Bella's Room Reveal - A Bright Pastel Little Girl's Room

This sweet little room has been in the making for a good long while, a long time coming. We had a cute little nursery for Bella, but when we moved when she was 6 months old there never seemed to be enough money left over after any paycheck to make her a cute little room again, and since she was still co-sleeping it really wasn't the biggest priority.
But now that she's a little older and growing into such a beautiful little girl we felt it was time she finally had her own "Big Girl" bedroom. A room that celebrates her, all her favorite colors and things and who she is becoming. Blooming into such a beauty and is the sweetest sweetheart, is a tomboy who gets scraped knees already and is obsessed with wanting to own her own skateboard next year but loves all things girly so much. Loves Jesus with all her heart. Loves flowers and plants and Shopkins and dancing and the colors mint and purple and pink.
She's pretty much perfection. What was that saying again? Something about "she is beauty and chaos all rolled up into one"? Or maybe I just made that up. Either way, it pretty much describes her down to a tee. She is our perfect little love.
And where do I start with this room? I'm kinda loving it so much. I wanna just go in her room and sit down and stare at the walls. Because they're pretty ya'll! And I may not be denying that I actually do that sometimes haha. It's kinda like a siren, it draws you in. Maybe it's that mermaid tail? Lol.

Does that tassel garland from Fancy Face Studio look familiar? Well, it should. You see, there is a method to my madness. I purposely chose the colors mint, light purple, blush pink, and white for Bella's 2nd birthday bash last year because I knew she loved those colors, they were her favorite so I decided to go with those colors for her room. So that became the base. The starting point if you will, for her room. Then followed trying to find the most perfect bedspread. I mean, what is a room without amazing bedding? I was about to give up when I found this one on amazon, but when I looked at the price I was like "there is no way that is ever happening". Thankfully though I kept it in my wish-list and then one day decided to read the reviews, and was I ever surprised when everyone was saying that Target had this exact same bedding for half the cost of what amazon was selling it for! So to Target's website I went and within minutes it was purchased and on it's way to our door. Talk about excitement! This was finally happening!

So then we needed a bed, and alllllll the crazy broke loose for awhile after that. You'll know what I mean if you caught my recent blog post about our $300 mistake (you can read more here if you didn't catch it before). Formaldehyde exposure and allergies, sickness from all that for a while and finally we were able to get our money back. Meanwhile, I found the most adorable metal bedframe from Novogratz on the Walmart website and decided to take a chance on it. It's seriously been one of the bed purchases we've ever made, it was so easy to put together and not only was it so easy to put together (hubby and I put it together in less than an hour), but it's so sturdy! It's nearly a steal at less than $115 and it's been worth every single penny! It comes in several other colors as well and I'd definitely recommend this bed for any of you who are looking for a new bed frame for your child!
After our issues with the particle board bed we had to get rid of, we opted to not purchase a new dresser for her to replace the tiny one she had. Instead, we moved the one that was in our bedroom (that never really fit right anyway) into hers and decided to redo it. It was given to us a couple years back by a family member who didn't have any use for it anymore and while it was in good condition, it was pretty badly beaten up and needed some TLC for sure. A few coats of paint (we used chalk paint and I mean, how cool is that stuff anyway?!) and new pulls and knobs for the drawers and this dresser didn't even look the same! I still marvel at the difference and how beautiful it looks now!
I also didn't want a traditional rug for Bella's room. She has dust mite allergies in addition to formaldehyde and food allergies so I wanted to make sure she had a different kind of rug. One that would not only make her room look beautiful, but a rug that would also have an added benefit for her sweet little self, health-wise, as well. This rug from Lorena Canals Rugs has been an absolute dream! Why are we loving this rug so much for her room? Well I mean aside from the fact that it's just the cutest rug ever, it's also washable! Yes, you heard that right! Washable! Like throw it in the washing machine and dryer kind of washable! What kind of madness and magic is this anyway? A machine washable children's rug?! An answer to the prayers of mothers all around the world for sure. The quality of this rug is amazing, durable, made for many washings, many spills, many crumbs and so, so many hours of blissful childhood imagination and play. It's made from 100% natural cotton and New Zealand wool and so unbelievably soft as well. I just love digging my toes into it and sitting on it with my daughter, and Shopkins are our favorite to play with together while sitting on it. It's handcrafted in Northern India using a hand-tuffed method (goodness, no wonder it's so soft) and watched over so closely during every part of production by the Lorena Canals employees, no wonder it's so luxurious, so lovely and so well made.

Another of my most favorite features are the paper flowers on her wall above her dresser. They're so beautifully exquisite and the sweetest perfection. Such a unique addition to her bedroom. They're from Sophia & Rose Collective, hand made, made from crepe paper and so much love went into the making of these! Sophia & Rose Collective is based out of Orange County California and owned, operated and created by the lovely Priscilla, seriously, she's just the sweetest you guys! Pretty sure I need to purchase a few extra flowers for the other side of the room eventually, because you can never have too many flowers and these are seriously the prettiest paper flowers around! Oops, I might even see a crepe paper flower addiction starting here, I better have my hubby hold my wallet for me, I can't contain myself around these blooms! Hold on, be right back, buying alllllll the paper petals. Lol.

Wanna know where that sweet mermaid tail is from? Look no further than the lovely Alexia Sotelo from over at Whimsy Tails! We were lucky enough to win this adorable blanket, yes you heart that right, mermaid tail blanket, late last year in a giveaway on instagram and not only did it make a great birthday present for Bella on her 2nd birthday, but it also made a perfect addition to her new big girl room! She also makes some pretty cute swimsuits! 

Gah! That moon pillow! Where do I start, I mean don't even get me started. It's my favorite pillow ever! The shop is Two Little Tadpoles and the owner, Amanda, is the sweetest lady everrrr and I have the bigger heart eyes for everything in her shop! This pillow is so soft and Bella is absolutely in love with it. She love hugging and cuddling and snuggling with it and it looks so cute sitting on her bed as an accent pillow! I mean, who doesn't' love the moon? I've always been a little obsessed. Two Little Tadpoles also offers this pillow in a light blue, perfect for a little boy's room, and if we ever have a son I'd definitely get this for him too, I already have an entire room theme in mind for a possible future boy for when we decide to have another baby. I mean, maybe I'm a little bit of an advanced planner? I can't help myself lol. I also love that she added some eye lashes to customize it even a little bit more for us to make it a "girl" moon for Bella!

Theeeeeese house shelves! I've never been so in love with shelves in my life! From Ma Petit Maison, which is French for "my little house", these little shelves couldn't be any cuter if they tried. Ma Petit Maison is based out of Canada, Montreal to be exact, and the quality and craftsmanship of these little things are impeccable. Is it acceptable to have house shelves in every room of our home? Because I'm seriously considering it. Marc and Melanie offer a variety of sizes and quite a selection of colors to accent the inside of the shelf. We decided to go with the Medium size and they're perfect. Not too big, not too small, and make the (what use to be blank) space between the closet doors in Bella's room stand out with the perfect amount of statement and "pop" if you know what I mean. We also chose the color mint for the inside of one, and pink for the other. The outside is a beautiful natural and light wood color and they are really sturdy as well! I'm a crazy plant lady and Bella already loves plants too, so he was super excited when I grabbed some succulents from Lowes for her and planted them in teeny tiny mason jars to put inside of her house shelves. Now, let's just remember to water them once in awhile so we can (hopefully) keep them alive lol. But seriously, how cute do they look in there?!

A few other fun things we accumulated for Bella's room that we love and have just turned out adorable in her new space are her "Isla" mermaid and "Chloe" bunny from Cuddle & Kind (we love that each doll purchased give 10 meals to those in need) and they're the softest most cuddly dolls ever! She loves sleeping and playing with them both so much! Her "Jesus Loves Me" canvas sign was a gift from her Gram-Gram and Grandpa right after she was born (originally from Hobby Lobby and is actually still available there)! Her mirror is from Kirkland's (I seriously looked everywhere before I found the perfect mirror). Her customized "girl with the wind in her hair" print is from Alice & Ivory, I decided to hang it with gold glitter washi-tape and I'm really loving the look. The beautiful ballerina doll in the window is custom made from Stapley Dolls, it was one of our gifts to Bella on her first birthday a couple years ago and it's still one of my favorites! Of course we always love to keep our Young Living diffuser in where it can be easily used and Lavender is one of our most favorites to diffuse on the regular (if you're curious about essential oils, you can find out more here). Her purple backpack from Herschel Supply Co. literally goes with us everywhere we go it's the cutest little bag and has turned into our "just the essentials" diaper bag. We found her adorable sparkly glitter curtain rod at Lowes and her white sheer curtains are from Amazon.com a couple years back. Oh! That adorable pink letter B... yep, that's handmade, I actually made that for her when I was in full nesting/crafting mode right before she was born; cardboard, styrofoam, and tons of hot glue and two different kinds of ribbon, I'm still proud of that thing! The Panda print is "Alexander Panda" by Laura Blytheman, kind of perfect for Bella since one of her (many) nicknames is "bear" or "baby bear" or little "bear", funny thing is it just kind of came naturally as a nickname for her and it was also my nickname growing up that my Dad called me, he still calls me little bear sometimes! :) And that giant unicorn is actually from one of our local grocery stores of all places!

We still want to get her a small nightstand (I'm thinking a cute garden stool would be perfect) for right beside her bed and we're also going to be getting her a few of those "spice rack" book shelves from IKEA in the next few months to put under her panda print, she's a little book worm so she's going to love it!

Well folks, that's about it! I hope you enjoyed the tour of her room! We had so much fun putting it together, I definitely couldn't' have done it without my husband's help, he's great at hanging curtains and painting. I'm still so excited that it's finished AND that it turned out as lovely as it did! Now, on to finishing our master bedroom next! Don't forget to pop over to instagram (@thejoyfultribe) to enter a big bedroom reveal giveaway with prizes to several of the brands included in her bedroom! Cheers!