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As many parents and caregivers are gearing up to send their littles back to school this year, we’re faced with knowing school is going to look much different this year. Some will be sending their children back to public or private school, switching to cyber school, or many, like us, have chosen homeschooling! We are so excited for this homeschooling adventure, we've actually already started and love how we can learn on our own schedule, choosing our own days and times for studying, choosing alternative ways for learning in some subjects that work best for us... homeschooling is awesome!


No matter what kind of schooling your child will be undertaking this year, the one thing every parent knows best is that a busy day of learning builds up an appetite; kids love snacks and they learn better with a full tummy. Personally, I'm not a fan of sugar laden, highly processed, dye filled and artificially flavored snacks for kiddos. I mean, I'm not saying they never ever eat those, because they do on rare occasions, but we tend to choose more natural when it comes to snacks for the kids.



That's why we love RXBAR’s brand new RX Kids Protein Snack Bars so much. They have the best (seriously, Bella and Bodhi LOVE them) protein snack bars. The ingredients are scary simple with 4 core ingredients in each one (I LOVE minimal ingredients), each bar has 0* grams added sugar (*disclaimer: not a low calorie food. See nutrition info for sugar & calorie content), and each bar contains 5 grams of protein!


Everything a health conscious mama could want for a snack for their kiddos, nothing but wholesome nutritious ingredients. The perfect brain food for little minds that are constantly stuffing new information into their growing craniums.



We've been a fan of RXBAR for years so you can imagine our excitement when we discovered they were releasing their brand new RX Kids line last month. Their flavors are winners with our kiddos, they constantly ask for more and gobble them up lickety-split fast and ask for more. The flavors they currently have are Chocolate Chip, Strawberry... and Bella and Bodhi's favorites: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and Double Chocolate. All of the flavors are winners, plus they have some pretty cute swag to go along with them if you're into that kind of thing, a kids coloring tote, a lunch bag, and a pencil pouch. All great for back to school, road trips or outdoor adventures!



Whenever we are headed out the door for hiking trips or lake days I love to grab a couple RX Kids bars for our littles to snack on after a full day of learning about the world around them. Every lake trip becomes a lesson, every hike has so much to teach. That's some of the biggest reasons why we love homeschooling, because once you discover that there is something new to learn and discover at every turn and around every corner, the entire world opens up before your eyes and all of the world becomes your school.



The nicest thing about RXBAR (besides their commitment to high quality and wholesome ingredients) is that RXBAR is for the entire family, they have something for everyone to enjoy! RXBARs for adults, RX Nut Butters, RX Kids Protein Snack Bars, and RX A.M. Oats!


So, be sure to check out their brand new RX Kids Protein Snack Bars. You can find them on rxbar.com, or your local Target or Walmart! What is school going to look like for your family this year?




These past 7 months I've been on a wellness journey, physically, mentally, spiritually. I've struggled, wrestled, fought and questioned all before I gave in. I was weak in all aspects. My mind, my body, my soul. I knew it, and God knew it. Every aspect of my life needed work and healing. I knew God was placing a calling on my life and I was afraid. I've been doing the work, putting in the work. I still have work to do, but God has answered questions, answered a mother's fervent prayers, even though life isn't perfect, he has shown me so many things and I am choosing to trust.

He has instilled a new bravery in me, a fire in my heart, a passion and a Holy anger for the innocent, for the hurting, for the vulnerable. There are still times I question, I ask, God is this what you want, is this really what you're calling me to share, and always I know the answer is the same. A resounding yes, a call to follow, to trust, a life he is calling me, us to. He has been placing words upon my heart and each time, the words come so quickly my fingers can hardly move fast enough to write them down.

So many people who are called to share the things I've felt placed upon my heart to share have been ridiculed, called crazy. The ones bringing dark to light, the ones fighting for freedom, for justice, for the innocent are slandered, made fun of... but if God is for us, then who can stand against us?

My family has chosen to follow a lifestyle that doesn't align with the agenda of mainstream culture. We have been removing things from our life, cultivating our hearts and pruning our lives, looking into the deeper story of so many things, and now my eyes are opened. I cannot go back to sleep now that I have seen the corruption with my own eyes, saw good things laid waste by evil. Saw the masses of humanity call evil good and good evil. Felt the war waging between God and satan, Heaven and hell, Good and evil. Saw how almost every aspect of our modern culture has been infiltrated with new age undertones and satanic symbolism. I will not be fooled by the trickery and lies anymore, and I will be shouting from the rooftops, bringing light and exposing the darkness.

Without Jesus we are all dead men/women walking, we are all blind until He brings us into the light. I spent the first few months of this year weak, questioning, until around mid April, I decided no more. I started strengthening every aspect of my life, my relationships, my soul, my body, my mind. I will forever be working on some aspects, I don't want to stop growing. I don't want to go with the flow, I want to make waves and swim against the current, only dead fish go with the flow. With every pruning comes new life, a new growth and I am a willing vessel. I want my prayer to be "here I am Jesus, use me".

These past few months have shown so undeniably who is for good and who is against good, who is awake and who is asleep, it has shown who has been awoken but refuses to take off the blindfold and to open their eyes to the bright morning light. Life has become so much more freeing since I finally accepted the calling placed on my life. At the end of the day, it will never matter how many followers I had, how many I lose or gain, but if I spoke truth and shared about my Saviour. What good is it to gain the whole world but lose your soul in the process?

At the end of my life, the number of likes I got on each post won't matter, it won't matter if I had 10 followers, 16,000 followers or a million followers on social media, it won't matter if my life appeared picture perfect, my words and actions are the things that are remembered and what will matter, it will matter if I share about Jesus or not, it will matter if I share the important things. My children aren't going to remember if I was liked by the popular people, they'll remember if I raised them right, to be good and kind, if I was a good example and instilled a good moral compass and an unwavering love of Christ in their hearts. They'll remember if I spoke up, and when it comes down to it, I need to be able to tell my children I did not stay silent.



They are the reason I fight. The reason I will never stop advocating. And while I advocate and fight for my own children, I'll do the same for yours. Not because I believe everyone should choose the same path and make the same decisions as us, but because I believe in freedom. Freedom for me and for you, my family and yours, your children and mine.

I believe every one deserves to know what they are putting into their bodies, to know the risks associated with what they are putting into their bodies and the bodies of their children, and I believe that everyone deserves the freedom of choice, to make informed decisions, the choice to say no if that's what is best for their family.

I believe the mothers who have cried out in desperation, trying to get their screams to be as loud as even a hint of a whisper in the ears of the sleeping. Why is it we believe women, but not mothers? The mothers whose children are gone, the mothers who's children are suffering. I believe them because my children have suffered too. I have been that mother, holding my children while they cry. I believe them because I too have suffered.

All because they said it was safe, they said it was effective, they said everyone does it, that it was recommended, they said that it was science and that it was settled, that there were no lasting side effects. Just asking questions has been frowned upon and made fun of. They have sold us a misinformed lie and we have been bought and sold by the highest bidders for far too long.

I advocate for all children, for all people, so that not one should have to suffer again, not one would have to suffer in silence anymore, afraid to be ridiculed and afraid of all of the people saying "it's normal". Suffering and sickness are not normal no matter how many times we have been told so and lied to. I advocate because nothing is truly one size fits all and where there is risk there must also be choice.

My fight may not always be a shout, it may at times be a word whispered in the wind and carried by the sea, a whisper dancing on the breeze through the forest, over the mountains and into the starry skies above. It may be a word spoken to a friend, a note silently left where a stranger, a mother might find it, but sometimes it may be loud.

A roar of a mother who will not be silenced, a roar of a mother who does not consent, a roar of a mother who calls the shots, a roar of a mother who stands her ground as she yells above the noise of a crowd to get someone, anyone to listen. I will fight until there is nothing left to fight. I will advocate until all the children are safe, until everyone is safe, because I do not consent.



Are these kiddos the coolest kids or what? I mean, I may be a bit biased because I'm their mama, but still, they are some cool kids, and definitely cooler than I'll ever be. They're kids with hearts full of love, they're wild as the wind and free as the waves, and have styles all their own. Their style has evolved a bit recently to add in some beachy/skater vibes since both of them are skateboarding and surf obsessed, and Bella is learning how to skateboard... Feather 4 Arrow hooked us up with all of the coolest duds!

Let me start by saying, tacos are a HUGE deal around here, our entire family loves tacos, so when Bella saw this "taco time" tee from Feather 4 Arrow, she wouldn't stop talking about it and all the reasons she "needed" it, girlfriend loves her tacos. We paired it with these adorable rust colored corduroy "stay wild" drawstring shorts and she has been wearing the entire outfit around constantly since it arrived. Out to skateboard, to the lake, to town, on adventures, hiking, picnics, and of course while playing with legos at home.

For Bodhi, this "stay cool" tee could not be more perfect, it's super cute on him, and well, just fits his style, paired with these "line up" pin corduroy shorts (same fabric as the ones Bella has, so they kinda match which I LOVE), and the entire outfit could not be cuter. I've been reaching for it over and over just because I love it so much!

Both Bella and Bodhi LOVE hats, and thankfully Feather 4 Arrow has no shortage of them. Bella chose this "good times" hat, she literally wears it everywhere and with every outfit, she was wearing a gray and white striped pinafore dress yesterday with a white tee underneath and rocking this hat with it, she had it on backwards and had allll the sass (in a good way) to go along with it, and I could not handle the sweetness. Bodhi is a hat kid through and through as well, he'll say "Hat! Hat!" and run and grab his "super fresh" hat, put it on his head and run back to show us that he's wearing his hat and how proud of himself he is for putting it on without any help.

The quality is amazing at Feather 4 Arrow and the designs are just so stinking adorable, we're going to be customers now for as long as our kiddos fit into kids clothing sizes to shop there. It's so important to shop small, especially in this day and time when so many small businesses have struggled from closures due to covid-19. Each small business owner is a person just like you and I, their business puts food on their table, each time you order from a small business it puts food on their table to feed their kids, clothes their kids, keeps the electricity on, pays for family vacations that make memories that last forever, and so much more... which is why you'll see me supporting more small businesses than ever before after all this. It's so important that we support our fellow humans.

They's also running a great sale right now, free shipping + 40% off sale items with code GETHAPPY40, or get $25% off sitewide + free shipping with code F4A25! Have you checked out Feather 4 Arrow's website yet? Let me know what caught your eye!



I received free product in exchange for my honest opinion.
I only share products and brands that align with our lifestyle and that we truly love and use.

Until last year, you couldn't really call us outdoors people, we weren't huge fans of all the bugs and humidity, stuff like that... but then came along the birth of our son, Bodhi, and he turned us all into nature lovers. Nature was love at first sight for him, he absolutely loved being outdoors, he always was happiest outside so we found ourselves spending more and more time in nature, and after a few months we were like "ya know, we actually love being outdoors too".

So that's the story of how we became a nature loving family. Now, we spend every chance we get out in the great outdoors, every weekend you can usually find us at state parks, enjoying nature, at the lake or hiking! We're planning a camping trip soon too but haven't done that one yet just because we're a little nervous to camp with a toddler who still wakes up multiple times a night haha.

Hiking has become one of our favorite things, 2 weeks ago we hiked an absolutely beautiful trail, and this past weekend we hiked 3 more beautiful trails. We ended up hiking about 5 or 6 miles altogether over the past weekend and it was awesome! Bella done so well, she is so great at hiking and loves finding treasures along the way, she found some super cool wild grape vines to swing from on our last hike, unfortunately I don't have any photos of that because I decided to forgo ringing my camera on that hike because I wanted to be more in the moment, but some awesome memories she'll have forever for sure! I just put Bodhi in a carrier on my back and he loves it, being able to see everything and stay comfy. We load up a back pack with water (my big 32 ounce hydroflask works perfect for this) lots of snacks (we love protein and granola bars and slim jims too) an extra diaper and wipes and of course a little first aid kit.

One of the most important things to have when hiking (besides water and snacks) are good shoes. We've been eyeing several brands for hiking shoes and ultimately decided to go with Merrell! We have been loving their shoes. I can honestly say that the pair that I chose are some of my most favorite shoes ever, I usually wear sandals everywhere, but if I'm hiking, working out or just want something that covers my foot all of the way, you can always find me wearing these women's Vapor Glove 3 Luna Leather shoes from Merrell. I typically go for neutrals when I get anything new, and aaaalmost chose a neutral in these shoes, but decided to go with this pretty aqua color at the last second (the color is called "wave") and I'm glad I did, they're such a fun pop of color without being too loud and just perfect! They're absolutely one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I've ever owned, I specially chose this style of shoe because I love being barefoot and the feeling of being barefooted (plus being barefoot and wearing barefoot style shoes have a ton of health benefits), so when I saw that these were barefoot style shoes I knew they were the ones!

Frank chose these men's Moab 2 Waterproof shoes (in bark brown), we love the look of them and he says they're so comfortable! Yay!

For Bodhi, I chose the little kid's Hydro Jr. sandal, they do run narrow so if your little one has wide and fat feet like Bodhi, make sure to choose the wide width and also size up at least a full size (we ended up returning the first pair and sizing up). I love that they can be worn in water and are fast drying and for all the adventures! They're very breathable with is another thing we absolutely love about them! You can find the big kids size here as well.

I'm a sucker for a versatile shoe, something that can be worn hiking, won't get ruined if it gets in water and can be cleaned easily, but most importantly, comfortable and easy for my 6 year old to get on by herself. Which is why I chose the big kid's Hydro Choprock sandal for Bella! She absolutely loves them, puts them on and is ready to do all of the exploring and hiking! I let her choose whatever color she wanted and she chose this super cute navy and turquoise color. She wears them constantly, they're easy on and easy off, breathable, and comfortable! You definitely can't go wrong wit these shoes for your kiddo!

Merrell has so many awesome shoes for the entire family and for every lifestyle, they sell both women's and men's shoes and clothing, shoes for kids and toddlers, shoes for work, shoes for winter, shoes for summer, shoes for adventure and shoes for relaxing! They have something for everyone, plus they are a brand that has a focus on making the earth a better place, using recycled, natural, ethical and sustainable materials and practices in the production of their shoes whenever possible!

Have you been looking for a new pair of shoes? Look no further, grab yourself (and the whole family) a pair over at Merrell!