It's been a whirlwind of a crazy year, filled with both good and well, not so great, but here we are, almost Thanksgiving... can you believe it? It's just flown by! Bodhi will be turning 2 in less than 2 weeks, Bella will be 7 soon... Christmas isn't far away (gift guides are coming sooooon) and we're Christmas decorating this weekend! So excited to put the tree and lights up to bring some holiday cheer! It's been a hot minute (do people even say that anymore?) since I shared a list of favorites and items we love, so I've gathered some favorites together over the past few months to share with you guys and I thought right now felt like the perfect time! Do you love or use any of the products below?

Kids love rain boots, and our kiddos are no different when it comes to wellies, they want to wear them all the time. I honestly can completely understand though, they're easy to get on and off, are super cute and make puddles and rainy days more fun! We first discovered London Littles a few years back and we love them, their quality is amazing, plus they have such cute and unique prints. I love that they have both fun and classic styles for kids and that you don't have to choose between classy and fun. Bella chose the pink Darling Pink rain boots, they're the perfect amount of girly and cute but also go with so many outfits without clashing. For Bodhi, I chose these adorable Trafalgar Black rain boots, they're so classic and literally pair so well with EVERYTHING. If you need the cutest socks to go with your rain boots they have those too, London Littles has you covered for alllll the rainy days, with rain jackets and umbrellas to go with your wellies when it's wet out, and the cutest sunglasses for when it's sunny! Check them out here!

I'm so excited to share about Bells & Whistles Shoppe because not only do I absolutely LOVE their clothing, BUT the owner Leah, is also a local to me friend as well as a fellow homeschool mama (yay) of 3 little boys! I guess I should start by saying I need literally one of everything that Leah sells, I mean, everything is just so cute, and since there is more than one way to shop and everything is so affordable, it just makes it that much more difficult to not choose one of everything haha. Bells & Whistles is based on flash sales (which are so fun) so you can choose items quickly and get them for great deals! The first way to shop is through their website, or if you want to see when items come through quickly and which products are on flash sales daily, you can join the facebook group Bells & Whistles VIPs to get the daily scoop via posts and live videos on which products are on sale, running low, coming to the shop, etc.! Trust me, you'll want to join the group , if not for the fun clothes and sale alerts, then for the giveaways that sometimes happen (click here to request to join)! This Sugar & Spice Colorblock Sweater is one of my favorites already, definitely wearing it for Thanksgiving, and I love how the Good Vibes tank pair so perfectly with this striped cardigan! A couple of my favorites currently on Bells & Whistles website is this Tie-Dye Bleached Out Pullover and this Simple Stripes Loungewear Set, both so cute! Click here and use my code JOYFULRIBE2020 during checkout for 10% off first time orders!

It's so important to me that the products we use are safe, especially if they're going on my children's skin, that's why we love the Earth Mama Organics brand so much. With Earth Mama, I never have to worry about the ingredients because their ingredients are so safe and natural, earth derived ingredients you can actually read and trust. Their Organic Diaper Balm is one of my favorite products they sell, and a go to product in our home, it's made with ingredients like calendula, St. John's wort, plantain and chickweed (all herbs that I grew up knowing and loving), this actually worked great as a skin balm earlier this year when we were battling the eczema that Bodhi had! Thankfully Bodhi's skin has been in remission for awhile since we started working on healing his gut (though I can't say I'm not nervous for the long winter ahead that will bring such dry air and dry skin) but either way, we'll be prepared with this Eczema Cream from Earth Mama, it's formulated with colloidal oatmeal, sunflower oil, coconut oil, beeswax, Aloe, and a few more ingredients and I'll rest easier knowing we have it on hand. And you k ow I'm already dreaming of summer over here, so this Kid's Uber Sensitive Mineral Sunscreen is perfect to store away for when the weather turns warm again and the sun gets stronger (full disclosure: we practice safe and smart sun exposure because we know our bodies need vitamin D, but we also definitely do use natural sunscreen when we know we will be in the full sun for extended periods of time. Always do what works best for YOUR family). My husband is a lip balm fanatic so this lip balm set is going to make a perfect stocking stuffer for him (our whole family loves Earth Mama products and he totally doesn't mind carrying around a lip balm in his pocket that says mama haha), but I may end up sneaking that "coconut smoothie" lip balm into my own stocking because I'm all about all things coconut haha. Lastly, this Simply Non-Scents Baby Lotion is a favorite of ours and the perfect consistency to use for the entire family, I've used it on my own hands many times during the winter season and its a must have for everyone! EVERY SINGLE Earth Mama product is rated a 1 (the lowest hazard rating a product can receive) on the EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database and their products contain no preservatives or artificial fragrance! Their products are perfect and safe for everyone! Use JOYFULTRIBE at checkout to receive 15% off regularly priced purchases! (offer does not include travel kits or Lavender Hand Sanitizer. US orders only. Offer expires 12/31/20)

I've been following Morgan Faith Suarez over on Instagram for practically forever (or at least since early this year... and this year has been a whole decade in one year so that counts right? hahaha). I am pretty much obsessed with her beautiful feed, all of her ocean and beach photos are amazing, her home style is pretty much the best ever, she has the cutest kiddos and don't even get me started on her presets... er do get me started on her presets I guess! They are amazing, I recently started using them on a lot of the photos in my own feed and I just love the way they look. I use "citrus" from her coastal preset pack quite a lot since it's one of my favorites, but I love all of the presets I've tried so far. She also just recently released a new set of presets called "morning glory" and they are absolute perfection. Morning Glory includes 9 different presets and are inspired by the glow of morning sunrises and warm hazy air, with a slight vintage vibe. If you're looking to step up your Instagram game or just change up your aesthetic, Morgan Faith Presets are where it's at. Use code GIVETHANKS for20% off until Black Friday!

Okay, so maybe I've been living under a rock for the past however many years, but who else loves Mercari? I downloaded the app a month or so ago and it's the greatest app ever, I mean, I've found so many great deals on there, and you can find hard to find items for such great prices too! Bodhi LOVES the PBS Kids show Dinosaur Train, so of course I wanted to find home some Dinosaur Train toys for Christmas. Low and behold, I quickly discovered that they simply don't make Dinosaur Train toys anymore. The disappointment was real, but that's also how I discovered Mercari so it wasn't all bad haha. Thankfully they used to make Dinosaur Train toys and between Mercari and Ebay I was able to find some steal deals and put together a train set with the cutest little figures, train engine, train cars and caboose... not to mention I also found a Buddy Dinosaur Plush for, wait for it... $7! I mean, they are used items, but who cares, they're in great condition, it was easy on our bank account, plus it's great for the planet, and he's going to love it so much! There are literally items of every sort on there and the deals are endless, it's the perfect website/app for anyone who is thrifty or even wanting to sell some stuff of their own! If you're not on Mercari yet, you can sign up under me here to get $10 off your first in app purchase!

I'm not just careful about the products we put on our skin, I'm also careful when choosing the products we clean our home with as well. I first heard of Branch Basics about a year ago and was so interested in their brand and products, it took me way too long to give them a shot, but I'm so glad I finally did! We've been using Branch Basics products for several months now (giving them a test run) and I can confidently say their products are absolutely the best. I trust them completely, and their signature one container concentrate is a minimalist's dream. I love that I can create so many products: like all purpose cleaner, liquid foaming hand soap, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and even laundry detergent all from ONE BOTTLE of concentrate! It's amazing really, and has made my life so much easier. It's gentle, and without any artificial fragrance, yet strong enough that it removes grease and grime. Making your cleaner is as simple as choosing one of the bottles they send and filling with water to the "water" line, and then filling with concentrate to the "soap" line, put the top back on the bottle, give it a little shake and start cleaning! One concentrate cleans EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, plus it's safe enough that I feel comfortable letting my kiddos help wipe things down if they want! One bottle of concentrate makes 3 bottles of all purpose cleaner, 3 bottles of bathroom cleaner, 3 bottles of streak free glass and mirror cleaner, 3 foaming hand wash bottles, and one 64 load bottle of laundry detergent! You can always skip making some and make more of another if you'd like (for instance, we haven't used it as laundry detergent, have only made one bottle of streak free cleaner and bathroom cleaner, but have made tons of all purpose cleaner and foaming hand wash) but it's nice to know you have so much freedom on what works best for you home needs and that you can do it all with just one bottle of The Concentrate! Their concentrate is plant and mineral based, human safe, fragrance free, free of harmful preservatives, biodegradable, not tested on animals and non-gmo. Branch Basics products are also Made Safe Certified, meaning that they meet the most comprehensive safety tests and standards available, which certifies they are made without 5,000+ toxic chemicals known to harm human and environmental health. The Premium Starter Kit (which also comes with Oxygen Boost that is great for laundry) comes in at just $69 and honestly is worth every single penny. We are now customers for life! If you're not quite ready to commit and want to try it out before buying an entire kit, the Mini Concentrate ($10) and Mini All Purpose Cleaner ($6) might be perfect for you! Click my link HERE to get $10 off Branch Basics products! (excludes trial kit).

Raise your hand if you love fun tees! *me: raises both hands* I recently came across The Midwest Sun over on Instagram and I am obsessed with all of their carefree designs, Amanda the owner creates all of the designs and she has such a natural talent for it. Catchy phrases, cute graphics, comfy fabric, these tees have it all. If you must know, I'll be living in this "Care Way Less" tee from here on forward, because one it's so stinking comfortable, and two, it's a great message, we should all just care way less about the unimportant things in life and focus more on what really matters, the ones we love, the things we care about, the good things in life. This tee is fun and fresh, it's gonna make a statement, and I love that it has a skater babe on it since I love skateboarding too (after taking it up earlier this year, something I've wanted to learn how to do my whole life). The Midwest Sun is a woman owned business with clothing designed to keep you comfortable and stylish at the same time. This "You Grow, Girl" tee is another favorite and this "I'm With The Hippies" tee is kinda on my wish list too. Use THEJOYFULTRIBE during checkout for 10% off your entire purchase!

You guys already know how much I love Full Circle! I've chatted about them before many times and here I am again, because I'm obsessed. Their products are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also great for the earth! Their products are designed to be reused over and over again, cutting down on the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and filling your cleaning caddy with purpose. Their products are made out of materials such as bamboo, recycled plastic and recycled aluminum, glass, and Bonterra (which is a petrochemical-free plastic alternative created from plant cellulose and starches), natural latex, organic cotton, cellulose, and plant based fibers (like walnuts), they are also BCORP Certified! Some of our recent favorite additions to our home from their product line are these beautiful glass and bamboo soap dispensers (we use the regular one in the kitchen and the foaming hand soap dispenser in the bathroom), this bottle brush the only bottle brush we've found that not only lasts but does what  it's supposed to do. We've been using this bottle brush from Full Circle since Bodhi joined our family (almost 2 years ago) and I'm constantly amazed at how well they hold up and just how well they clean bottles of every kind (not to mention looking nice sitting by the sink). This dish brush is another favorite of ours, it's perfect for cleaning our cast iron skillet since it gets the job done by getting all the cooked on food off, but also doesn't scrape so hard that it negatively affects the seasoning we've been building up. These reusable snack bags are not only cute but they're also great as a replacement for traditional single use baggies, we use them constantly and they're perfect for storing leftover food as well as snacks for the kids when we're out and about (they fit perfectly in a diaper bag). Of course I can't forget to mention these reusable super absorbent cleaning clothes, one of my favorite full circle products and yet another Full Circle product I use daily. A few new items we're loving is this broom, these dish clothes, this paper towel holder and these reusable bamboo "paper" towels! Head to their website to learn more!

What are you loving this week? Any new products that you can't live without or that make your life easier? Comment below or send me a DM and let me know what they are!



I first discovered my love for pampas grass a few years ago when we vacationed in South Carolina, it was growing everywhere in Myrtle Beach and it was just so beautiful. It was so big and fluffy and looked so coastal, growing in the dunes by the beach, by businesses, all the places. Fast forward another year or two and it became super popular in home decor, and I knew we needed some for our home, especially after we got our "pray for surf" tapestry for our master bedroom.

Well, I recently came across the most lovely shop; I was scrolling Instagram and found Golden August Co. and the rest is history... I couldn't stop eyeing up their beautiful pampas grass (and florals and palms) and they were kind enough to send some my way for our home! You guys, I've wanted it for so long... so the excitement has been real!

It arrived this past week and when I opened the package I immediately gasped, it was beautiful! They sent over their Arizona Pampas Grass as well as their Mini Pampas stems (haven't decided where I'll be putting this one yet, I have to find the perfect spot). I followed the instructions on how to fluff it up (sunlight if you have it haha, or a blow dryer, like I used because it was dark and raining, works great) and afterwards put it into my favorite world market vase on my nightstand.

It is absolutely perfect for our space and totally completes the minimal beachy look I was going for. I smile every time it catches my eye because it's just so beautiful. They sent 3 stems of the large Arizona Pampas Grass and it makes such a statement!

If you are into boho, beachy, coastal, or minimal decor, I can't suggest Golden August Co. enough for their beautiful dried florals, grasses and palm leaves. Perfect for any space! Use THEJOYFULTRIBE15 for 15% off when purchasing!



Winter came early this year. Yesterday we woke up to several inches of snow covering the ground, the land covered in a thin blanket of white powdery snowflakes. It was absolutely beautiful; very cold, but so magical. Don't get me wrong, I'm still missing summer and all of our weekends spent at the lake, but since this should be our last winter living here in Pennsylvania I am also trying to embrace every bit of life (and seasons) here that I can (I do love snow, at least until Christmas day, after that it can go away for another year haha).

The littles were ecstatic with excitement over the snow. Bella kept exclaiming over and over again that it had snowed and there was SNOW, and Bodhi started chiming in and yelling "Doww" (snow). At first he didn't know what to think about it, but soon his timid-ness faded and he was charging into the snow, kicking it up, picking it up, and generally loving every single bit of life.

Bella made snowballs, threw snow, kicked snow, knocked snow off of bushes and trees, jumped into the snow, made lots and lots and lots of snow angels and ate even more snow (don't at me, I know it's not great for you, BUT it's a childhood tradition AND it brings her unimaginable joy).

They had a so much fun, our faces and hands froze but thankfully our bodies stayed warm from our coats and snowsuits. They didn't want to come back inside, and were so sad when it melted later that day... We had snow much fun, and who knows, maybe we'll wake up to snow again soon.



This post is sponsored by RXBAR and I received compensation in exchange for my honest opinion.

I only share products and brands that align with our lifestyle and that we truly love and use.



As many parents and caregivers are gearing up to send their littles back to school this year, we’re faced with knowing school is going to look much different this year. Some will be sending their children back to public or private school, switching to cyber school, or many, like us, have chosen homeschooling! We are so excited for this homeschooling adventure, we've actually already started and love how we can learn on our own schedule, choosing our own days and times for studying, choosing alternative ways for learning in some subjects that work best for us... homeschooling is awesome!


No matter what kind of schooling your child will be undertaking this year, the one thing every parent knows best is that a busy day of learning builds up an appetite; kids love snacks and they learn better with a full tummy. Personally, I'm not a fan of sugar laden, highly processed, dye filled and artificially flavored snacks for kiddos. I mean, I'm not saying they never ever eat those, because they do on rare occasions, but we tend to choose more natural when it comes to snacks for the kids.



That's why we love RXBAR’s brand new RX Kids Protein Snack Bars so much. They have the best (seriously, Bella and Bodhi LOVE them) protein snack bars. The ingredients are scary simple with 4 core ingredients in each one (I LOVE minimal ingredients), each bar has 0* grams added sugar (*disclaimer: not a low calorie food. See nutrition info for sugar & calorie content), and each bar contains 5 grams of protein!


Everything a health conscious mama could want for a snack for their kiddos, nothing but wholesome nutritious ingredients. The perfect brain food for little minds that are constantly stuffing new information into their growing craniums.



We've been a fan of RXBAR for years so you can imagine our excitement when we discovered they were releasing their brand new RX Kids line last month. Their flavors are winners with our kiddos, they constantly ask for more and gobble them up lickety-split fast and ask for more. The flavors they currently have are Chocolate Chip, Strawberry... and Bella and Bodhi's favorites: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and Double Chocolate. All of the flavors are winners, plus they have some pretty cute swag to go along with them if you're into that kind of thing, a kids coloring tote, a lunch bag, and a pencil pouch. All great for back to school, road trips or outdoor adventures!



Whenever we are headed out the door for hiking trips or lake days I love to grab a couple RX Kids bars for our littles to snack on after a full day of learning about the world around them. Every lake trip becomes a lesson, every hike has so much to teach. That's some of the biggest reasons why we love homeschooling, because once you discover that there is something new to learn and discover at every turn and around every corner, the entire world opens up before your eyes and all of the world becomes your school.



The nicest thing about RXBAR (besides their commitment to high quality and wholesome ingredients) is that RXBAR is for the entire family, they have something for everyone to enjoy! RXBARs for adults, RX Nut Butters, RX Kids Protein Snack Bars, and RX A.M. Oats!


So, be sure to check out their brand new RX Kids Protein Snack Bars. You can find them on rxbar.com, or your local Target or Walmart! What is school going to look like for your family this year?