personalizing this onesie, you can keep it simple with their name, or make it fun by adding up to 3 separate lines with up to 10 characters in each line. The perfect way to introduce your brand new little one and their perfect name to the entire world!

Wooden toys are pretty much my favorite, they have such an old fashioned feel to them, and comparing them to all of the plastic toys we've owned since Bella was a baby, the wooden toys have lasted, and lasted and lasted, while most of the plastic toys have been trashed because of breaking or donated because she got tired of them after a bit. All of Bella's wooden toys, she has never tired of though and still has! Another great thing I love about wooden toys, is that because most of them are handmade, it leads to better, heirloom quality, so that you spend less on toys in the long run, as well as being able to store them away and pass them on to grandchildren down the road! We wanted to start baby boy's wooden toy collection off the right way, with this adorable wooden stacking rainbow toy from Little Sapling Toys, and it is LOVE for both Bella and us. Baby is for sure going to love these in a few months!

We got this same sweet personalized star blanket from Oliver & Adelaide for Bella a few years back, and not only is it still in perfect condition, but she also still adores it. So of course since she had one personalized with her name, baby boy needed one of his own! This sweet blanket is expertly knitted right here in the USA, and is so, so soft, the dreamy kind of soft. Perfect for snuggling teeny babies in, for cuddling up with for story time with their book, for nap time with all of the sugar plums dancing in their heads, and makes the best gift that will have everyone talking (can we say perfect baby shower gift?)! A blanket they'll love for years to come and that they'll love as a keepsake forever. I already can't wait to wrap our baby boy up in this!

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