It's bumpdate time again! Officially 38 weeks now and only 8 more days to go until baby day! Ahhhh, did I just really say that? It's crazy how time flies isn't it? We had a growth sonogram 2 weeks ago at 36 weeks and baby is growing healthy, weighed around 6 lbs 10 oz (hoping he'll stay around 8 lbs or under for his birth weight), has the squishiest cheeks (cannot wait to kiss them) and looks just like his Daddy! We could not be more excited and the days are counting down now at lightning speed. I'll be packing my hospital bag this week and choosing an outfit for him to wear home, writing down a list of all of the essentials I don't want to forget (like my camera, phone charger, slippers, letterboard and my favorite lactation granola bars) and doing all of the last minute nesting around our home. We installed his car seat earlier this week and I washed the rest of all the teeny tiny clothes and bedding so I think we're pretty much ready to meet this tiny boy when he makes his arrival! SO. EXCITED.

Due Date: December 7, but scheduled for an induction on the 1st!!!

How far along: 38 weeks

Size of baby: The size of a winter melon (whatever that is) according to THE BUMP.

Total weight gain: Around 20 to 25 lbs., I can't remember to be completely honest).

Maternity clothes: Yes, and no. Give me alllllllll the maternity stretchy leggings, non maternity cardigans, sweaters and sweatshirts, and comfy slipper moccasins. No shame in my comfy game.

Stretch marks: Yep.

Sleep: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Usually depends on how active baby is and how many things I feel I need to get done before baby arrives (hashtag nesting mode).

Best moment of the week: All the baby kicks, scheduling our induction and talking over labor options and birth plan with my midwife! Oh! Also washing the rest of all of his tiny clothes and his bedding!

Miss anything: Sweets! Seriously, I've been eating so much healthier since being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and I mean, healthy eating is great, especially a lot better for this sweet baby boy, but I would love nothing more than a huge slice of homemade dark chocolate fudge cake right now. Probably going to be one of my first baked treats after he is born lol.

Movement: Yes! And the pelvic pressure is insane y'all.

Food cravings: Hmmm, mostly stuff I can't eat right now (thanks pinterest and Instagram for constantly showing me photos of amazing looking foods I'm not allowed to have), so I just grab a greek yogurt (I typically throw in some chia seeds too) or some summer sausage and cheese instead. Salads and chickpea pasta are a couple of my go-to's as well.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really, chocolate peanut butter smoothies do on occasion if I eat them on an empty stomach but that's about it.

Have you started to show yet: Oh yeah...

Gender: BOY!

Labor signs: Pelvic pressure, lots of braxton hicks + braxton hicks getting stronger in preparation for labor.

Belly button in or out: In, but just barely haha.

Wedding rings on or off: On, but wearing a lovely temporary ring since my real ring doesn't currently fit.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! So excited to meet this baby boy soon. Mostly used to the diet changes, finger pricks and insulin injections that come with gestational diabetes. Baby is healthy and my glucose numbers have been good (daytime is all diet controlled and I only do insulin at nighttime for my fasting numbers) AAAAANNNNDDD Christmas is on the way, so there's a lot to be happy about!

Looking forward to: Meeting this baby boy soon, finally cuddling him close, and especially seeing big sister Bella meet him for the first time!

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