Tribe Favorites: Emmies Room

I came across the shop Emmie's Room on Instagram last autumn and instantly fell in love with the brand and designs. It was one of those love at first sight type of moments as I browsed over the many dresses and bonnets and leggings and florals, and linens an ruffles... all of my favorite things, especially the florals, ruffles and bonnets.

Leanne, the shop owner and seamstress behind the brand, recently sent some sweet dresses our way and let me tell you, these are not store bought quality, they are heirloom quality. Made with the best fabrics and linens, these dresses are like the ones your great grandma made for you, you know the ones I'm talking about, the ones that have been passed down for so many generations and passed to so many siblings because they are such great quality that they just last and last and still look beautiful.

Leanne who is originally from Melbourne, Australia, now resides in Seattle Washington and hand makes each piece in her shop, right here in the USA, in the pacific northwest. Mama to 3 children (Emmie, Ethan, and Harper) and is pretty much superwoman, running her entire brand by herself: from owning, creating, designing, marketing and photographing it's a one woman show all the way.

Leanne says "My memories as a child growing up in country Victoria are sitting outside our rural driveway waiting for pass-byers to stop and take a look at my little shop. Back then I sold everything from freshly made lemonade to fabric covered tissue box holders. I was quite the little entrepreneur. My creative skills may have somewhat developed from the cardboard tissue box holders however my desire to be creative is still very much a passion that has remained since I was a little girl."

I just love finding out the "back-stories" and "behind-the-scenes" stories of shops and personally always make me more likely to purchase from a shop because I feel more like I "know" them, if you know what I mean. I just think it's awesome learning how shops and designers like Leanne started out with such humble beginning to create the beautiful and high quality items that they do now.

Leanne also says" I am obsessed with finding new designs and fabrics and look forward to seeing where Emmies Room will take me. Baby/Kids and nursery items, along with homewares are my main focal point and I like to use quality, natural products."

Some of the sweet items released in the first part of the SS17 line that just dropped over at Emmies Room are the Rose Gardenia Dress (cotton and linen blend), the Blue Gardenia Dress (100% organic cotton), the Ash Gardenia Dress (100% organic cotton) that's featured in this post, the Picnic Check Flutter Sleeve Dress in Taupe/White, the Beatrice Bonnet (Linen/Cotton blend) that perfectly matches the Rose Gardenia dress, the "You are my world" round play mat (how precious is this?), the Rose Pink Romper (cotton/linen blend) and the Ash Romper (linen/cotton blend) that would be perfect for little girls or boys.

I can't wait to see the second half of the SS17 collection when it drops, if the first half is this gorgeous, I cant imagine how lovely the second half will be. Which item from the first half of Emmies Room SS17 collection is your favorite?

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