The Perfect Pear of Socks

Yesterday the weather was pretty amazing. A balmy 64 degrees out, rained most of the day and when it wasn't raining, it was the most perfect weather. I made tacos for dinner and threw open all of the windows in our home. It was simply glorious to say the least. I never expected to be able to open the windows, not even for a few hours in January here in Pennsylvania. I even had on short sleeves and Bella got to ride her bike outside for an hour or so after dinner.

January always brings with it my obsession for all things citrus (who am I kidding, I love citrus all year round, but the obsession is just kicked up a notch into crazy mode in January, Kind of like how I am with all things Pumpkin in October lol), yearning for warmer weather (and usually dreaming of a nice beach vacation, cold pressed juices and wearing all the adorable socks from Woven Pear.

Now typically, I'm not that big on wearing socks, and normal socks, well, normal socks are just boring. I'd rather be barefoot most the time, anything but boring white or black socks, but when it comes to fun and cute socks? Give them allllll to me. Seriously. I've been a fan (and customer) of Woven Pear since the very beginning.

Their socks are simply the most adorable socks out there, anywhere, period. Since February 2015, Woven Pear has been helping women all around the world put their best foot forward by offering the absolute best socks around. Each "pear" of socks are made from the softest, highest quality woven cotton around. And each pair is hand dyed, dipped by hand to ensure the brightest pops of color in each sock.

For those of you who love getting fun packages in the mail every month, Woven Pear even offers a subscription box, a sock box, if you will. You can sign up month to month, for 6 months, or even a year! You'll never run out of amazing socks to wear. 3 "pears" of socks delivered right to your door every month + free shipping? Sign me up! A lady can never have too many cute socks, am I right or am I right?

Some of my favorite pairs are the hedgehog (omg how stinking cute right?), oh snap (the perfect gift for the photographer in your life), need narwhal (they're so cute, I just can't), orange you glad (oranges are particularly special to me for many reasons, one of the reasons being they're one of the reasons my husband and I met, secondly, they're just delicious), birthday girl (you can guess which day I'll be wearing these I'm sure), these naughty or nice socks are perfect for Christmas (I wore them so much this past holiday season), and these garden gnome socks are perfect for gardening in (the perfect springtime sock).

Socks for every occasion, hobby, obsession and love you have. Head over to Woven Pear and grab yourself a "pear" or two. :)

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