Valentine's Day Gift Guide FOR HER

As a mom, I'm always looking for ways to simplicity life, and DuckWorth NYC makes it possible! If you have a little one on the way and you're in the market for a fully packed hospital bag or maybe you're just a mama searching for some seriously cute items... from pajamas, to jogger sets perfect for staying comfy, to sweet towels, super soft blankets, and the most adorable water bottle, to everyday items like tees, cozy baby blankets, pajamas, toiletries, nursing bras and undies, and even a fully packed hospital bag for Dad, DuckWorth NYC has it all. I'm so excited to partner with them for my Women's Valentine's Day Gift Guide and share a little about some of my favorite items that they offer below...

This jogger set is perfect for running errands, lounging around and staying comfy on a lazy day, a walk in the park, or even a great going home outfit after bringing your little bundle of joy into the world! They're also perfect for expectant mamas and not expectant mamas alike! So comfy and made from a super soft eco jersey, this slouchy pullover and wide leg drawstring lounge pants are an outfit you'll never want to take off. I just love the pretty charcoal color of the pants too! Wearing these, you'll not only just look cute, but most importantly, you'll be comfortable!

Whether you're traveling, at home, or spending a day or two in the hospital after giving birth, the one thing you want is a nice towel to dry off with, and bonus points if its cute, even more bonus points if it's a set of striped or polka dot (my persona favorite, but I do love stripes too) set of morihata towels! These towels are designed with the utmost detail and care to make sure that they're the best of quality and have superior drying power. Made to be fast drying, these towels are super soft and have some of the best water absorption and are easy on the environment. They're lightweight and pack away tightly which make them great for travel purposes or if you are into minimalism in your home.

What better way to support a brand you know and love than with a super comfy and relaxed tee to wear around? Definitely beats wearing a hospital gown after birth and is perfect for staying comfortable around the home after bringing baby home (or for chasing your toddler around). They come in both grey and white and also come in sizes for men, so Dad can match with you!

If I'm completely honest, I'm really a bit of a water snob. Water just tastes so much better when drank from glass cups or glass water bottles in my opinion. But not only that, but water from glass actually is better for you, since it hasn't been sitting in plastic with toxins leeching out into the water (which then go into your body after drinking it), that's another reason I tend to choose glass water bottles. These LifeFactory water bottles are glass on the inside and feature a medical grade silicone outer and polypropylene cap, is BPA free and dishwasher safe (yay). It also offers wide mouth access if you like to add ice or like me, fruit (lemons and strawberries are my favorite add ins), and these glass water bottles are a favorite of Young Living essential oil users. Duckworth NYC offers this water bottle in charcoal black (perfect for Dad) or an adorable aqua turquoise for ladies!

There's nothing better than staying cozy and warm when it's cold, and I tend to be cold a lot (as I think most women do), so this comfy ribbed throw is perfect for me (and you too)! This would have been such a welcome item a few years ago when I gave birth to our daughter, that hospital was sooo cold (but then again it was also December); it's perfect to add to your hospital bag for yourself (or even for Dad) and great at home too (perfect for snuggling up under while you're binge watching netflix or the bachelor or fixer upper. This super soft throw is simply just the best.

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