Tiffani's Living Room Reveal

Thank you to Raymour &
Flanigan for providing the products for this space. All expressed opinions are 100% my ow
Thank you to Raymour &
Flanigan for providing the products for this space. All expressed opinions are 100% my ow
Thank you to Raymour &
Flanigan for providing the products for this space. All expressed opinions are 100% my own.
Thank you to Raymour & Flanigan for providing the furniture for this space. All expressed opinions are 100% my own.

When helping design my step-daughter Tiff's new apartment, we knew we wanted to choose classic pieces that would go well with a mostly neutral theme and have a cozy, comfortable feel and a slightly farmhouse inspired theme. I shared recently about the items we chose and our inspiration for her living room (you can find that post here), and I am so beyond thrilled to share the entire room with you today!

It was so much fun decorating a new space for her, I love designing and decorating so much, it's one of my most favorite activities, so do be able to decorate a space that wasn't even my own was even more exciting! My Dad told me late last year how much he loved all my decorating and that I should become an interior decorator, so another reason I love it even more now is because I feel like I am honoring his memory why decorating my heart away, filling spaces with beautiful things and making them come to life. Making spaces not just a place to live, but a home as well.

Furniture, especially furniture that you love is such a monumental way to create a space that you love, taking an apartment, home, dorm or condo from a place that you live, and turning it into a home. As Raymour & Flanigan, say "Furniture is what makes a house a home, and we build memories around pieces, often without realizing how important they truly are". I think that is so true, think of all the memories made while sitting in a living room, all the laughter and fun shared between family and friends, usually sitting around on sofas and chairs.

A few reasons why we love Raymour & Flanigan is that we love their furniture and everything we have gotten from them has been such great, great quality! They truly have a style and budget for everyone, from a college student to parents of the college student,, from those who like trendy and modern styles to those who love classic and farmhouse styles, they truly have it all. The showroom experience is the best of any furniture store I've ever visited, the Raymour & Flanigan staff is so kind, helpful and always have great suggestions with a range of furniture to look at in the style I want and the budget we have. They now deliver 7 days a week (something super fun and also new that they just started), and you can expect delivery of your furniture within 3 days or less AND it's full assembled! I think the no assembly required part might be my most favorite part of all, because assembling furniture is probably one of my least favorite activities of all time lol. Also online items are shipped free and if you purchase a mattress from Raymour & Flanigan, you can expect next-day delivery! Their community impact is great also, they're always helping others out and being involved in local communities!

Now on to Tiff's apartment makeover! The sofa was the first piece we chose for this room, after looking through a ton of sofas, one in particular caught my eye and I kept going back to it over and over, and when I showed it to Tiff, she felt the same way, the Cordelia Sofa was pretty much love at first sight for us. I loved the affordability of it (under $700), the pretty neutral "platinum" color  (it's so pretty in the photos but even prettier in person) and from the photo online, it looked so cozy. The real test came in store actually trying it out, and I was glad to say that it passed our comfort test with flying colors! Seriously, it's so cozy to sit on and I just love the way it looks in her space! It fits perfectly in the room and compliments all the other furniture so nicely, plus the throw pillows (that come with it) are super cute and they're also reversible so you can switch the look of your room up whenever you like. It's  classic, yet modern aesthetic will work in nearly any home and fit almost any style, you really can't go wrong with this pretty sofa.

The next piece on our shopping list was a TV stand! We're all a bout all white everything or all neutral everything, so for a room essential like a media console, I knew it had to be classic and fit in well, but I also wanted it to be unique and make a statement! This Kaden 66" TV Console was the perfect addition to the room and not only brings that wow factor I was looking for, but also offers so much practical storage for books, movies or even decor! While it also comes in brown for those of you with darker decor tastes, we wanted to keep the space light and fresh with the antiqued white color, which perfectly matches the end table, the storage dresser and goes great with sofa. I just love how this piece looks in the room, and even more importantly, she loves how it looks.

When it comes to storage, you truly can never have enough. So that's why we scooped up this pretty cream colored Kylie Dresser! We styled it on the other side of the room with a pretty set of trays, a pretty vase with natural dried hydrangeas, and the prettiest copper mugs that are perfect for hot cocoa, tea or pumpkin spice lattes. It matches so great with all of the other pieces in the room and really brings it together. Definitely a great piece to grab for your own home if you're in need of some extra storage space with a classic look.

Since the space in her living room is limited, we opted for a smaller sized end table and this sweet little piece is the perfect corner addition. The Norwood Chairside Table is the best option for you if you want something that doesn't take up a ton of room, but has great style all at the same time! The top drawer is the perfect fit for a TV remote or two, not too small, not too big, if you'd like to hide those remotes away, keep them in there! I love the little open space shelf between the top and first drawer of the side table, it's a great space to keep books or decor. In this case, it's a top spot for some of my stepdaughter's college textbooks, handy anytime she wants to grab one to study a bit while sitting on the sofa! I love the distressing on this piece that makes it look more like a vintage piece from an old farmhouse than a new piece from Raymour & Flanigan!

The last piece we chose, was the lamp! I went through and found several that were really unique and pretty but ultimately, let Tiff decide. She chose the one that was actually my favorite (because you know I can't pass up a good Edison lamp, they're kind of a weakness of mine). The Cotulla Table Lamp adds such a warm and cozy ambient glow to the room, and is such a fun piece, it really is such a fabulous and unique addition to any room in your home! It also fits on the end table we chose like it was made for it, such a fun, practical and stylish corner!

What is your favorite piece that we chose from Raymour & Flanigan? What do you love most about the room makeover?

Thank you to Raymour &

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