Phipps Conservatory Days

We recently took a trip to Pittsburgh to tour PNC Park, grab a bite at a new restaurant, and finish out the afternoon with a visit (our first visit ever) to Phipps Conservatory! It was such a fun trip and since botanical gardens are one of my most favorite places to visit, I took lots of photos, which I'm super excited to share with you!

Bella was fascinated as we walked through the many beautiful greenhouses, and if I'm honest, so were Frank and I. So many rare and lovely species and types of plants, more than one could even count or begin to see all in one day, we're already excitedly planning our next trip to Phipps Conservatory hopefully sometime in the Autumn. The large glass art on display at the conservatory was such a neat touch throughout the gardens and greenhouses and I just loved how vivid and colorful they were, so realistic too!

Without a doubt our most favorite part of the conservatory was the butterfly forest! It was so awesome seeing them fly around us, all in the tree tops and flutter around on the flowers, such beautiful and delicate creatures. I also especially loved the greenhouse with the large metal lotus flower in the pool of water, it was such a calming scene, I just loved the way the colors reflected off of the water. So many more beautiful areas (who am I kidding, the entire conservatory is breathtaking), but a few other favorites were the Children's Discovery Garden outdoor area designed for play and interaction, the rooftop raised bed gardens, the tropical forest (with waterfalls and fish!), the desert room, the tropical fruit and spice room (you would not believe how fragrant and amazing smelling this room was), it was all so fun and neat to see.

I won't share too much more now because you have to go visit Phipps Conservatory for yourself, plus I might be sharing more about it in the autumn, especially considering how much we missed looking back, there's so much more to see and explore at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania!