Lately I've been into that sun-kissed golden look, you know, kind of a vintage summer inspired vibe, things and colors that remind you of summers when you were a kid, days filled with golden sunshine and freckles all over your face, riding your bicycle till you dropped, cooling off with popsicles and drinking out of the waterhose, retro ringer tees and the crocheted pillows at your grandma's house.

Banabae is pretty much alllll those vibessss, and the obsession with their brand is serious. They're a small brand based in Australia with THE RADDEST products ever. Every item makes gifting easy as pie if you're looking for a gift, if you're looking to grab something for your on family, their quality is amazing enough to be passed down for generations to be loved by your future grand children!

We all have matching "rad" shirts (or at least we will after Christmas is over haha), Bella and Bodhi love their matching "rad kid" sunny ringer tees, they're the perfect rusty mustard color and Bella literally ooh-ed and ahh-ed over how soft they are when she put hers on. I'm loving my new "rad mama" tee which I'm pretty positive is going to become my summer uniform along with a pair of distressed jeans or shorts, I'll be gifting this "rad dad" tee and five-panel hat to Frank for Christmas and I'm so stoked to give them to him!

I love to switch up and rotate the art in Bella and Bodhi's shared room once or twice a year, since it's a small space so I love to keep it fresh and fun for them. Banabae sent over this swaddle, it's absolutely stunning and since Bodhi is too big to be swaddled haha and since it's winter here and too cold at the moment for him to use it as a blanket I decided I'd display it! This "shell collector" swaddle is made from bamboo and organic cotton and is just as soft as you can imagine, no, softer actually, it's like a cloud. It just makes the most perfect wall tapestry in their room.

This "celestial gold" fitted crib/cot sheet is absolute perfection also, it's made from a blend of hemp and organic cotton voile (which is hypoallergenic and thermo-regulating) and one of the most sustainable fabrics available. The quality is amazing, it has the most beautiful design and it's so, so soft.

Lastly, they sent over one of their hand made natural textured crochet pillow covers and it's even more stunning in real life. It reminds me of the throw pillows my grandma used to have sitting all over their house, and Bella absolutely loves it on her bed, I'm sure it reminds her of her gram-gram (my mom) who also has vintage crochet pillows in her home. It's super soft and cozy and I smile every time I walk past the room and see it out of the corner of my eye.

All of Banabae's products are earth friendly and created with sustainable and natural materials, and they also have future generations in mind since they give back to the earth and donate a percentage of each purchase made to the Australian Marine Conservation Society to help protect our oceans (which are of never ending importance to our life here on earth).If you haven't checked out all of their awesome stuff make sure you scoot on her to their website and check it all out. You can even use THEJOYFULTRIBE15 for 15% off at checkout if something catches your eye and finds it's way into your cart!



This post is contains some products that were gifted, as always I only share products and brands that align with our lifestyle and that we truly love.

Here we are, already at the last installment of my 2020 holiday gift guide series, it's so crazy to me how so many months worth of work can be over so quickly haha (kind of reminds me of holiday meals where you cook for hours and then eat the actual meal in 15 minutes lol). The children's gift guide is always the one I look most forward to, probably because I love seeing Bella and Bodhi's faces light up on Christmas morning, hearing their squeals of delight and the happiness in their voices as they open each gift. I can still remember that feeling of being a kid and opening up gifts on Christmas morning to find exactly what I wanted, I love being able to do the same thing for my own kiddos. It's honestly one of the things I look most forward to as Christmas approaches, their excitement for the season and their anticipation for Christmas morning. Every single one of the items in this gift guide were hand picked with intention and care, gifts I know any child would love (because I know my little ones are going to love them) and would be excited to find under their tree. High quality finds, non-toxic items, eco friendly products, unique gifts, cozy gifts and fun gifts fill the blog post below and you'll also find lots of discount codes, because I know how important it is to save even a few dollars here and there when you have little ones you're raising, plus you'll be supporting lots of real people just like you and me when you purchase from these brands! What was the most memorable gift you received as a child? What did your kiddo(s) ask for this year?

Gifting new pajamas to our littles (along with a holiday book) on Christmas Eve became a new tradition in our home a few years ago, and it's one of my favorites. Bella gets so excited to see what new pajamas she'll get every year, and I get so excited for her excitement. This year the kids will be getting new soft as butter modal cotton pajamas from Shop Plain Jane. We love, love, love their pajamas, and we love that they are an American made and owned business, each item sewn in California. Bella will be so excited for this flutter sleeve night gown since she loves night gowns, and this pajama set will be perfect for Bodhi! Shop 2 for $60 on all kids items using code SLEEP at checkout!

I'm all about wooden toys, and it's always a bonus if they'll hold our littles attention and keep them entertained. Which is why I got so excited when I saw this wooden latch toy from Big Future Toys. We are already huge fans of their brand and absolutely love their Earthtiles wooden magnetic tiles, Bella and Bodhi have had them for 2 years but still play with them daily, they build so many different things with them and put their imagination to big use every time, so I'm excited to find yet another reason to love their brand. Their toys are so high quality and worth every single penny, they'll enjoy hours of play with their toys. This Montessori style toy is designed to teach subjects like sorting and object permanence through the art of play, it also promotes the building of fine motor skills for little ones! All of Big Future Toys are tested to both US and European safety standards and for every toy purchased, they plant a tree! This is truly a purchase with a purpose! Use my code APRILBONDI at checking out for 10% off the Latchboard toy!

Bella is currently all about accessories: hairbows, bracelets, rings, hats, and of course hair clips. Ryan and Wren has been our go-to place for hair clips for several years and we love that they offer so many styles for so many occasions. You pretty much never see Bella without a Ryan and Wren clip in her hair these days, she loves picking out a new clip each day after brushing her hair, and I love that she can express her style and mood that day with her hair accessories. Another reason she loves them so much is because they're flat and can actually fit comfortably underneath her skateboarding helmet! They're perfect for stocking stuffers and I can't wait to give her these in her stocking on Christmas morning. They also make great gifts for friends, we got an extra one (this one) to send to Bella's best friend that lives several states away and it'll be so fun to see them matching when they can see each other again! Use JOYFULTRIBE25 for 25% off of orders $25+!

This is one I'm so thrilled about, Bella has a cruiser skateboard but has been wanting another skateboard for months, she wants one that she can "learn tricks on" (her words haha) and since Retrospec is one of our absolute favorite brands (and where I actually purchased my own first skateboard earlier this year), I'm stoked to be able to give her this one. I love the simple terrazzo design on the deck, it's the perfect amount of style, feminine and minimal. She actually picked the design out one day when we were looking at skateboards together, though she had no idea that we would actually get it or that we were even looking at it for her (she thought I was looking at them for myself haha, and I asked her which design she liked best). The Alameda Complete Skateboard comes ready to ride, is constructed with a 7 ply Canadian Maple deck, and perfect for beginner and experienced skaters alike. Want another reason to love this skateboard? It comes in under $50! A great board for a great price that won't leave your wallet crying, I mean, it doesn't get any better than that!

Beach days are our favorite kind of days, whether at the lake or by the sea, they're just the best. Both Bella and Bodhi love playing in the sand, especially Bodhi, and he loves beach toys. Naturally I gravitate towards sustainable made and eco friendly toys since beach toys are so easily lost. We've thankfully not lost that many since we try to keep a tight reign on them and keep them a bit further from the water, but sometimes a rogue wave will come out of nowhere or I lose track for a minute or two and I'm like where are the toys! Usually we end up finding them, but I love being able to know that even if we do lose them that they are made with the earth and environment in mind. I've had my eye on this Eco Beach Toy set from Love Lotte for awhile and I'll be so stoked for the kids to play with them next summer at the beach. They're completely biodegradable (which makes my heart happpppyyyyy) and are such a great alternative to the flimsy plastic options you'll find in most stores and washed up on beaches. The muted tones of this set are really nice and the set comes with a bucket, scoop, trowel and rake, just perfect for building a sand castle with little (er, should I say, big) imaginations! Use THEJOYFULTRIBE15 at checkout for 15% off!

Hats are a favorite accessory of both of our littles, they wear them to the beach, hiking, playing outside, to the store, around our home... anywhere and everywhere really, they just love hats. Recently I discovered the five-panel style hats and I kinda have all the heart eyes for them, especially the ones from over at Rad River Co.. I mean, have you even seen just how CUTE their hats are? They're going to be perfect for every day wear and for keeping the sun off the kiddos faces. So many perfect colors, sizes for everyone in the family (from infant to child to adult) and they'll be perfect stocking stuffers. I chose the cotton five-panel hat in blush for Bella in size 2, recommended age range for the size 2 is 3 to 5 years but it fits her perfectly (I made her close her eyes so I could try it on her hahaha), the color is the loveliest shade of pink! For Bodhi I went with the waterproof (made of nylon) five-panel hat in clay (in size 2, which is recommended for ages 9 to 36 months), his hats are prone to taking dips in the water on occasion (mostly because he's a risk taker around water and has no fear of giant waves haha) so this one will suit him well, not to mention the color is absolutely the best ever. Use code APRIL15 for 15% off first time orders!

Cozy is our middle name come wintertime, my kiddos love blankets (and who am I kidding, I do too haha) and Clementine Kids is a longtime favorite brand. You could say we're a little obsessed with muslin fabric, I love how natural is feels, how breathable it is, and how it ALWAYS keeps you the perfect temperature no matter what the weather is, not to mention that it just gets softer with each wash. I can't even remember how many quilts we own from Clementine Kids at this point, but let's just say that there are enough to go around for all of us, even when we have family or friends over haha, we love them that much. We love all of the fun and designs and I especially love that the prints and colors are bright but not so annoyingly bright that they don't fit in with our regular home style, they're just the perfect amount of fun and classy. I can't wait to give this beautiful Magnolia quilt to Bella, I love magnolia flowers so much, they remind me of my Dad (who always loved magnolia trees) and also remind me of South Carolina (one of our favorite places, and our future home state) so this will be a special gift for her that she can snuggle up under while reading, movie night and playing with dolls. For Bodhi I chose this amazing National Parks quilt. It will be perfect for him because we are 100% outdoors people... well, we didn't used to be, but Bodhi had such a pure love of the outdoors as soon as he was born that his love of nature rubbed off onto us and now we're a nature loving family! He's going to love looking at all of the National Park scenes on it during snuggle time and on cold days! Use my code JOYFUL for 25% off of orders when checking out!

We've been using Tubby Todd products since Bella was little, and I love that we're still using their products and still loving them. I mean, when you find something that's good, why fix what ain't broke am I right? They recently launched either holiday collection, the Tubby Advent Gift Set, and let me tell you, it is absolute perfection and smells just like the holiday season should. The collection includes Pomegranate Crème Hair and Body Wash, Gingerbread Bubble Bath and Winter Mint Everyday Lotion (each coming in at 8.5 oz.), and there are actually three different options for purchasing the collection, just the 3 body care items, or the 3 body care items + a Kid Made Modern Advent Calendar, or the 3 body care items + bath bombs (which is what we were gifted by Tubby Todd). Bella is going to be so thrilled to try bath bombs! I love that I don't have to worry about any of the ingredients in any of their products and that they use more natural ingredients that are good for sensitive skin. Another reason to support Tubby Todd is because they are a US made brand! If you're looking for the perfect items for your little ones stockings, Tubby Todd products are some of the best stocking stuffers! Click HERE to get 10% off automatically applied to your order (discount shows up at checkout).

Bodhi has been obsessed with Bella's bike ever since we upgraded it last year, and I can't tell you how many tantrums have happened over the fact that he wanted to ride her bike when she was riding it, I mean of course it's way too big for him, so we decided it's about time he had one of his own (especially since we got Bella her first trike around the same age that he is now). I've been eyeing up balance bikes all summer, trying to decide which one is best, but Retrospec (one of our all time favorite brands) made it an easy choice for us since they just released their Baby Beaumont Balance Bike! It's geared towards ages 2 to 3, comes in the prettiest colors (there are 5 different color options, we chose the "eggshell" color), it has the most adorable little woven basket on the front (will be perfect for holding his teddy bear while he rides) and don't even get me started on the minimalist design of this bike... I mean, I literally need one for myself! The no-pedal design encourages balance building, improves coordination and makes for an easier transition from little to big kid bike in the future when they're ready, and the handlebars and seat are both adjustable to grow with your child! without pedals, you child can safely learn to control their own speed which reduces the chance that they'll end up going faster than they feel comfortable with! The step through frame is easy to scale for little legs and the durable design sits low to the ground keeping your little one from taking spills from too high up. I mean, can you tell I'm just a liiiiitle bit stoked for this bike? He's going to literally lose his mind when he opens it!

Bella loves dolls, especially mermaids and fairies, and I love anything that promotes kindness. Kind Culture Co. is such a wonderful company, we've loved them since they launched a few years ago and it's so awesome to see how far they've come in such a short time. Their dolls are absolutely stunning, so beautiful (and bespoke looking), the perfect size for cuddling too! They have multiple skin and hair colors to choose from, all so pretty! I chose The Shine Doll ll from the Kindness Doll Collection, she is a pastel colored mermaid with multicolored hair and so sweet! Shine comes with a "kindness kit", which includes 10 kindness tokens with sweet messages of gratitude, hope, kindness, friendship and love (they're perfect for your child to give as acts of kindness). The kit also comes with a little list filled with acts of kindness designed to help inspire your child and the doll has a secret pocket on her back where a token can be stored! The second doll I chose for Bella was Belle The Good Deed Fairy from the Good Deed Fairies Collection, she's so pretty (and sparkly and purple). Belle comes with a tiny bag of 10 paper scrolls (for your child to write down their good deeds), and she also has a secret pocket on the back of her fairy wings where you can tuck in a good deed note (so the good deed fairy can fly through the night to show all the other fairies, and sometimes even bring a note back encouraging her to do more good deeds, or if it was something REALLY exceptional that your child done, maybe even a small treat). I am so excited for these dolls, I couldn't love this company and their mission any more if I tried and a portion of their proceeds from each purchase even goes to childhood education! Use JOYFUL25 for 25% off at checkout!

Like most kids, our kiddos LOVE play dough, they could play with it for hours on end! Being naturally minded like I am though, I'm always looking for alternatives to mainstream products, and ZDough is a long time favorite in our home. ZDough is created from non-toxic food grade ingredients like flour, water, salt, vegetable oil, cream of tartar and food coloring, and essential oils for scent! No chemicals so no worries! The addition of the essential oils in their playdough is the perfect sensory experience for kids (or adults) and every scent we've ever played with always has had the most amazing smell! ZDough recently released their newest scent, Candy Cane Swirl, just in time for the holiday season, it's so pretty, covered in sparkles (you can choose a non glitter option if sparkles aren't you thing though) and smells just like a peppermint candy cane! It also comes in an awesome glass jar that can be reused again and again with their play dough refill pouches (so you can choose a new scent every time)! Grab your gifts here (ZDough is perfect as a stocking stuffer) and use SMILE15 at checkout for a 15% discount!

Bella is a girly girl these days, accessorizing herself with sparkly hair clips and hats and of course nail polish! What girl doesn't love nail polish? A couple of months ago she was begging for me to let her paint her nails, but I was hesitant to let her use anything that had lots of toxin chemicals in it and that had strong fumes, but I started searching google and came across a brand called Piggy Paint! I actually remember hearing about them a few years ago but had forgotten about them but I was living everything I was reading when I found them again. I ordered a bottle, had it shipped to us and she LOVED IT! That may even be putting it lightly haha. She takes her time and does such a great job on her nails, and I love that I don't have to worry about what toxins might be leaching into her skin and what fumes are entering her airways, because Piggy Paint is non-toxic! They have minimal ingredients, are virtually odorless, are water based, Free of ALL harsh chemicals, are cruelty free and vegan, come in so many fun and vibrant colors and dry super fast! I can't wait to see her face when she pulls these pretty nail polishes out of her stocking! Shop all the pretty colors here! Use PIGGY25 to get 25% off on their website!

One thing I learned super quickly after having babies is: ya know those super adorable fabric bibs everyone sells? They get stained faaaaaast, no matter how quickly you wash them, they're gonna get some stains. So when I first learned of silicone bibs, I was like "whoa" because these things are AWESOME! We use Bodhi's daily and it's so convenient how it can be so easily wiped clean after using it, even messy meals wipe right off and it has made our life so much easier! Now you're probably thinking "umm I need my life to be easier", and thankfully My Little Songbird has the goods to hook you up! They have so many beautiful  bib colors to choose from, this sage bib is awesome and matches with everything! My Little Songbird has so many great items perfect for babies and toddlers, bibs, teethers, pacifier clips, hair bows, silicone bowls, blocks, and even handmade wooden heirloom toys and handmade wooden play gyms and clothing racks! This Hanging Wooden Car Seat Garland Toy is going to make a perfect gift for my little nephew! All of their toys meet CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) safety testing standards, every product is made in the USA (right here in Pennsylvania actually) and created using the highest quality materials and with the safety of your little ones in mind! Use LITTLEBIRD15 for a discount when purchasing!

Growing up has so many challenges, especially in the toddler years, there are so many big emotions to grow into and learn to navigate, but isn't it nice to know there is a company that specializes in helping little ones through those times? Slumberkins has so many sweet and cuddly lovies and plushies, they focus on helping little ones understand and learn to manage their emotions both big and small by using promoting early emotional learning and approachable tools perfect for hugging when feelings just get too big. You may recognize Slumberkins from the hit show Shark Tank, or from Instagram, the company is owned by two mothers, Callie and Kelly, one a family therapist and one an early childhood educator, who are on a mission to help bring children and caregivers closer, as well as help children learn to navigate their feelings and promote positive life skills. Each doll and collection is designed with intention and care, and intentionally crated to build caring, resilient and confident children. For Bodhi I chose the Hammerhead Kin (blue is his favorite color and he loves sharks so I know he'll love this one) and for Bella I chose the Unicorn Kin (she is truly one of a kind in all the best ways so this one will be perfect for her)! This Winter Activity Coloring Book will be perfect for both kids too, the winters here are long and some days are too cold to go outside to play so these will be perfect to bring out then! Get your sweet Slumberkins gifts here and save 20% off site-wide today (12/1).

We are huge fans of all things Sun Bum and Baby Bum, and I recently grabbed these Duke & Friends Bath & Beach Toys over on their website. I know Bodhi is going to love them (Bella too) and they're going to help us get by on those winter days when it's too cold to go outside and we've already done everything there is to do inside, do so bath time it is. This bath toy set contains 5 adorable pieces: Duke, Bean Bag, Meow Meow, Coco, and Stoke. They even come with the cutest little kit bag which is perfect for bringing them along on all your adventures (beach pool, vacation, etc), they're perfect for all ages, and are non-toxic, phthalate free and lead free, plus the set is less than $10. I can't wait for Bodhi to "meet" all these characters! Grab a set for your kiddos here!