Front & Center: Re-Play Recycled Feature + Giveaway

To say I got a "little" excited when I stopped in at walmart the other day and spotted RePlay Recycled dishes and utensils might be a slight understatement. Lol. I nearly bought them out!
I'd been wanting to give replay dishes a try for a while after seeing them all over instagram and after debating whether or not I should... well, obviously the answer was yes!
After all, mealtimes for a toddler need to be fun and bright! And since Bella seemed to be losing interest in food and not eating much I knew something had to change... so Replay dishes it was!

Fun Toddler Meal Idea: Organic Vanilla Yogurt, Blueberries & Broccoli Garlic Pasta.
You should have seen how excited she got when she saw them! Talk about a fun mealtime and a renewed interest in food!
She even loves playing with them as toys!
But the thing I love about replay even more than the bright colors and fun mealtimes is the fact that they are an eco conscious company... and made in the USA! Replay Recycled is a division of Re Think Inc., a family owned, family focused company!
And all Replay items are made from recycled milk jugs!
Yes, those milk jugs you and I put in the recycling bins on our curb are used in making these! How exciting right?!

Fun Toddler Meal Idea: Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding, String Cheese & Mini Ravioli.
Once the milk jugs are collected they are sanitized with a patented, proprietary process that removes every single bit of anything that had been previously absorbed into the milk jugs! Making them not only cleaned to the FDA's strict purity standards but making especially sure that each replay product meets a third party test for FDA food contact requirements! And the packaging is even earth friendly! Made from recycled cardboard!
Did you know that Replay products reduce greenhouse gases and save energy?!
2 milk jugs (or approximately 1 pound of plastic) saves enough energy to power a 60 watt light bulb for 6 days... charge a smartphone for 31 weeks... or power a 32" LCD tv for 3 days... and could even charge an electronic car for 6 hours!

Fun Toddler Meal Idea: Berry Apple Sauce, Broccoli Florets, Golden Cherry Tomatoes & Asian Noodles.
Things add up and every little thing we do to help our environment actually does!
Maybe you're wondering... but are they durable? Why yes they are!
The thickness and durability have been known to last many families through multiple children and years of use, without the vibrant colors ever fading or hardly showing any sign of wear! They've even been ran over with a car without causing any damage to the dishes in a test by replay! Yes ladies and gentlemen, these are some quality made and durable products!

Fun Toddler Meal Idea: Organic Vanilla Yogurt, Strawberry Pieces & Grilled Cheese Sandwich Bites.
Replay Recycled products are also really affordable... sets ranging from around  $3 to $9 (depending on where you purchase) and are available at Walmart, Whole Foods, Kroger, amazon.com, some specialty shops and through the RePlay website.
Affordable, earth friendly, made to last, bright colors, fun mealtimes... yep, all the good things combined into one product!
And now you have the chance to get them yourself! Replay Recycled has generously offered to give 1 lucky Joyful Tribe reader the chance to win a feeding set (pictured below) in the color of your choice! Seriously, you don't want to miss this giveaway!

Entering is easy!
Just follow the steps in the rafflecopter below for your chance to win!
The giveaway will run from Wednesday, February 25rd to Wednesday, March 4h at midnight EST. A random winner will be chosen via rafflecopter and announced on the rafflecopter widget here on the blog.
(US Residents Only Please).
Good Luck!
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Please note, I received products free to review but all opinions are my own. :)


Front & Center: Snap Bibs Feature + A Giveaway

So you might have heard of Snap Bibs... but then again you might not have... So today, I will be telling you a little about Snap Bibs... and there just might be a little giveaway at the end of this post.

Our Snap Bibs experience has been in several different stages and started with...
Everyone was raving about these amazing new bibs on instagram a few months after Snap Bibs opened up shop and I wondered what the fuss was all about... And in March of 2014 I was able to grab our first Snap Bib during an online sale for $8! I was so excited!
My first impression was that it was extremely well made, however... Since our daughter was still so small it just didn't work at the time for us (Snap Bibs didn't yet sell the smaller sizes)... She was uncomfortable in it so it just got packed away in her stuff and forgotten about.
In June of 2014 we moved and when I was unpacking our belongings I came upon our Snap Bib and thought "why not give it another try" since she had grown a lot since the last time we tried it... and am so happy that I did!  We haven't stopping using it since!
Not only is it better made than I even realized before, but its so much more functional than any other bib on the market! I don't have to be without a bib after every time we use it due to it being in the washer... All I have to do it wipe it off with either a wet or dry rag and its clean! And if it's really messy I can even run it under the water and scrub it with soap and water (I was afraid the back would come off when I first tried it but it's super sturdy and a good scrubbing with soap and water doesn't even bother it).

Now we use our Snap Bibs every single day, multiple times a day... breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, even arts and crafts, you name it! We are big believers in (and big advocates of) Snap Bibs now! They hold up amazing well and hardly any signs of wear even after being used multiple times a day for months and months! Our gold glitter Snap Bib was even a big part of Bella's 1st Birthday party outfit ensemble!
The only thing I could find about these bibs that I didn't like was the fact that I sometimes get worried that my daughter's hair will get snapped in when I snap the bib closed, but even that is a long shot and really just trying to reach for anything to be a completely honest review (since I usually try to make sure her hair is out of the way first anyway).
Snap Bibs is a small family owned business located (and operated) in Columbus Ohio, Snap Bibs was started by Katie Lewis after she just wasn't happy with regular bibs (you know the constant laundry from them and also the fact that her daughter could just pull them off during mealtime since they only have Velcro on them).

Each Snap Bib is made from thick and sturdy vinyl (yet still soft so they're easy on your child's skin and also roll up nicely to store in your diaper bag) with a heavy duty metal snap. They come in size Large (best for older babies and toddlers) and size Small (best for babies just starting solids or especially petite toddlers). Snap Bibs come in a wide variety of both matte colors and glitter colors and shades, all so fun and very vibrant!
No other bib brand even comes close! And I wouldn't suggest any other bib for a child! Even my husband raves about them! Snap Bibs are simple the BEST bibs out there!

(Snap Bibs are also great to use as capes when pretending you're a princess superhero:)
Want to try Snap Bibs for yourself? Snap Bibs has so generously offered to give a $15 shop credit to 1 (one) lucky Joyful Tribe Reader!
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Good Luck!
Please note, I received products free to review but all opinions are my own. :)


Front and Center: The Mommy Hook Feature + Two Giveaways

I was fortunate enough to recently try out The Mommy Hook!
But what is The Mommy Hook?
It's essentially what I like to call a "making life easier" product... And is a must have mommy accessory!
You simply just hook it onto your stroller handle and voila! You can carry that much more!
-caution... you might end up buying more than you should just to see how much it will actually carry lol.-
You can even carry it with bags attached so it's easier to carry all those groceries in at one time (I know I'm not the only one), and it's great for grocery shopping as well, attach your purse and diaper bag and hook onto the cart!
It's really an amazing product for on the go parents (and I'm sure even great for people who aren't parents but are busy and on the go).
The mommy hook is available for purchase by quite a few retailers... Babies "R" Us, Buy Buy Baby, Amazon.com, bed bath and beyond, Walmart and Toys "R" Us, just to name a few... 
The Mommy Hook comes in 9 vibrant colors and shades and retails for between $6 and $10 (depending on where you purchase) so its quite the steal... and not thousands, but millions have been sold in over 20 countries! Millions of people cant be wrong, right?!
Made with lightweight aluminum with a nonslip rubber grip I love that the Mommy Hook is sturdy and grips very well all at the same time, so you don't have to worry about it breaking or falling.
The only thing I am personally cautious of is that if you put too many bags on it while your child isn't in the stroller there is that (ever so slight) possibility of the stroller being off weighted and tipping backwards, but since most strollers are pretty heavy duty I really can't see that happening unless you try to put like 30 bags on it lol. 
It's especially great when away from home, traveling, during mall trips and grocery runs and at the park (great to throw a tote bag on it with snacks and drinks for a picnic)! We love our Mommy Hook!
Want to try The Mommy Hook for yourself?
The Mommy Hook has so generously offered to give 2 winners the chance to try the Mommy Hook out! Yes, not one winner... But TWO! :)
Just follow the steps in the rafflecopter below to enter!
The giveaway will run from Friday, February 6th to Thursday, February 12th at midnight EST. The random winner(s) will be chosen via rafflecopter and announced on the rafflecopter widget here on the blog on February 13th.
(US Residents Only Please).
Good Luck!
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Please note, I received a product free to review but all opinions are my own. :)