Welcome to The Joyful Tribe! I'm April, wife to my best friend Frank, mama to our darling little wilds, Bella and Bodhi! I'm also a step-mom to two, and a grandma to 3.

My husband and I have been married almost 7 years and you can most often find me snuggling my little girl, babywearing our baby boy, holding my husband's hand, going for walks, baking something up in the kitchen, tending to our garden, finding new ways to use essential oils and listening to music. I'm a total homebody, but also love spontaneous adventures with my loves (beach days, lake trips, walks in the forest and visits to state parks are my favorite). Fresh flowers always put a smile on my face, having my husband's arms around me,  dancing with my little girl + and having my baby boy constantly in my arms are my most favorite things, and every moment spent wit my husband and tiny loves are the best moments of my existence. The simple things in life are the best and always bring the most joy to me.

I started blogging in early 2014, soon after our daughter was born, as a way to document  my way through new motherhood, and also share some of the things we loved. I've grown so much through this entire process and also formed so many friendships, and I'm so happy I started blogging when I did.

I hope that here at The Joyful Tribe, you'll find a space that encourages you, that you'll find new things to love, and that you will most of all find joy and simplicity in an on-the-go world that we as mothers tend to face.

I would simply love to get to know you too! Feel free to leave a comment below introducing yourself or send me a message!