You guys... My last bumpdate, ever. All the feels. 7 am tomorrow morning is my scheduled induction time and we are so excited. I've nested so hard this week, cleaning all the things, shower and tub, vacuuming, dusting, laundry, organizing and cleaning the fridge and freezer to perfection, packing mine and baby's hospital bags and charging my camera and laptop, washing the light fixture globes... I mean, all of this stuff is super important things that babies care a lot about... right? Hahaha. It makes me feel better anyway, knowing it's done. We completed the nursery this past weekend as well, hanging the most perfect mobile over his crib, getting a new piece of artwork hung, arranging and organizing all of the last minute details like what items are essentials for the diaper bag, the diaper drawer (since I'm sure I'll be in that drawer a lot), deciding what items deserve a place of the wire shelf, trying to get the hang of all of the baby carriers we have (braiding one to hang up, threading two slings), I also made a little basket filled with a blanket, swaddles, cloth diapers (to be used as burp clothes, nipple butter, breast pads, a manual breast-pump (that I;ll use to catch the excess breast milk from whichever side I'm not nursing on at the time), and of course lactation granola bars. The perfect little breastfeeding essentials basket, right beside the glider in the living room. We are so ready for you sweet little boy, and we can't wait to met you tomorrow!

Due Date: December 7, but scheduled to be induced TOMORROW morning bright and early!!!

How far along: 39 weeks

Size of baby: The size of a pumpkin according to THE BUMP.

Total weight gain: Around 25 lbs. I think?

Maternity clothes: Just give me all the comfy clothes. I'm pretty much wearing whatever will fit at this point. :)

Stretch marks: Yep.

Sleep: Yes and no all at the same time.

Best moment of the week: All of the kicks and rolls and tumbles in my belly. So much movement and activity. Just trying to soak up every single one of them since this is our last baby. Also, buying him his first Christmas gifts and wrapping them!

Miss anything: Cake. Oh, and being able to bend down to pick something up without feeling like my belly is going to explode haha. Things I'll definitely NOT miss: are all of the finger pricks after every meal and first thing when I wake up, having to get an insulin shot every single night before bed and having to keep so many notes of my glucose numbers. Oh and all of the twice weekly non stress tests. I will miss all of the ice chips the hospital gives me (give me all of the ice to eat), and the 9 months of no monthly visits from Aunt Flo.

Movement: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Food cravings: Still craving that homemade dark chocolate fudge cake I haven't gotten yet. Also craving my husband's peppers/onions/sausage over pasta meal. Pizza with pickled pepper rings. Jambalaya with fresh lime juice. Chicken Marsala. And Chickfila. Basically I'm hungry while I'm writing this, can you tell? Haha.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I sometimes get slightly nauseated in the evenings, but not really sure what it's from. My only guess is indigestion and my midwife thought so too.

Have you started to show yet: Yeppppp.

Gender: BOY!

Labor signs: Lots of pelvic pressure, a good amount of contractions but nothing regularly, and earlier this week my midwife said I was 3 centimeters dilated and 60% effaced already, and that he was laying VERY low.

Belly button in or out: Neither, it's flat against my belly at this point haha.

Wedding rings on or off: On, but wearing a beautiful temporary ring from Everly Rings since my real ring doesn't currently fit.

Happy or moody most of the time: Both. Slightly sad because this is my last pregnancy and these are the last baby kicks I'll ever feel inside my belly, the last time I'll ever carry a child inside me. So definitely some feelings there. BUT... SO HAPPY! I am just so excited to hold this sweet little baby boy, to snuggle him up close and see all of his tiny little features after waiting so long to meet him. To see if he has a lot of hair like his sister Bella had when she was born or if he'll be bald lol, to see if he looks as much like his Daddy as our 36 week sonogram showed he did, to kiss those cheeks of this tiny little love we've longed to meet for so long.

Looking forward to: Every thing. Every single second of every single moment. Welcoming this little boy into our family is such a dream come true. We are so excited.

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