Welcome to The Joyful Tribe! I'm April, wife to my best friend Frank, mama to our groms, Bella and Bodhi, and also a step-mom to two (Kristi and Tiffani), and a gram to 3. After having a lifelong dream of living at the beach, we finally decided to go for it, picked up our life and moved across country from Pennsylvania to South Carolina, where we now live in Myrtle Beach!

My husband and I have been married almost 10 years and you can most often find me on the beach with my family, riding waves, at the local skate park, surfskating, at home, enjoying nature and soaking in all the sunshine, at any one of our local surf shops, snuggling my kiddos, holding my husband's hand, walking, at the pool, eating chips and salsa, finding new ways to use essential oils and listening to music. I love spontaneous adventures with my loves, fresh flowers, acai bowls, tacos, anything with coconut and pineapple, having my husband's arms around me, dancing with my kids, and being in and near the ocean are my most favorite things. The simple things in life are the best and always bring the most joy to me.

I started blogging in early 2014, soon after our daughter was born, as a way to document  my way through new motherhood, find my own voice after becoming a mother, and also share some of the things we loved. I've grown so much through the entire process all these years and also formed so many friendships that I hold dear, and I'm beyond grateful for all of the opportunities I've had through blogging.

I hope that here at The Joyful Tribe, you'll find a space that encourages and inspires you, that you'll find new things to love, and that most of all you'll find joy and stoke.

I'd love to get to know you too! Find me over on Instagram at @thejoyfultribe and send me a message saying hey!