HEY 2020!

2019 was a whirlwind year that flew by too fast. We've made so many memories, we crammed just about every single weekend over the summer with slow days at the lake, picnics, beach days and adventures. It was the best summer... the best year, of my life (so far). We listened to good music, laughed with each other, held hands, ate good food, explored places we'd never been, and we changed. We got in touch with nature and we stayed outdoors every chance we got. We decided to not be those people who stayed indoors all the time and we loved it. Walking barefoot outside, feeling the sunshine on our faces, getting a sun kissed glow by the time October rolled around, wishing summer could last forever. Alas, it could not stay, and here we are. We started 2019 with a 5 year old and a 1 month old, and we're ending it with a 6 year old who recently lost her first tooth which makes her feel so much older, and a 13 month old who lives for being outdoors and took his first steps about a month and a half ago and hasn't slowed down since then.

Life didn't go according to our "plans" we had for 2019, but if you ask me, it turned out even better. We're learning to take it day by day. We almost bought a house, we almost made a mistake as it turns out, and now we're learning contentment during the wait. We're learning that good things take time. Learning not to settle when we know what we really want. We want our children to grow up near the sea, where sunshine lasts longer, where the sound of waves rolling in and the murmur of the tides is never far away, where you can taste the salt in the air and you can hear the rustling of the palmetto trees whispering to you in the warm breeze.

So now, we wait. These next couple of years will be a season of waiting for us, learning to slow down and enjoy the now and the here. Learning to live even more minimal. Learning as we go. They say hindsight is 2020, but I'm looking forward to all of the future and memories that 2020 will hold. I want to disconnect more from social media and connect even more with Jesus, my husband, Bella and Bodhi, and nature. I want to make about a bazillion memories that we'll never forget. I want to have more date-nights in with my husband where we order a pizza and sit out under the stars after the kids have gone to bed and talk about life, I want to hold my babies so tight, I want to "rough it" with our tent at state park campgrounds, I want to do my part to help our environment and the animals and people who need a voice, I want to cook wholesome meals for my family, take walks together on the beach and hike through the forests, discovering and taking time to notice all of the little things. I want to keep listening to good music and dancing whenever we feel like it, I want to pray when things are good and when they're not, I want to learn new things along the way and never stop learning. I want to live each day as if I didn't have another left.

I don't want a life filled with things. I want a slow simple life filled with people and places and memories and adventures. I want to stay woke to all the good things. Peace out 2019, you were a good one. Heyyyyy 2020!