Back To School Style With Skechers

Everyone knows how much fun back to school is... Getting fun new backpacks, planning lunches, new clothes and of course new shoes! New shoes might just be my favorite, and I'm teaching Bella the ways of shoe loving early on. You should have seen her face when she pulled these Skechers shoes and boots from their boxes! You would have thought it was Christmas morning by the squeals and excitement coming from her.
The shininess of the Skechers Shoutouts - Zipsters Shoes in Navy Blue is so pretty. They're the perfect "skater" style (yep, she's still asking for that skateboard, but hasn't gotten it just quite yet). She loves them! They're perfect paired with jeggings and a simple white tee. Oh! And pigtails. Pigtails are pretty much a must. These lace up casual high top sneaker shoes are made from a shiny navy colored faux leather upper with stitching accents and Zipper teeth seam edging detail from toe to back. Don't forget the Glittering metal stud and gem accents on side! These are the most perfect pair of shoes for your kiddo's first day back to school. She (or he) will be walking the halls feeling like the coolest kid there with their shiny new kicks, and all the kids will be wanting to know where they're from and asking their parents for their own pair. Seriously, everyone should probably just go buy these for their kiddos like right now.

Living in Pennsylvania, we tend to get quite a lot of cold and snow. So when it gets chilly and for the snowiest snow days, the Skechers Twinkle Toes: Glamslam - Lil Lovelies Boots are the most perfect choice. This is the first time my daughter has had footwear that lights up and she loves them. Like seriously LOVES them! They might be one of her new favorite things, and she loves jumping and walking to see them light up even more! They keep her toes super toasty and warm and besides that, they're seriously super cute. These boots boast a super soft gray suede textured fabric upper and beautiful stitching accents and the cutest mint colored pom-poms that tie in a bow. Don't forget the glittery rhinestones and heart design by the lights on the top of the foot. They light up with every fun step! Your little girl can wear these to school when its chilly and also on the fun snow-day-no-school-days! She'll love them and you'll love how much joy she gets from these.

Thanks to Skechers for sending these awesome shoes our way for the review. Little Miss Bella is definitely going to get a lot of wear out of these shoes and boots. Once she officially starts school (when she's a little older) we'll definitely keep buying her the coolest shoes and boots from Skechers so she can walk her school halls and make her way to her classroom to gain allllll the knowledge. Do you or your children wear Skechers footwear? Which pair is your favorite?


The Perfect Olive Green Dress

One thing I am so excited about, and if you've been keeping an eye on my instagram, you'll already know, is... autumn! Pumpkin everything, maple everything (especially maple bacon, yum!), apples, Halloween, Thanksgiving, crunchy leaves, colorful foliage, crisp air, flannel, boots, jeans, cardigans... I love literally everything about autumn and yep, if you  hadn't already guessed, it's my favorite time of year!
Another thing I always love about autumn are all of the colors! Maroon, navy, black, mustard, olive green. Olive green has especially gotten my heart this year, and this dress, the Serene Dress in Olive Green,  from one of my favorite women's clothing boutiques, One Loved Babe, is no exception.

I have a feeling I'll be wearing this dress everywhere, but who am I kidding, I already do! It's so comfortable, so soft and so beautiful! Right now while the weather is still indecisive, I'm pairing it with a cute pair of brown sandals I've had for several years that I love. But when the weather gets nippy, you can bet I'll be adding some cute tights and some black flats or some adorable booties.
This v neck, short sleeve dress is made from the softest rayon fabric and is fully lined and features elastic at the waist. In my opinion it runs true to size and I'll definitely be getting a lot of wear out of this dress. Oh! And did I mention the price? This dress is priced to sell at only $34! And don't forget the always free shipping if you're in the United States! This is a deal that can't be beat.
One Loved Babe also offers some of the cutest dresses around, and at a lower cost than everyone else too! I'll definitely be a regular customer from now on. I recently purchased the Maya Floral Dress from One Loved Babe too! It's a dress I've had my eye on for practically forever and when I seen the $34 price tag on that one as well I snatched it up real quick! As cooler weather approaches I think I'll be making a few more purchases, those Juniper Oversized Sweaters are pretty adorable and the Poppy Sweat Pants look perfect for a Netflix and baking marathon on a cold December day, don't you think? And I'm pretty positive that my closet just told me to go buy the Kynia Dress. Be right back. One Loved Babe is calling my name...


Living Room Sneak Peek With Hayneedle & RugsUSA

Ahhh! You guys! I'm so excited to show you a sneak peek of our living room! Though it's not finished yet, I am just so in love with our new TV stand and rug, so since I'm literally the worst at keeping secrets (I usually always end up telling my husband what I get him when I buy him gifts haha) I decided I have to show you all one side of the room!

This TV stand is the Belham Living Hampton TV Stand from hayneedle! It's a beauty isn't it? I'm so in love with how it brightened the room up the way it did (our old TV stand was wood colored), and it's just the prettiest classic look! I'm planning on adding a magnolia wreath in the middle of the wall above it to make that side of the room pop even more and I can't wait to add some little pumpkins to the top and on the shelves! Maybe even some pine boughs at Christmastime! How darling would that be?

The Belham Living TV Stand was actually surprisingly easy to put together, it came in a huge box and my husband and I put it together one evening, which only took about an hour and a half! How great is that! All the pieces were there and everything was in perfect condition! And it arrived the day after it was shipped! Talk about some fast shipping! Thanks hayneedle! We are loving this new TV stand!
Even our 2 year old was excited about this TV stand from hayneedle! For 2 days, all she said was "I so excited about the new TV stand!". It was the most adorable thing, and she truly is the sweetest little girl. She even wanted to help us put it together so she had the job of holding a few small pieces for us temporarily while we gathered up the tools we needed (a screwdriver and hammer, a hex key was already included with the screws and bolts). This TV stand was a family effort to put together and that makes it even that much more special to us! It's very well made and I feel like we will get a ton of use and a lot of years out of this gorgeous piece!
One super nice surprise was how much storage the Belham Living Hampton TV Stand from hayneedle actually had! Inside the side cabinets, I was able to stack our DVDs 3 rows deep! Talk about pleasantly surprised! Below that we have our CDs, and on the other side we keep all of our books! And let me tell you, we love books in our home, especially little Bella! I foresee a ton of new books joining our little book collection this Christmas! They're all covered by the most beautiful little cabinet doors with tempered glass and the prettiest "x" design. And the drawer underneath offers concealment for all those extra things you don't want sitting around; It's perfect for magazines and of course our remotes! I also love the middle shelf, how well it houses our cable box and DVD player. With our old TV stand we had to sit them on top of each other and the cable box would get overheated with the DVD player sitting on top of it, now, we have that problem no more! Yay!

The whole color is just the best, a perfect shade of white, with classic lines and molding, and the top is genuine oak wood veneer! This TV stand is 55 inches long and 25 inches tall, the perfect length and height for what we needed! I should also mention that the shelves are adjustable, so you can make them higher or lower depending on your personal needs! And the antiqued metal drawer knobs add the nicest touch and contrast to all the white of the TV stand.
I seriously couldn't ask for more great features and attention to detail in one piece of furniture! It's a sure conversation starter too, everyone always wants to know were we got it, and of course I tell them hayneedle!

We also purchased a new rug from RugsUSA! We had a cream colored shag rug with a brown trellis design previously, but both myself and my hubby decided we needed a change, so we looked through the RugsUSA website and within 10 minutes had both agreed upon the exact same rug! Which if you know my hubby and I, you know that the last time we bought a rug we didn't exactly agree on which style to get haha (though we did choose eventually). This rug is the prettiest addition to our home, and it's oh so easy to vacuum (the shag rug wasn't exactly the easiest to clean), and it's super soft on the toes! So double win! Plus is brightens up the room which is one of the biggest factors we love since there isn't much natural light in our loving room.

Well, that's it folks, there will be a full room reveal coming once the rest of the room is completed, but until then I am so excited to have showed ya'll at least a sneak peek and tell you about these two amazing brands, hayneedle and RugsUSA, and these amazing products! So if you're in need of a new rug, head to RugsUSA, and if you're in search of a new TV Stand that makes a statement in your home, look no further than the Belham Living Hampton TV Stand from hayneedle! You can thank me later. ;)

What is your favorite feature about the Belham Living Hampton TV Stand from hayneedle?


Mama & Mini Twinning with Goldy Fox

When my husband and I found out we were expecting, I had no idea how much fun being a mama would be. And once we found out we were having a sweet little girl, I had no idea until after she was born, how much fun and how great it was to be a girl mama. And goodness has it been sweet!
Hairbows, matching clothes, dolls, and matching jewelry! That's right! Matching mama + Mini stacking bracelet sets! Goldy Fox has become one of our new favorite obsessions and we can't get enough of these stacking beaded bracelet sets! We paired the Gold + Black Beaded "Nellie" Bracelet and the White Howlite Beaded "Pixie" Bracelet to create the prettiest feminine monochrome look. We love wearing them everywhere, to the grocery store, the farmer's market, church, the library, out to dinner, at home, outdoors because any girl mama knows how much fun it is to match with your little one. It's such a special thing really, and little girls love nothing more than to match with their mommy and have something that seems "grown-up". Another reason we love Goldy Fox jewelry so much is because it's made right here in the United States, in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon to be exact. Handmade by super sweet lady, who is a mama herself!

The White Howlite Beaded "Pixie" Bracelet is the most beautiful shade of cream, with little gold and gray flecks and lines running through it in so particular pattern, a beautiful and natural beauty.
The Gold + Black Beaded "Nellie" Bracelet paired so perfectly with the "Pixie" bracelet because of the half glass gold seed beads that even highlighted the gold flecks in the howlite even more, and the matt ceramic seed beads on the other half of the "Nellie" bracelet contrasted so nicely with the cream of the "Pixie". Truly a winning combination.
Goldy Fox offers so many more bracelet than just these two though, the Rose Gold, White + Gold Beaded "Angeline" Bracelet and the Gold + Frosted Sea Glass Beaded "Comet" Bracelet would also make a beautiful pair and beautiful even on their own! Just like the "Pixie" and "Nellie" bracelets, which can also be worn separately if you're going for a more minimal and simple look one day, or if you want to share with a friend. These lovely pieces from Goldy Fox have become not only favorites of Bella and I, but also wardrobe staples! Oh! And this is just a hint, but husband's listen up! The holidays are fast approaching and these make literally the most perfect stocking stuffers, I mean, they already come in the cutest little box and everything! Now ladies, don't forget to head over to instagram to enter to win a $25 SHOP CREDIT (click here to go directly to instagram) to Goldy Fox!