Hi there! I'm April! I'm a twenty something, Redeemed daughter of the Most High, happily married wife to my best friend and better half, Frank; Stay at home mommy to our precious Bella; Step-mom to Kristi and Tiffani and... "Glamma" to (my step-daughter Kristi's twins) Michael and Matthew! And all of these are... My tribe!

I grew up in Missouri, met my husband in 2012, moved to Pennsylvania and got married! Our love story is a crazy one, but its my favorite one because it's ours!
In April of 2013 We found out we were expecting and would later find out we were having a baby girl! We welcomed Bella Nicole into the world on the morning of December 8th, 2013 and she has been lighting our world up ever since! So full of life and love and joy! Her zest for life is contagious! She is constantly giving kisses and hugs, smiling, giggling and oh, can't forget dancing! She has been dancing from as soon as she could pull herself up!

Growing up I lived on a farmstead in Southeast Missouri with my wonderful parents 1 older brother and 3 younger sisters! We would always plant a big garden every year and we also raised chickens (my favorite), ducks, geese, rabbits, honeybees, sheep, dogs, cats a few times, and even a miniature donkey once! I grew up in a Christian family but became a born again Christian when I gave my life to Christ at the young age of 7 when I was baptized. I was the worship leader at my church at the time for several years and I also played the drums once in awhile.
Now life is a little different as an adult, I live half across the country in Western Pennsylvania, I live in the city, I'm a married, I'm a stay at home mom, I'm not a singer at our church (but I would perhaps eventually like to be a part of the worship team, but for now I will worship from the congregation:), I blog, I'm a budding photographer and plan to start my own photography business within the next 6 months to a year.
Honestly, I feel like I'm finally starting to come into my "element", grow into and find who I really am and express my own style! It's funny how sometimes it takes us awhile isn't it?

A few things I enjoy (in no particular order) are... Spending as much time as possible with my tribe, blue skies, long walks and jogging, reading, yoga, daydreaming, decorating/designing, entertaining, photography, instagramming (where would I be without my lovely IG friends and community?!), Pinterest, crafting/DIY, shopping (thrifting, supporting small mom-made shops and local are my favorite! Though I do love me some Target and Anthro!). 
I love cooking and baking and I've been doing so since my mom started teaching me at around 2 years old. In my mind there is just something so rewarding about feeding your family and making things that taste/smell good. I've also been doing a lot of experimenting, trying new recipes/coming up with my own recipes this past year which I am very excited about!
I'm pretty "crunchy", I buy natural and organic products whenever I can and I use a lot of home remedies, I'm also very into essential oils (I actually sell Young Living essential oils:) and herbs and am always interested in learning more about them.
I have this notion that chocolate is healthy and I'm not changing my mind (haha), I love bright vibrant colors, but I also love pastels and neutrals (let's face it, I'm a color lover obsessed with an all white pallet:) ...oh and gold? Can't forget gold! (#goldobsessed Lol).
I'm just a leeeetle bit of a foodie. And iced coffee, yes, just yes.
I am a complete girly-girl, yet am quite a hipster as well, which makes for my own unique style I suppose.
I love flowers... peonies, lilacs, hyacinth, roses, honeysuckle, succulents... well pretty much all flora really.

My favorite seasons are spring and autumn. My favorite musical artist is Owl City. I love the ocean, I love freshly fallen snow that nothing has touched, I love in the spring when plant life begins pushing its way through the dirt and the earth begins to grow green yet again, I love warm summer days with blue skies and a slight breeze with white puffy clouds and contrails; and cool autumn days where you can put on a jacket and take a long walk listening to the leaves crunch beneath your feet, I love the afternoon sunshine when you can see dust and pollen swirling through the air. And yes, I am one of those people who pick up a dandelion and blow, scattering the seeds throughout the universe.
I am amazed at the world which God has created and how much He blesses me every day. I see the world differently than most people, and I believe the most wonderful things in the world are to love and be loved.
I'd love to get to know a little about you too! Please feel free to introduce yourself in the comments below if you'd like! :)