Hi Friends! We've been so busy lately preparing for the holidays and for the arrival of our baby boy, wearing all the cozy clothes (okay, mostly pajamas if I'm being completely honest), putting the tree up (yep that happened already), and of course listening to alllllll the Christmas music. We're just enjoying everything this holiday season has to offer, and since I grew up in a hugely musical family, Christmas music is a big part of the holidays for me. Well, that and baking, but since I'm probably not going to be doing too much baking this year, we're just enjoying all of the Christmas carols, the amazing smell of Christmas Spirit essential oil in all the diffusers (and Thieves essential oil too to help build up  our immune systems), spending time together since it's our last few weeks as just the 3 of us, and decking our home with all things festive. Bella is constantly asking me to turn on Christmas music so she can dance, which I love, because not only do I enjoy music much more than the tv (though I do love me a good Christmas movie), but it also means she cleans the floor up before she dances without me even having to ask! Win-win for sure. Here's some of our current Christmas song favorites below!

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