Tribe Favorites: Petite Pehr Designs

I've been a fan of Pehr Designs for quite a long time, their simplistic designs accompanied by heirloom feel and quality have just always drawn me in and we absolutely love their products. I'm so excited to be teaming up with Pehr Designs to tell you a little more about some of their products here and also be teaming up with them for a giveaway over on Instagram!

In 2010, two friends, Jennifer & Rebecca teamed up to start their own company and create their own designs after not finding that perfect style to fit their lifestyle and taste for purchase anywhere. They decided to create their own, the perfect mix of modern and classic, fresh yet sophisticated, and made with the best quality materials. They have been friends since childhood and when coming up with a name for the company decided to play off the word "pair" with "Pehr", not only to reflect their lifelong friendship, but also the idea that you can pair all of their designs, prints and colors to create your very own look and style that fits your home and taste! How fun is that?

They offer so many items, from baby items, to children's items and even home items! They also just released their own line of children's bedding and it's seriously adorable! Twin size duvet covers, sheet sets and pillow shams and throw pillows, all perfect for when your little one transitions from crib to their own "big kid" bed! Their bedding is super soft, made from 100% cotton and simple the cutest. Not to mention the duvet covers are reversible to make it even more fun for your little one, they can change the look of their room up depending on the day and their mood with just the flip of their duvet. The kids bedding comes in several different patterns, Alphabet/Rainbow Stripe (like we have), Noah's Ark/Grey Stripe, and Painted Dots/Citron Stripe.

A couple of our other favorite products are their Pom Pom Storage Bins! We chose two different sizes of the grey pom ones (the hamper size and also the bin size, but goodness was it such a hard decision between the grey and the blush, but we ultimately went with the grey just because it was more neutral and will match better no matter what room decor we have now or down the road. The hamper size works perfectly for storing most of Bella's toys, and for the moment we're keeping her Shopkins and little people in the grey pom pom bin since it's smaller.

Probably my absolute favorite item of all of the Pehr Designs products that we own is the Grey Stork Blanket (which also comes in blush and light blue as well). It's Bella's favorite blanket for snuggling up in for story time every night before bed and for when she's watching her favorite shows on Sprout. She also loves sleeping with it too and it's the cutest thing to hear her say "I need my new favorite blanket!". One side is cream with grey stitching details, and the other side is cream with tiny grey polka dots. It's made from 100& cotton and is seriously the softest little blankey imaginable and I definitely will have to purchase another one in the future when baby #2 comes along. Is there is one item you little one needs, it's definitely this blanket.

One thing that I'm sure I'll always be a sucker for is swaddle blankets. They'll forever be my favorite. Before Bella was born, we were gifted a ton of receiving blankets, but they were never big enough to swaddle Bella up with and really just weren't good for much of anything, they never got used much at all. Swaddle blankets though on the other hand, were something that I used extensively, though we only had two of them that I purchased shortly before Bella born. You can swaddle a little one up in them, lay them on the floor for tummy time, use them as car seat covers and nursing covers in a pinch, and Bella still loves using them in the summer! They're great for little ones (even toddlers) to cover up with in the summer since they're light, but still offer that security of a blanket during nap time or on car and stroller rides. This grey and white striped one is simply perfection.

So many other great items are just a click away at Pehr Designs, head on over and check them out!

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