Coffee Time

I partnered with Bed Bath & Beyond for this post and the products featured. All opinions are my own and I only partner with brands that we love.

Coffee has been one of my favorite things since I can remember, my parents never drank it growing up, but my grandparents did so I'd have a mug of it when we visited them as a teenager, and then on into my teen years, I discovered frappes and lattes. The best was when I discovered iced coffee after I got married! It's still my most favorite but there's nothing better than starting the day off with a warm mug filled with hot coffee. It's one of my favorite ways to start the day. I typically drink decaffeinated coffee so I love that Bella enjoys sitting with me in the morning and sharing sips of warm coffee. Such sweet moments with her that I'm sure she and I will remember for so long.

We've been needing a new coffee maker for awhile now since the one we purchased soon after Bella was born was starting to give out, so I started looking around and definitely had my eye on a Keurig®. I was even more excited when I hopped on the Bed, Bath & Beyond website to see that they now offered smaller versions (than when they first came out some years ago) and they also had WHITE Keurigs®! Y'all know my love for the color white by now I'm sure. I just feel that white is such a serene, calm and relaxing color/shade, as well as just being more minimal. I love the crisp feel to it and the clean lines. It also matches with the rest of our home, because I buy practically everything in white, so it was a no brainer. It fits so nicely into our home and though we've had it less than a month, we've already gotten a ton of use out of it!

My husband uses it every single morning (along with the reusable K-Cup pod, also known as the Keurig® 2.0 My K-Cup®) to brew himself a nice big mug of coffee, and once Bella and I are up, we either make hot coffee to drink in the morning, or sometimes we brew coffee for the next day (or later that day) and put it away in the fridge so we can have cold or iced coffee. One of our favorite tricks to iced coffee is to brew coffee and then freeze it in an ice tray, that way when the ice melts in your coffee, it's just more coffee-ish, and not watered down! Am I a genius or what? Haha.

We also recently got some new mugs from the new Ellen DeGeneres ED line available exclusively at Bed Bath & Beyond. I just love her show and all her sweet humanitarian and charity efforts, so I was excited to see her new collection, but even more excited to see how pretty they were! We chose the ED  Ellen DeGeneres Grey Lines Mugs (crafted by Royal Doulton). They're made from stoneware and are really great for casual entertaining and every day use. I just love the modern and sophisticated look to these mugs, and they're absolutely perfect for morning coffee. The perfect size, weight, and feel like a perfect fit in your hand. They're even so cute I have them displayed on the countertop on our new mug tree from Bed Bath & Beyond! The Gourmet Basics Rotating Mug Tree by Mikasa is absolute perfection, if you're looking for a cute way to style your mugs and keep your collection in an easy to access location, this little mug tree is it. Another great thing about this mug tree is that it doesn't take up a ton of room like some I've seen, yet it's really stylish! It holds up to 8 mugs and is made from wrought iron and finished in black, it even has a top handle so it can be moved easily. All of your mugs in one convenient and stylish spot!!

Okay, so a little more about our new Keurig®! It's the easiest to use coffee brewer we've ever used, seriously, with just the touch of a button, you can have a freshly brewed mug of coffee at your fingertips. It's that easy! We chose the K250 Keurig® because of it's sleek and slim design, and the fact that it can brew single cups of coffee or if you'd rather, a 4 cup carafe of coffee! It's available in a fun selection of colors like peacock blue, plum, sandy pearl, imperial red, turquoise (which I almost chose), black, and white (which we chose and love); so they have pretty much any color to fit your home style and decor!

I just love the endless coffee possibilities that this Keurig® brings to our home with fresh coffee at the touch of a button. It's consistently delicious and refreshingly simply (I just love finding more ways to further minimalize and simplify our daily life). We have and use the reusable Keurig® 2.0 My K-Cup® Pod that Keurig® offers, but we also love all of the other options that Keurig® offers in the K-Cup® pods! My personal favorite is the Newman's Own® Organics Newman's Special Decaff Coffee K-Cup® pods, I just love the taste and the fact that it's organic! My husband loves some of the Donut Shop K-Cup® pods and also the Green Mountain Coffee® K-Cup® pods, my favorite thing about the Green Mountain K-Cup® Pods is that they are made using Fair Trade Certified™ coffee and have so many great flavors to choose from, so you can find the one that's perfect for you! You can find the quiz here to find your perfect cup and discover what works best for your palate preferences by answering 5 simple questions!

Keurig® Coffee Makers and K-Cup® pods are available though Bed, Bath & Beyond, Keurig.com, and most major retailers nationwide. To operate, simply add water into the reservoir, choose your favorite K-Cup® pod (or use your Keurig® 2.0 My K-Cup® Reusable K-Cup® Pod with your favorite locally roasted coffee) and touch the button to brew and enjoy! Make sure to grab some cute mugs from the Ellen DeGeneres collection available at Bed Bath & Beyond to enjoy your freshly brewed coffee in!


Ruthie Grace Boutique Favorites

I've shared before how much I love Ruthie Grace Boutique, but they just keep getting better by the year! Dresses are something that I wore every single day growing up, but after I got married I just needed a change for awhile, it was jeans every single day for a couple years, but last year I fell head over heels back in love with dresses again! While I still adore a good pair of jeans, I find myself reaching for the pretty dresses that now hang in my closet quite often, at least half the week, so I love to keep my wardrobe fresh with some new items every couple months! This pretty dress from Ruthie Grace Boutique is just the dress I needed to refresh my closet for summer!

This Lola dress reminds me of beach days, berry picking, gardening and picnics, just so summery! It's so easy to slip on, so comfortable and I've worn it countless ways. Just the dress by itself, paired with a cardigan, paired with a tee tied in a knot, it's so flattering anyway you wear it, and looks adorable with booties or sandals. It's made from a linen and cotton blend and the stripes are the prettiest.

You already know I LOVE the Grayson dress, I've had it since last year and it's one of my most worn dresses that I own, but it still looks like new after a year of wear and wash! It's one of the most flattering dresses of all time, I just love the minimal and classic look to it and it's one of my closet staples for sure.

A few of my other favorite dresses from Ruthie Grace Boutique are the Melodee dress, how pretty would that be for a beach photo session, or even as a wedding dress for a more casual elopement type wedding? I also love the Delaney dress, I mean, you knew I'd choose this one, right? Black & White stripes give me alllllll the heart eyes). The Dawson dress in black is one of the cutest things ever, it's kind of a shirt style dress and I'm pretty sure I need it in my closet, so classic! Last but not least, the South Padre dress in navy, this dressssss... I kind of love it a lot, so fun and fresh yet such a timeless color, all the love for this dress.

Make sure to head on over to Ruthie Grace Boutique to spice up your summer wardrobe! What is your favorite dress from Ruthie Grace Boutique?