What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I am so excited to bring you another installment of "What I'm Loving Wednesday" a weekly post that will list some things from the past week that I am loving, can't live without, on my wish-list, or are things I am plain obsessed with - and I will even add links (when applicable) so you can check out or scoop up anything you love too!
If you're new and haven't seen a WILW post before, here's a little about them: What I'm Loving Wednesday is one of my favorite ways for me to showcase some of my favorite products, tell about something fun that happened, show you what I'm crushing on, highlight some of my favorite blogs and instagram feeds and a great way for you to find all kinds of great new products to buy or people to follow! I am so excited about What I'm Loving Wednesday and it is going to be a BLAST! I hope you  will follow along! Today features a little bit of everything! Read all about what I'm loving this week below!
We discovered RozSew bonnets a few months ago and instantly fell head over heels in love! I'm already a huge bonnet lover anyway, so it was easy to love their sweet designs. But the thing that drew me to them most, was the fact that you can completely customize your child's bonnet! Made by two sweet ladies, Bug and Ash, no two bonnets are alike. You choose the design, the style, the size, the fabric combinations the trimmings and even if you want to add a pompom on top (and what color you what your pompom to be). The combinations and possibilities are endless, and each bonnet is made with the highest quality and best fabrics. Bella loves hers and requests to wear it everywhere. I chose the Rose Winter Bonnet for Bella with "Bonfire" (a beautiful dark grey) as the main fabric and the "dark grey pinstripes" for the binding. I also wanted it to be extra soft and warm since Pennsylvania winters can be very cold, so I chose the warm/thick lining, and then of course finished it with a white pom! Bonnets can be customized for girls OR boys and I already can't wait to get Bella a pretty little floral bonnet for springtime! I want to mention that today is the last day to order before Bug & Ash close for the remainder of the year (they'll be re-opening in January) so hurry and get your order in! We love our RozSew bonnet and know that your little one will too!
Two | BarkThins
Have you ever had these things?! Goodness are they ever delicious. Once you open a bag, it's so hard to close it up and not eat the entire thing, but at the same time, it's so nice to reach in the bag and get one piece per day. My two regular flavors that I've tried are Dark Chocolate Pretzel (I have this thing with chocolate and pretzels) and Dark Chocolate Almond. Their holiday flavor Dark Chocolate Peppermint Pretzel is simple to die for as well! And their products are also non-gmo and fair-trade certified so that makes them even better, these make some sweet stocking stuffers!
This was my one splurge purchase this black Friday / cyber Monday weekend. I simply adore all things floral and this shower curtain is absolute perfection! I've been wanting to switch the look of our bathroom up for awhile now, but if you know me, when it comes to tings like this, I won't buy just any old shower curtain. It took me months to find our last one (that has pretty purple flowers and green stalks on a white background) and I would rather live with what we already have that needs replacing than live with buyers remorse haha. So when I spotted this one on Pinterest a few months back and couldn't stop thinking about it, I knew we had to have it. I definitely was excited to see the holiday sales and scooped it super quick. I can't wait to share our new bathroom look once it's finished.
I'm over here thinking to myself that we are going to be needing a calendar for the new year and this one looks to be like the perfect one. It's so pretty with such a nod to spring and the new year with it's floral print. Definitely on my "to buy" list now. Don't forget to check out those sweet alphabet and number flash cards she sells as well!
Five | Pentatonix Christmas Albums
I cant stop listening to Pentatonix Christmas albums, but can you blame me? I just love the simplicity of their voices with no instruments (though on some songs you an hardly tell). their harmonies blend so beautifully together and Bell and I have them on repeat since about a week before Thanksgiving. "Mary Did You Know?" and "White Winter Hymnal" are two of my favorites.



20 Great Gifts For THE LITTLE ONES | A 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Since becoming a mama to our little girl, Christmas has become even more special to me. I mean I've always loved Christmas, it's always been my favorite holiday and my favorite time of year, but as a parent it's even better! Seeing her little eyes light up as she rips the wrapping paper off of her gifts on Christmas morning and joy in the smile on her face, the oohs and ahhs and giggles and happiness are simply just the best to watch.

It's been so much fun to search through so many shops and websites these past few months to find the sweetest and most unique items, many of them handmade and from small shops to bring you a highly curated list of all of the best items for children, many of them for boys and girls alike. This gift guide for the little ones has been such a treat to put together and I know you all are just going to love it. I mean you may as well just use this as your children's wish list this year, you can bet they'll be thanking you! You'll find something for every child in this list below!

One | Z Dough | Rainbow play Dough Set
Have you ever met a child who didn't love play dough? Nope, I didn't think so. And to me, handmade play dough is even better! Especially when it involves non-toxic regular household essentials in the ingredients as well as some of my favorite essential oils. Oh, and no yucky chemicals (because goodness knows what they  actually put in that store bought stuff). This play dough is different from tradition play dough because each color is scented differently! This Rainbow Play Dough Set includes Strawberry, Pumpkin Spice, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Blueberry, and Lavender scented play dough. I have to admit that I'm pretty excited for that lavender one and it may come in handy on those crazy days. I have a feeling it'll be perfect for calming my little one while she plays with it. Creating, thinking, feeling texture, using her sense of smell... this play dough is pretty much the best. We had the limited edition summer scent "strawberry lemonade" this past year and let me tell you, it smelled  literally exactly like real strawberry lemonade. And since I'm the queen of homemade fresh squeezed lemonade, you know I'm not exaggerating one bit. Every one of these play doughs are silky soft and perfect for molding and having fun, and they all smell so amazing! These play doughs are made without chemicals so they're best for the first few months after you receive them, so make sure not to hide them away but bring them out every single day for hours of fun with your little one(s). You'll have a blast.

I know you've heard me talk about Replay Recycled and how much I love their dishes so many times before. If you've tried them out, you know what all the rage is about, and if you haven't tried them yet, listen up! We've been using these dishes for Bella since she was about a year old and we haven't turned back since. They are amazing! And that's putting it lightly. We use them not only daily, but multiple times a day and since we have quite an array of colors, she has so much fun choosing which color plate and which color utensils she will eat with during every meal. All of the colors are lovely and are super fade resistant, we've been using our dishes for 2 years and they still look almost brand new. My personal favorite is the white dish set, and I think I eventually need to get my hands on a black set as well. We love these dishes not only because they are practical and get a ton of use, but also because they're super affordable! You can find them at Walmart and Target (they do sell them at other stores across the entire country also) as well as the Replay Recycled website! Another reason we love these dishes so much is because they're so eco friendly! Made from recycled milk jugs, these dishes are the ultimate feel good item to purchase for your little one this Holiday season!

Three | Darling Nightingale Knits | Hand Knit Donuts
How adorable are these hand knit donuts? If there is anything that Bella and I both dearly love, it's donuts. We both always seem to have donuts on the mind (I'm always trying to figure out ways to swing by the donut shop) and what better toy for a child that loves donuts than a donut that never goes bad! These little donuts are the best of quality and hours of handmade love are knitted into each one. Made with the prettiest combinations (and Lisa is always coming up with new ones too) of acrylic yarn and polyester fill, your child will get even more hours of play out of them. They're going to go oh so perfectly with Bella's new play kitchen and they also make perfect decor if you like decorating with donuts. They make great gifts not only for children, but also for the grown up donut lovers in your life too! Don't forget to check out all the other adorable colors and designs they come in!

I'm all about empowering my daughter to become whatever she sets her heart on becoming when she grows up. Whether it be a doctor, a botanist, a mama like myself, a chef, a pilot like Amelia Earhart, or something entirely different, I'll always support her and whatever her dreams are. This is one of the reasons I love this toy so much. Amelia Earhart was one cool lady and done things some women only dreamed of, she was definitely always one of my childhood icons. But let's chat about this adorable wooden Amelia Earhart peg doll and wooden airplane shall we? I mean, just look at it! It's so CUTE! Hand painted in Iowa with non-toxic paint and child-safe sealant, this little toy is the perfect one to make your daughter's (or sons) dreams soar above the clouds! They'll have hours of fun zooming this little plane and peg pilot around high above their little heads and you can bet their faces are going to light up when they spy this underneath the tree on Christmas morning.

My daughter is a fan of anything play food related. She's going to be getting a play kitchen for her birthday this year, but let's not forget that we can have pretend bonfires by her teepee too! I love toys that spark my daughter's imagination and these felt, pretend play campfire s'mores kit and pretend campfire kit are really the perfect toys EVER for that! I mean, who doesn't love to go camping, or glamping lol. Teach the kiddos while they're young, even during the winter while the weather is too cold to go outdoors much, you can bring the indoors in with a pretend camping trip! And let's face it, everyone LOVES s'mores. She's going to be the happiest little girl on Christmas morning when we give these to her. And on those extra cold days, warming up by the (pretend) campfire sounds like the best idea ever. The campfire kit contains 3 felt logs with a 3 sided felt flame to set on top of the logs, and they come packed in an adorable little drawstring bag! The Campfire S'mores kit comes with 2 wooden roasting sticks, 2 felt roasting marshmallows, 4 felt graham crackers, 2 felt chocolate pieces and 2 felt melted marshmallows, which all come packaged in another adorable little drawstring bag. Perfect for gift giving and perfect for storing them in! Handmade in Canada, these sweet felt toys are both hand sewn and machine sewn with the greatest of care and love. They're both perfect for ages 2 and up, goodness and they're so cute I might even play with them or put them out for decor while she's not playing with them!

Items that get my daughter into creating and getting hands on are some of my favorite, plus ones that bring her imagination and pretend play to life are even better. Make it completely customizable to her and you've sold me on a product. That's how it is with this design your own butterfly wings kit. Our little Bella is an artist, an imaginative little girl and such a unique personality, so this DIY kit is right up her alley. This kit comes with a pair of ready to wear butterfly wings, crafting markers and four different colors of glitter glue to add the perfect touch of sparkle to the wings. You can follow the instructions included in the kit, or let your child's imagination and creativity run wild and see where it takes them and what kind of wings they will create. Children of every age (how's the Christmas song go again, children from 1 to 92, right) will enjoy this for sure. And if birds are more your speed, check out the Design Your Own Bird Wings kit here!

Seven | The Mason Bar Company | 16 oz wide mouth Tumbler with Lavender Mason Bar Company Lid
Bella has been begging for her own mason jar tumbler from The Mason Bar Company for what seems like forever. She's always swiping mine whenever I turn my head so we decided it was high time she had one of her very own, especially now that she's getting a little older and more responsible. She simply adores the lavender lid (light purple is one of her favorite colors) and  she also loves that it's just her size: much smaller than mama and daddy's and perfect for her little hands. I also love that it's glass, because in my opinion, there is nothing better than water out of a glass mason jar. I can already see this becoming her go-to chocolate milk tumbler as well, since that's one of her newest obsessions. Nothing better than a family of Mason Bar Tumblers with this little one to complete it.

Eight | Tiny Tales by Bonnie | Forest Play Set
I can't even begin to tell you how adorable this item is! This little set comes with one wooden carrying case (looks like a little wooden suitcase) and is filled with 3 peg dolls: an adorable little fox, a cute little raccoon and a sweet little owl. It's oh so perfect and the best little imagination filled box. The top inside of the carrying case has a little wooded forest scene that pairs perfectly with the little forest creatures and the bottom is lined with an oh so soft beige felt. And the lid stays open if you sit the box up for hours of play! This truly is the best take anywhere toy set, perfect for those long car rides, and fits perfectly tucked into mom's purse or the diaper bag (how great would it be in this one?) to be brought out whenever littles get antsy when you're not home. I can't wait to give this to our daughter and see her use her imagination for hours on end, creating the cutest little forest scene and play. The wooden box and peg dolls are also painted, stained and sealed by the talented artist (and mama) Bonnie Bottorf in Brooklyn NY with non toxic paint products perfect for little hands and no worries for parents. Yay!

Nine | Three & Three Heirloom Dolls | Handmade Doll
How sweet is this tiny little baby doll? Completely handmade she is the most adorable. Perfect for little hands to hold and play with and pretend with. Three & Three Heirloom Dolls are completely handmade by the lovely Brenda, who is not only just a shop owner, artist and seamstress, but she is also a wife, a mother to four, a homeschooler and a Believer! Creating dolls is one of her biggest passions, sewing and embroidering each detail on every single doll she sells, she offers both custom made dolls and ready to ship dolls at various times of the year. Though each doll is different and no two are alike, one thing remains the same for each doll, they are all beautiful and are something that will last your child for years to come. I can't wait to give this sweet little baby doll to Bella on Christmas morning. I think it's the perfect little addition to her stocking to peek out at her from the top and greet her when she wakes up, don't you?

Ten | Little Design Co. | Rosa Adventure Backpack
There are a few things I am obsessed with. Handmade things, leather, the rifle paper company floral prints and big bows. And this Rosa adventure backpack covers them all! Our daughter loves backpacks, keeping her little goodies in them, whether it be a sippy cup and snacks, or toys or little treasures she finds while exploring out in mother nature. As the name of this back pack states "adventure" it's perfectly perfect for just that! The sweetest little size to fit over her little shoulders and the most beautiful bow attached that is made from the Rifle Paper Co.'s Rosa Floral fabric (which comes in blush, periwinkle or navy, like we chose). It's perfect for the little girl in your life and fits most toddlers up to 6 years. And if you have a boy who would love one of these, but prefers something a little more "boyish" this backpack is actually offered without a bow and in several other shades of leather as well! The backpack has a brass snap closure to keep all of your little ones treasures tucked away safely inside, and is made with such quality that will last your darling for years to come! The perfect present for all the little explorers and adventurers in your life!

Eleven | Oliver & Adelaide | Personalized Star Luxury Knit Blanket
The first thing that I immediately noticed when I pulled this blanket out of the box was how insanely soft it was, I'm talking seriously soft, cloud soft, dreamy soft. Made from a sweater knit of sustainable cotton blended yarn, this large crib blanket is one of the sweetest and most thoughtful gifts you can give a child, and one they'll love for years to come. Personalized with their name so it's uniquely their very own, this blanket is expertly knitted right here in the USA and the design is so modern yet also has a very retro feel to it. I simply love this gray color since it goes so well with almost every room color theme and the stars are such a pretty touch. Perfect as a baby shower gift, a birthday gift or a Christmas gift for a young child, because every child needs a cozy blanket to cuddle up in. Whether it's naptime or they're reading books or watching their favorite movie or TV show, this is the perfect blanket for little ones to cuddle up under. I'm so thrilled to give this to Bella on Christmas morning, I already know her little face is going to light up, especially when she sees her name written on it.

Twelve | k colette | Manny & Simon Wooden Horse and Carriage
Who doesn't love wooden toys? Personally, I've become a bit obsessed with them and this one, the Manny & Simon Horse and Carriage Wooden Push Toy from over at k colette is simply the sweetest. My little girl is such a lover of all things related to princesses and horses and unicorns and fairy tales, so when I spied this toy, I knew it was perfect for her. Karen, the owner of k colette has a thing for simplicity and supporting talented artisans who are thoughtful and intentional with their designs. She has such a knack for finding the most lovely curated items to add to her brand. Beauty, quality, detail and simplicity are all things that she and her company are mindful of when choosing new items to add to their stock, and this toy by Manny & Simon is a great representation of that. Manny & Simon strives to offer a clean and simple aesthetic to all of their toys, as well as creating their items with care and the highest quality in mind. Creating products  that pique the never ending imaginations of the little ones as well as being earth friendly since they use only organic and eco-friendly materials. The body of these toys (as well as all of the ones they make) are crafted from post-industrial recycled wood, and the wheels are made from sustainably-managed solid wood. The paint is also non-toxic and contains no VOC's or carcinogens. I can already see her getting hours of play from this wooden push toy, forever using her imagination to create new stories and scenes. It's going to be so fun!

Thirteen | SweetNSwag"Golden Rule" & "Simple White" Baby Moccasins
SweetNSwag is quickly becoming one of our favorite and go-to places to shop for moccs, they're such a deal at only $20 per pair and they're made so well too! Each pair is lovingly handmade by Shannon in the beehive state of Utah, a wife and mama to two (plus a fur mama). Another super great thing about these moccs is that they ship so quickly! They typically ship in 1 to 2 business days after ordering, so that's some fast turn around time for sure. Made from leather, these moccasins feature an elastic opening allowing the shoe to comfortably stay on your child's foot. Each shoe is lined with soft cotton to keep your little ones tootsies warm, dry and cozy. They also feature flexible sole inserts that make them perfect for walkers and non-walkers alike! They're some of the coziest moccs we've come across so far and they come in so many different colors and shades. At the $20 price tag, you'll be able to afford to get one in each color (Bella loves her two gold and white pairs)!

Fourteen | Tubby Todd | Lavender & Rosemary Everyday Lotion & Hair & Body Wash
Cleanliness is the next thing to Godliness, or at least that's how the old saying goes, isn't it? And with these Tubby Todd products, your little one will not only be clean as a whistle, but smell pretty amazing too. We love Tubby Todd because their products are formulated with only 100% natural, plant based ingredients! These products are free of toxins, parabens, sulfates, artificial colors and fragrances and BPA. Plus they are vegan, animal cruelty free, gluten free, soy free and dairy free! Gotta love all that goodness! The Tubby Todd Lavender & Rosemary Everyday Lotion is a slightly sweet scent with a hint of coconut and lavender, it really smells so good, a very light scent perfect for sensitive skin. It's a very thick lotion so you only need one tiny squeeze to leave your little ones skin super smooth and soft, and it's not at all greasy! Same thing with the Lavender & Rosemary Hair & Body Wash! With this Pediatrician and Dermatologist tested & approved hypoallergenic wash, you only need a tiny amount to lather your infant or tot up from their head to their toes, dirt isn't gonna stand a chance. Both items are made and packed right here in the USA with a Tubby Todd exclusive botanical shield formula that is packed with natural extracts and plant based ingredients. They're perfect for children of any age to use, since their gentle formulas are made for the most sensitive skin, whether it be a newborn baby or toddler. I have a feeling bath time is about to get a lot more fun and I also can't wait to see how well the everyday lotion works on Bella's sensitive and eczema prone skin this winter!

Fifteen | Educational Insights | GeoSafari® Jr. My First Telescope & Once Upon a Craft™ The Gingerbread Man
What child isn't enthralled with space? I know I was when I was a child, (let's be honest, I still am) and now my daughter is too! She loves seeing the moon when it's full and spotting stars when it's clear out. It's just something that's fun to do no matter what your age is I feel. And with this amazing GeoSafari Jr. My First Telescope, spying on the man in the moon or getting a clear view of mars is no problem! The perfect tool for your little explorer to get a little closer to the places they fly to in their dreams. It is Focus-free, with an easy-setup telescope designed specifically for little ones in mind. And, it features a 10 times magnification with a wide field of vision, built-in diagonal mirror, lens cap and two large eyepieces with comfy goggle and nose cut-out guide for perfect eye placement. It also features an adjustable tripod for tabletop viewing and comes with a multilingual instructional guide showcasing the phases of the moon! We're also loving this other item from Educational Insights, the Once Upon a Craft Gingerbread Man! If there's anything my daughter loves, it is books. So this little craft in a box that makes a story book come to life is the perfect thing for her! Each Once Upon A Craft Box includes a 24 page, full color, illustrated storybook to read together, and then afterwards kiddos can enjoy two mess free story based crafts! This one in particular features a foam gingerbread man to decorate with 3 sheets of colorful foam stickers! Plus a finger puppet craft with 7 ready to color finger puppets and a puppet show stage! How fun right?! Literally brings the story to life for the children, all while encouraging a love of reading, increasing vocabulary, developing fine motor skills and inspiring your child's creativity!

Sixteen | Learning Resources | Counterpillar™, AlphaGator™ & New Sprouts® Puppy Play
You can never have too many educational toys, and these ones from Learning Resources are pretty sweet if I do say so myself. I've been searching for the perfect toys that had educational value to give to my 2-year-old twin grandsons for Christmas, and I think I've found it. As a mom to twins, my step-daughter Kristi's life is hectic enough anyway, so I didn't want to make it even more so by getting toys for the boys that would get scattered all over the floor, and that's why this Counterpillar and AlphaGator are perfect for them! They're cute, functional and educational all while being made into one piece so there isn't a million pieces scattered everywhere while they're learning their numbers and letters. The AlphaGator features twirling letters with corresponding photos on the other side, and the Counterpillar features sliding numbers! How fun! And since Bella loves dogs, and I mean LOVEs them, I thought this New Sprouts® Puppy Play would be the cutest gift for her! It teaches responsibility all the while inviting imagination to run wild while pretending they have a real dog of their very own! This is perfect for all the little animal lovers and is great both as a house toy, and as a toy to keep in the car and break out and occupy them whenever they start getting fussy on road trips!

Seventeen | BabyLit Books | ClassicLit Books
BabyLit Books have been a favorite of ours since Bella was little. We purchased her first BabyLit book, Pride & Prejudice, for her first Birthday and it's one that she's requested so many time over and over again. The illustrations are so pretty in these books you can't help but love them and I love that each book varies so much, some are excerpts of the book and some are number primers. Each one is uniquely different and so perfect. This year, Bella will be finding Little Women, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Secret GardenSense & Sensibility and Alice In Wonderland wrapped up so nice under our shiny sparkling tree on Christmas morning. I know she's going to love them for sure. The Little Women primer tells of olden times, when things were simple and the things that Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy did for fun, Maybe you and your child will even want to try some new activities! The words and illustration in A Midsummer night's dream bring the worlds of fairies and enchantment alive for little ones like never before and it's the perfect way to introduce them to Shakespeare. The Secret Garden is a flowers primer, such beautiful floral illustrations and your child will love that they'll not only be able to tell everyone about the flowers they've learned, but they'll feel like they're being let into a secret world, the secret garden, that only a few are allowed in to all year around. Sense & Sensibility is an opposites primer and is just the cutest, it doesn't hurt that I'm a huge Jane Austen fanatic who has read all of her books (this one being one of my favorites), so I'm excited to bring my own daughter into the world of Jane Austen literature. And lastly, who doesn't just LOVE Alice In Wonderland? It's such a hilariously crazy and wonderful book and the fact that's it's been super condensed for a child, with beautiful vibrant illustrations to bring the story to life that much more makes it even better! Don't forget to check out all of the other titles too!

Eighteen | Rose & Rex | Maileg Sleepy Wakey Bambi
I simply love little deer, and I was lucky enough to be able to capture the photographs of some friendly baby deer earlier this year. Though they weren't striped, this adorable little Maileg sleepy wakey bambi from over at Rose & Rex seems to bear a striking resemblance. I mean, just look at it?! This has been on the top of my, ah-hem, I mean BELLA's wish-list for awhile now. She loves stuffed animals: cuddling them during story time, holding them while watching her favorite show on TV, taking them to the store with her and on fantastic outdoor adventures, using her imagination while playing with them, and snuggling them so tightly as she drifts off to sleep each night. Yep, stuffed animals are some of her favorites. This little bambi is made from cotton and features two different profiles! Closed eye on one side and with an open eye expression on the other! Your little one will never be tired of this versatile and imaginative stuffed toy.

Nineteen | PujPuj Big Hug
Bath time is still one of our favorite times of the day over here, even though we typically take showers (yep even Bella) and there's nothing that makes it even better than a cozy soft towel to wrap up in! This "Big Hug" hooded towel from Puj is part bath towel, part bath robe and it's pretty sweet! It fits kids ages 2 through 8 years of age and it has arm pockets which make it not only easy, but super fun for children to learn how to dry themselves off on their own. Plus with the "tag" on top, it's super easy for children to hang up after they're done using it! The Big Hug is BPA-free and the PVC-free silicone parts are 100% machine washable! Yay! I love products that make Mom and Dad's lives easier, especially when it comes to laundry day. But why only use them for bath time, why not take them to the pool or the beach for your little one to dry off easier there as well?! This super soft bath towel is sure to become one of the most used items your little one owns, and don't forget that it comes in a smaller size (found here) for infants as well! Now if they only made them in adult sizes... Lol.

Twenty | Cuddle & Kind | Cuddle & Kind Hand Knit Dolls
These dolls from over at Cuddle & Kind are some of our absolute favorites. We have 3 of them now (Chloe the bunny, Isla the mermaid and our newest, Sadie the fox) and they are some of the ones that Bella goes for every single time. They are so soft and cozy, are just the sweetest dolls and come in so many variations (so many cute dolls). But more importantly, these dolls aren't just cute, they're a feel good purchase too! With each doll that's purchased, Cuddle & Kind donates 10 meals to children in need! Started in 2015 by the Woodgate family, Cuddle & Kind has donated over 628,468 meals to children and families in need. how amazing is that?! Their ultimate goal is to provide one million meals a year. Their dolls are made with natural, high-quality cotton which not only makes them soft and cuddly, but safe as well. Every single doll is handcrafted with love by talented women artisans in Peru, which in turn provides them with sustainable and fair income and provides their own families with meals. 66 million school aged children attend classes hungry every single day and by purchasing one of these sweet dolls, you can help fight childhood hunger! Even better, on November 29th, you can make double the impact! Instead of providing only 10 meals per doll, each doll purchase will provide 20 meals to a child in need!

Happy Shopping, Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!