Valentine's Day Gift Guide FOR HIM

Valentine's Day is so much fun, we love each other every day of the year, but it's always fun to really celebrate love on one special day each year. And since gifting is one of my love languages, I've rounded up some great gift ideas for the man in your life in my blog post below. Most of these items are products that we already own and love and I know you'll love too! Read all about them below!

Skechers recently sent these boots our way and I am seriously impressed with them. The quality is amazing and they look so, so nice! Not only that, but according to my hubby, they're also extremely comfortable! Which is the biggest factor especially since he is constantly on his feet both at work and at home. They come in 3 different colors, but he chose the canvas olive and oiled brown leather option. The memory foam insoles are super soft and cushy lux memory foam and the size has a zipper for easy on and off (there are laces on the front too). These feel like they will hold up for many years in the cold autumn and winter months here in Pennsylvania.

One if the biggest changes we've made so far this year is not buying body wash from the store anymore, it's filled with so many chemicals and toxins and I finally decided enough was enough. We've stopped purchasing it and have switched to all natural handmade bar soaps (who knew they were just as easy to use?!). This one from Skin Food by Aubrey (our go-to place for soaps, body butters, lotions and all things natural skin and body care) smells absolutely amazing and since my husband starts his day off every morning with a hot mug of coffee, why not keep the coffee going and bring it in the shower too? With the soap scent though of course, not an actual mug of coffee in the shower haha. This is one of our favorites, it cleans so well and smells pretty much good enough to eat!

This was one of my favorites purchases from this past Christmas that I gifted to Frank. Complete with our last name (obviously the photo shown here from their website isn't his, since our last name isn't Hughes haha) and his birth date engraved in the monogram on the front, it's one of his favorite gifts as well and he uses it daily. It's made from leather and feels like it will hold up for a good long while.

Who doesn't love Chip and Joanna? Fixer Upper is our favorite TV show that we watch together every week when it's on and this shirt is perfect for the Fixer Upper fan in your life.  Frank is always commenting on how fun he thinks demo day looks (they should totally have a "Demo Day with Chip" that wives can purchase passes for, for their husbands). I have a feeling that I'll be purchasing this shirt for Frank before too long.

Frank and I have been tossing around the thought of purchasing a home in the next couple of years (we just don't know which state yet) and one of the things we'd love to have is a decent sized back yard. A back yard big enough to be able to grow a garden, possibly have a few hens for fresh eggs (I simply love chickens and raised them for 12 years before he and I got married), and raise honeybees (something I also done before we got married)! We love honey, especially raw local honey (there's nothing like it on freshly homemade bread with a little real butter) and this book is one of the best when it comes to learning about and keeping up with all things beekeeping related. If you're considering raising honeybees, this is the best book out there. :)

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