Hi friends, happy Sunday! Can you believe Christmas is only 27 days away? I'm so excited to share the final installment in my 2021 Holiday Gift Guide series, my Holiday Gift Guide for HER! It's filled with gift ideas that are perfect for every woman in your life, your mom, sister, best friend, cousin, aunt, grandma, wife... or YOU! I mean, if you're anything like me (and like to pick out your own gifts) this post post is perfect for you, or you can at least use this gift guide to drop some serious hints haha. Filled with thoughtful and conscious gifts, you're sure to find that perfect something in this gift guide, find all the pretty things below! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I've been using essential oils all of my life (before they were even "cool" haha) and I'm a huge fan. One brand I've had my eye on for awhile but just recently got the chance to finally try out, is Vitruvi! Vitruvi offers beautiful diffusers that will fit into the aesthetic of any home, like this beautiful "Honey" Stone diffuser that I can't wait to put in our new home (I haven't decided just where yet, possibly the kitchen or our primary bedroom). It's crafted from matte ceramic porcelain and bpa-free plastic, and the limited edition "honey" color signified happiness and clear thinking (perfect for our new home if you ask me), I love that it's so pretty is can double as decor! They also sell some super awesome moveable cordless diffusers (like this one) that can be charged and carried around your home wherever you'd like! Their 100% pure essential oils are great and they offer so many amazing blends that are perfect for setting the mood in your home. Whether you want relaxing (I suggest this Retreat oil blend) or bright and cheery to start your morning (this Boost oil blend is lovely) or just want a nice scent for when you host friends for dinner on a warm summer evening (I love this Sweet Water blend), Vitruvi has a scent for every nose. High on the top of my wishlist is their limited edition Holiday Oils Kit (featuring grove, golden, afterglow and fireside oil blends). Shop all of Vitruvi's diffusers and essential oils HERE and click HERE to get $15 off your first order (which also gives me $15 off my next order, so win-win for both of us)!

You guys know my love of the ocean and all things surf runs deep, and Her Waves is honestly at the very top of my list of favorite places to shop for all things surf (and skate) related. I found Her Waves last year after I started skateboarding and have ordered a few things from them since, everything is always such great quality and their shipping speed is always super fast. Her Waves is on a mission to help women live their passions, and support women both in water and out of water. Her Waves brings together a group of some of the most talented women artists, surfers, and skaters to create the products they offer and I truly love how they keep the environment at the heart of their brand as they strive for sustainability. All of their products are made within 90 miles of Los Angeles, California and are created using GOTS certified organic cotton, and all of their printing and embroidery is done by shops local (within a few miles) of the Her Waves headquarters using water-based, non toxic inks! They even ship with biodegradable and 100% recycled/recyclable shipping materials, and have a goal to be completely plastic free by the end of this year! Her Waves lives and breaths surfing and artist expression, they find and help promote both new artists as well as established artists from all over the world, and each artist is paid and supported through their network. When you purchase from Her Waves you'll not only be supporting a real person and not some big corporation, but you'll also be getting a limited edition item you can proudly wear, hang on your wall or stick on your car or water bottle! I'm so stoked that Bella and I will both be finding a couple items from Her Waves under the tree this year... like this awesome Wave Dancer tee for me from artist Madeline O'Donoghue (which was also featured in Outer Banks, one of my favorite Netflix series), and this beautiful Sunset Flowers surfer print (for Bella, that I can't wait to hang up in Bella's new room) from artist Michi Pichel. You honestly can't go wrong with any item from Her Waves, find all of their awesome and perfectly giftable products HERE, and make sure to use THEJOYFULTRIBE10 for a discount when purchasing!

Ever try on a pair of shoes that felt like slipping your feet into clouds? I hadn't either, until trying on these Nohea Slippers in "Ray" from Olukai! I mean, Cinderella's slippers have got nothing on these slippers, these are without a doubt THE MOST comfortable shoes I have ever worn. The Nohea Slipper was designed to deliver the ultimate level of warmth and comfort and are made with soft shearling and premium nubuck leather, the patented drop-in heel design makes the shoe work as both a shoe or slide style... I already can't wait to find these under the tree on Christmas morning! Another pair of shoes from Olukai that I'm really stoked about are these Pehuea Lī ‘Ili Women’s Leather Sneakers in "White", I've been needing a new pair of "throw on and go anywhere" kind of shoes and these are it. They are so pretty and feminine, and go so well with anything, jeans and a tee, shorts and a tee, a dress, the possibilities are endless with these simple sneakers. The Pehuea Lī ‘Ili sneakers are made with premium full-grain leather, Recycled polyester lining, feature flat waxed laces, have a removable and washable footbed with the coolest art inspired by surfing Waipio Valley on Hawai'i island at sunset, and come with a non-marking rubber outsole with Polynesian inspired artwork design for better traction, and did I mention Olukai's shoes all come with a one year warranty? Just when you thought it couldn't et any better, for each pair of shoes purchased Olukai gives back. A portion of all proceeds directly supports the Ama OluKai Foundation, honoring those who preserve and celebrate the cultural heritage and Aloha spirit of Hawai‘i! Literally the coolest brand ever! Shop all of their awesome shoes HERE!

One thing I never skimp on is a good pair of underwear, I mean, maybe I don't replace and update my undies as often as I need to (haha), buuuut the undies I do own are great quality and no synthetic fabrics ever grace the drawers of my dresser. One thing I've learned years ago is how important it is to only wear fabrics that are breathable and natural, organic cotton is the only fabric I'll use, and Knickey is my absolute favorite brand. Organic cotton isn't just softer though, it's also better for your body! Why and what is the difference between regular old cotton and organic cotton you're probably wondering? Organic cotton is grown without pesticides and toxic substances (which are things you definitely don't want touching your body all day, especially the most sensitive parts of your body), organic cotton is usually grown in better, healthier soil too, which in turn generally makes it better quality. It's also better for the environment, since organic cotton creates 46% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional cotton simply because toxic fertilizers and and pesticides, and using fewer mechanical farming practices. Okay, so now we know why organic cotton is so much better, let me tell you why you need some Knickey undies... here's a little secret... they are THE MOST comfortable undies I've ever worn. I've been wearing their brand for almost a year now and I still to this day am impressed not only at the softness (I'm pretty sure they've actually gotten softer) and the quality, they have held up so well and are 100% worth the $14 per pair price (another secret is that if you buy more, you save more money per pair)! They have so many beautiful colors to choose from (currently 7 core colors and 5 limited edition colors), and so many styles for every single body shape (they actually just released a new style, the High Rise Thong, last week). I'm really excited to add a couple new pairs of their undies (like this Mid-Rise Brief in Bumble and these High-Rise Briefs in Midnight Moon) to my dresser, and also stoked to finally try out one of their bras too, this Triangle Bralette in Midnight Moon is so pretty! Shop all of their styles HERE!

I like to keep my skincare routine pretty simple, and Lola Jane Naturals is one of my favorites for natural skincare and body products. She keeps her products natural and safe, using only minimal, intentional ingredients like the highest quality organic and natural and oils, clays, butters, waxes, botanicals, herbs, minerals, and pure therapeutic grade essential oils. With Lola Jane Naturals, simple doesn't mean boring, simple means better, and as a natural and minimalist minded woman, I find it so refreshing to have found a brand that shares the same values of simplicity and quality over quantity. The Rosewater Facial Toner is one of my absolute favorite products (that I've actually been using for a couple of years), it's so light, makes my skin look and feel amazing, and it has only 9 ingredients (that are also vegan)! Some new things I'm excited to try soon is this Sea Salt + Lavender Body Polish that smells absolutely heavenly (and consistency is amazing as well). This Antioxidant Clay Facial Mask (that has only 5 ingredients, including sea clay, spirulina and colloidal oatmeal) is another one I'm really stoked about, and also comes with a porcelain bowl (I chose the granite color because I loved the simple neutral look), my skin is exposed to the elements a lot and this one is formulated for skin that sees a lot of the outdoors so that's why I chose this one, can't wait to try this clay mask out on my face that sees the sun and wind and sea air so often. I'm also really looking forward to trying this new Heel Balm from Lola Jane Naturals, it's the perfect way to nourish and hydrate dry cracked heels and feet, and goodness knows I need it with how often I'm barefoot and walking on the beach (and in parking lots to get to the beach haha). Lola Jane Naturals is the best place for all things natural skincare so make sure to head HERE to grab what you need to upgrade your skincare routine!

If you haven't been following Devon from over at @MermaidSightings on Instagram, you've been missing out, and you need to go follow her as soon as possible. She writes the most soul etching words, all the things you feel but don't know how to articulate from feelings into words, she does with her poetry, and it's magical. She is a mother, writer and surfer living in Southern California (where she is native to) with her husband and 3 kids, and also runs a local skateboarding collective for women in addition to writing her beautiful poetry whenever she has a spare second between momming, surfing and every day life. Her words always speak to me so deeply, her love of being a mother while also not sugarcoating the difficult days; her love of the ocean and water; so simply yet so eloquently she puts to paper and brings to life the thoughts and feelings of her thoughts and moments and days of being a human, woman, wife, mother and surfer; her words are so relatable and make this life thing not feel quite so alone. One of my absolute favorite poems she has ever written is this "Prescription" Handsewn Poem, it so perfectly says of anxiety and of water the way I have always felt, nothing melts anxious thoughts and feelings like stepping into the sea. I absolutely cannot wait to frame and hang this up in our new home once we are finally moved in. I'll probably be picking up another one of two of her other poems eventually (like this "Out of Water" Handsewn Poem and this "Buoyant" Handsewn Poem) to hang in our new home. Her poems are printed on handmade recycled cotton rag paper (hand made by Devon) with hand sewn or painted details, so each and every poem is a labor of love from beginning to end. Find all of her poems and artwork for purchase HERE!

P. F. Candle Co. is a brand I've been wanting to try forever, but only recently gotten the chance, and it was worth the wait. Their products smell amazing, the scents are lovely, but even better than that, is the fact that they are better for the environment than most brands. They are committed to sustainability, and great home fragrance goods that are phthalate free, cruelty free, and responsibly sourced. All of their candles are made with 100% domestically grown soy wax, and all of their products are developed, produced, tested, packed and shipped by the P. F. Candle Co. team at their warehouse in Los Angeles, California! They are also teamed up with Climate Neutral, an organization that helps them offset and neutralize their carbon footprint, I love finding brands that truly care about the planet and the earth that we will be leaving for future generations. They also donate to local organizations to give back to their community, such as the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, The Natural Resources Defense Council and the Downtown Women's Center. We haven't been able to really use candles that much over the past few years because we rented and lived in an apartment, and now that we will be moving into our new home soon, I can't wait to start using all natural candles again, this Sweet Grapefruit Soy Candle from P. F. Candle Co. is one I'm really excited about (can't wait to put it on our kitchen island after I've made dinner and cleaned the kitchen all up). Another couple of things I'm stoked to start using are their Room Sprays! This Sweet Grapefruit Room Spray smells amazing (grapefruit is one of my favorite scents) and this Golden Coast Room Spray smells divine! Find all of their all natural home fragrance HERE!

I'm all about baskets, storage baskets and tote carrying baskets, I don't care what kind of baskets they are, I just love a good basket, so you can imagine how excited I got when I discovered a new basket brand, Leah California! All of their baskets are beautiful, the loveliest addition to any home or to your accessories collection, perfect for storing blankets or toys, or carrying your things to the beach or bringing to the farmer's market to carry all of your locally grown vegetables and fruit, baked goods, organic honey, and kombucha! Not much can make a good basket even better, unless it's the fact that Leah California's baskets are sustainably made and ethically sourced! THAT definitely makes them better! Each piece is hand crafted by artisans in Mexico, where the artisans have been weaving palm leaves into baskets, bags and hats for generations! They have passed on the knowledge and skill for so long to preserve the art of bringing natural materials into life. They carry on their traditions and ancestral technique of boiling, dying, hand braiding and sewing the palm leaves into the works of art that Leah California offers in her shop. While it can take years to fully master the technique, once learned, each artisan can hand weave 1 to 2 baskets per day! So much love and work goes into each and every piece at Leah California. This Sunset Straw Basket is one of my absolute favorites, I can't wait to fill it with goodies for a picnic on the beach (which sounds like the perfect date night idea for my husband and I, kinda thinking charcuterie board picnic on the beach at sunset). This Mercado Straw Market Basket is at the top of my wish list, it's so beautiful, and would be perfect for farmer's market days and family beach days. I also really love these Baja Storage Baskets and these Sonora Storage Baskets, definitely need to grab a few of these for organization once we are in our new house. Shop all of the beautiful hand woven baskets (and hats) over at Leah California HERE!



Happy Saturday! So excited that the weekend is finally here, we've had a busy last few days with Thanksgiving and then my husband's first black Friday working in retail (was that ever crazy). The kids and I went to the mall to see him and also see what black Friday was all about (because I had never been out on black Friday) and it was both my first AND my last time ever going out on black Friday haha (didn't even end up buying anything at the mall except food lol). Yesterday I shared the first installment in my 2021 Holiday Gift Guide series (find that one HERE) and today I am so excited to share my second gift guide in the series, my Holiday Gift Guide for Men! I'm sharing some brands that are some of our absolute favorites and some products we really love, all perfect gift ideas for the men on your gifting list (because we all know men are notoriously difficult to buy for). Find them all below!

We first came across the brand Olukai a few years ago at our favorite surf shop (that is now local to us) and my husband really liked their shoes. I remembered them recently and thought they would make the perfect Christmas gift for him! I mean, everyone loves shoes, and they are a really great and practical gift that can be used over and over again, so I'm stoked for him to find some new shoes from Olukai under the tree this holiday season. I chose the Nohea Moku in "sharkskin" (the pair he originally saw and loved at Surf City Surf Shop), the color is so great and they look like they're going to go so well with all of his clothing. The Nohea Moku are created to be an elevated no-tie boat shoe, made for land or on the water, the Nohea Moku is ready for every adventure you might throw its way. The second pair of chose for him is the new Moloā Slippers in "Toffee/Dark Wood", I literally cannot describe how soft these are, they are so perfect for they are going to be perfect for mornings on the patio in our new home while he drinks his coffee, grilling out on our patio in the evening, tinkering in the garage; I have a feeling he's going to get A LOT of use out of these cozy slippers. The Moloā Slipper is made for relaxation, made with premium nubuck leather and soft shearling, these slippers are the perfect slipper no matter what time of year it is. Both shoes feature removeable and washable footbeds with gel inserts so your feet will be happy all day long. Shop all of Olukai's footwear HERE!

Shark Tank is one of our favorite shows, we've found so many great brands we love through that show and Wanna Date is definitely a favorite! My husband loves dates, and I love all of the health benefits of them, so this brand is perfect for us! Not only does Wanna Date spread taste delicious (my husband really loves it on toast) but it's packed full of nutritious vitamins and minerals! I mean, I'm not a doctor, but eating Wanna Date spread could possibly double as a daily multivitamin (only kinda joking lol). Dates are filled with vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin B-6, and also contain riboflavin, calcium ,thiamin, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, niacin, manganese, copper, organic Sulphur and potassium. Dates are heart healthy food, with a low glycemic index, full of fiber, and are a great "natural energy" food! With Wanna Date spread you can get all of the health benefits of dates without chewing on an actual date, put some on toast, with your ice cream, on an acai bowl, in a smoothie, the possibilities are endless! Wanna Date has a ton of great flavors from their original flavor to chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, pumpkin spice, and even plant based date-dough bites like chocolate brownie dough, birthday cake date dough, snickerdoodle date dough and more... a flavor for every palate. AND Wanna Date spreads are paleo, gluten free, dairy free, fat free, cholesterol free, sodium free, soy free, vegan, kosher, non-GMO, no added sugar, and only 25 calories per serving! It doesn't get much better than that! Find your perfect "date" HERE!

One of my favorite new places to shop for my husband here in Myrtle Beach is Rambler! They are what I like to call a "manly man" store, they are a "moto-outdoors" inspired specialty shop for men with a focus on quality, American made, goods ready for whatever adventure you might throw their way. Men are notoriously difficult to buy gift for, but Rambler makes it so easy to find the perfect gift. Their entire store is filled with nothing but the coolest items, things made in the USA, high quality products made to last for years, and everything that your man needs... or didn't know he needed... until now, that is. This Pendleton Burnside Flannel in "Slate Multi Plaid" is a shirt they carry in stock at their location here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (they also have another location in Peoria, Illinois, as well as a website that ships anywhere) and it is a real winner. My husband tried it on at the Rambler store and sent me a picture... and I was just over here like "wowee, is there a summer heat wave because I need a tall glass of water right now" hahaha. Seriously though, it is such a nice looking shirt, so flattering, and I'm honestly in awe at the craftsmanship of this flannel shirt. It's so thick and cozy and soft, definitely one that will last him for years to come. The colors are perfect for autumn and winter, this plaid cotton shirt is brushed on both sides for extra soft comfort, features two button through chest pockets (with a pen slot, locker loop and twill tape placket). It's a rugged, dependable shirt perfect for every adventure, whether that adventure is a hike through the forests up a mountain, a day on rough winter seas, or just grilling some steaks on the back patio! Head to Rambler online HERE to shop for the men in your life, or if you're local to Peoria or Myrtle Beach, find all their goods in store!

Protein bars and smoothies are one of my husband's favorite grab and go breakfast options, and I'm stoked that he'll be finding some products from ALOHA Protein under the tree this year. We are newer to their brand but so far I've been really impressed with all of their products we've tried. All of their products are plant based, organic, non-gmo, vegan, soy free, dairy free, gluten free, and contain no stevia. The ingredients in their ALOHA Organic Chocolate Protein Powder are minimal and are all ingredients you can actually read the names of, no crazy words you can't pronounce and no unnecessary fillers, added sugars or artificial ingredients. Each serving contains 18 grams of protein and only 130 calories! If it's stocking stuffers you need, ALOHA's plant based protein bars are what you need. they are USDA certified organic, vegan, no artificial ingredients, and they are gluten free... as well as being delicious! Coconut Chocolate Almond has definitely been my favorite flavor so far (like an instant island getaway at first bite), but they sell 8 different flavors (plus a limited edition flavor right now, Peppermint White Chocolate). They have something for every set of taste buds! Find all of ALOHA's plant based protein products HERE!

One of my favorite stocking stuffers for my husband is soap and most recently, hair and body care products. I came across this brand Byrd Hairdo Products completely by accident over on Instagram one day and knew instantly that their products would make perfect gifts for Frank. I'm so excited for him to find these products under the tree that are cruelty free, vegan, mineral oil free, paraben free, phthalate free AND sulfate Free... talk about good stuff. I chose Byrd's Texturizing Surfspray for him which is awesome for getting that perfect beachy look to your hair. It's made with sea salt, coconut water, quinoa proteins, vitamin B5, and sea buckthorn extract to help nourish your hair but also keep it light and weightless, plus it smells amazing (definitely a fan of their trademark salty coconut scent)! Also love absolutely their Activated Charcoal Exfoliating Bar Soap! It detoxifies impurities in the skin while gently exfoliating with natural microbeads and hydrating with shea butter and shea butter. Another favorite product of mine if their Surfside Air Freshener, and it is going to make a perfect stocking stuffer! Shop all of their rad products HERE!

Pan's Mushroom Jerky is another brand we found thanks to Shark Tank. We are huge fans of all kinds of jerky, and when we first heard of mushroom jerky, we knew we had to try it! It looked good, it sounded good, and finally when it arrived it smelled good AND tasted good! Hurray! Mushrooms are one of my favorite foods, so I was stoked to find something else made from them. Pan's jerky is made from shiitake mushrooms with a delicious umami taste and a meaty texture (which is from the fibrous texture of the shiitake mushrooms). While Pan's jerky doesn't contain any any animal products, even the biggest meat lovers will enjoy the flavor and texture of this mushroom jerky. In case you need some more reasons to love Pan's Mushroom Jerky (or even if you already love them and didn't need more reasons, Pan's Mushroom Jerky is vegan certified, gluten free, soy free, certified paleo, certified plant based, certified kosher, high in fiber, rich in vitamin D, cholesterol free, AND made with organic ingredients! Pan's offers a variety of flavors including original, zesty thai, applewood bbq, salt and pepper, teriyaki, and curry, and they even offer a variety pack which comes with 4 different flavors in case you can't make up your mind on what flavor to try first (plus a tiny bit of savings by purchasing the 4 pack). Shop all of Pan's Mushroom Jerky HERE!

I purchased our first Takeya water bottle about 4 years ago and we have been big fans ever since! The quality of their water bottles is amazing and we love that they keep our water cold for so long. My husband just recently got rid of his old (original) one that I for him years ago because it had finally seen it's better days, so with the start of a new job, he needed a new water bottle, so it was the perfect time to get him this 32oz Actives Insulated Water Bottle With Spout Lid one (pictured in Cobalt). He absolutely loves it (I may have given this gift to him a little early because he needed it now instead of having to wait until Christmas), he loves how cold it keeps his water, the handle that makes it easier to carry, and the color (I'm sure it will be covered in music stickers pretty soon). I'm also going to be gifting him this 64oz Actives Insulated Water Bottle With Spout Lid (pictured in Onyx) on Christmas morning that will be perfect for all of our family beach trips this upcoming summer. These Takeya bottles are double-wall insulated and keep things cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours, are sweat free (which men's no water rings on your furniture or moisture in your bag), it's made from food grade stainless steel and won't transfer or hold on to flavors, they're BPA-free so no worries about toxins in your drink, AND they are better for the environment! We love how eco friendly these water bottles are because we can refill them over and over again and fill them with water purified in our Berkey water filter, instead of having to buy plastic water bottles (with chemicals filled water) that will end up in land fills or the ocean. Find your perfect Takeya reusable water bottle HERE!

Coffee is by far my absolute favorite thing to gift to my husband, it's also the easiest go-to gift because it's something I know he'll enjoy and it's useful since he'll drink it every single morning to start his day off right! This year I am gifting him this organic roasted coffee from the coolest coffee shop, Hi-Fi Coffee Bar, that is local to us here in Myrtle Beach! I chose their Locally Roasted Organic Sumatra Coffee in store for his Christmas gift (it's delicious, and I highly suggest grabbing it if you're local). Hi-Fi Coffee also sells Locally Roasted Whole Bean Guatemalan coffee that is considered their Hi-Fi "House Coffee" which can be purchased on their website and shipped anywhere! Their Guatemalan coffee can be purchased as a half pound or a whole pound and is known for its exceptional body, snappy aroma and amazing flavor... delicious to the last drop! Hi-Fi Coffee Bar is the coolest spot to grab a coffee (hot or iced), a quick sweet bite to eat, or to just hang out! Their atmosphere is awesome and has so much character, and the employees are friendly and helpful! Head HERE to grab your own locally roasted H-Fi coffee to out under the tree for all your coffee loving friends and family!