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As many parents and caregivers are gearing up to send their littles back to school this year, we’re faced with knowing school is going to look much different this year. Some will be sending their children back to public or private school, switching to cyber school, or many, like us, have chosen homeschooling! We are so excited for this homeschooling adventure, we've actually already started and love how we can learn on our own schedule, choosing our own days and times for studying, choosing alternative ways for learning in some subjects that work best for us... homeschooling is awesome!


No matter what kind of schooling your child will be undertaking this year, the one thing every parent knows best is that a busy day of learning builds up an appetite; kids love snacks and they learn better with a full tummy. Personally, I'm not a fan of sugar laden, highly processed, dye filled and artificially flavored snacks for kiddos. I mean, I'm not saying they never ever eat those, because they do on rare occasions, but we tend to choose more natural when it comes to snacks for the kids.



That's why we love RXBAR’s brand new RX Kids Protein Snack Bars so much. They have the best (seriously, Bella and Bodhi LOVE them) protein snack bars. The ingredients are scary simple with 4 core ingredients in each one (I LOVE minimal ingredients), each bar has 0* grams added sugar (*disclaimer: not a low calorie food. See nutrition info for sugar & calorie content), and each bar contains 5 grams of protein!


Everything a health conscious mama could want for a snack for their kiddos, nothing but wholesome nutritious ingredients. The perfect brain food for little minds that are constantly stuffing new information into their growing craniums.



We've been a fan of RXBAR for years so you can imagine our excitement when we discovered they were releasing their brand new RX Kids line last month. Their flavors are winners with our kiddos, they constantly ask for more and gobble them up lickety-split fast and ask for more. The flavors they currently have are Chocolate Chip, Strawberry... and Bella and Bodhi's favorites: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and Double Chocolate. All of the flavors are winners, plus they have some pretty cute swag to go along with them if you're into that kind of thing, a kids coloring tote, a lunch bag, and a pencil pouch. All great for back to school, road trips or outdoor adventures!



Whenever we are headed out the door for hiking trips or lake days I love to grab a couple RX Kids bars for our littles to snack on after a full day of learning about the world around them. Every lake trip becomes a lesson, every hike has so much to teach. That's some of the biggest reasons why we love homeschooling, because once you discover that there is something new to learn and discover at every turn and around every corner, the entire world opens up before your eyes and all of the world becomes your school.



The nicest thing about RXBAR (besides their commitment to high quality and wholesome ingredients) is that RXBAR is for the entire family, they have something for everyone to enjoy! RXBARs for adults, RX Nut Butters, RX Kids Protein Snack Bars, and RX A.M. Oats!


So, be sure to check out their brand new RX Kids Protein Snack Bars. You can find them on rxbar.com, or your local Target or Walmart! What is school going to look like for your family this year?