Front and Center: Honest Hazel Feature + A Giveaway

As mama's with babies/young children (or if you're perhaps just a busy business woman) its a well known fact that one of our most favorite and live by items happens to be, yep you guessed it... Concealer!
Well, and caffeine too of course (lol), but although most of us can't live without our coffee fix wouldn't it be nice to be able to throw out that concealer?
To simply just not need it?
Have I got news for you!
I recently found a product that eliminates the need for under eye concealer!
...*Gasp*... Say what?!
Yes, Honest Hazel under eye gel patches rejuvenate and renew tired eyes!
They make dark circles and bags under your eyes disappear and can even provide relief for allergies, headaches (even migraines!) and just general fatigue.
Need a pick me up during the day for your tired eyes? You can apply a pair of honest hazel under eye gel patches for 20 to 30 minutes to instantly relax and refresh your eyes!
Want even better results? Apply them overnight!
I love that Honest Hazel is a US owned and operated company based in North Carolina and is run by the sweetest owner, Charlotte!
I also love that Honest Hazel under eye gels are made from mostly natural ingredients such as Cactus Collagen, Aloe Vera and Vitamins C and E!
When I tried them for the first time I didn't really know what to expect but I have to say I am nothing but impressed!
My eyes were so tired and I had dark circles underneath before I used them and afterwards they felt so refreshed and alive! The eye gels are so soothing and relaxing while they are applied as well!
While I did forget to take a "before" picture you can tell from the photos of when I had just applied them how tired they looked! And then look how refreshed they look afterwards! And no, these photos haven't been touched up!
During use of Honest Hazel eye gels.
After using Honest Hazel eye gels for 25 minutes.
Are you ready to try them yet?
To give you even a little more convincing (like you even needed it lol), Charlotte from Honest Hazel and I have teamed up to bring you a giveaway to win some Honest Hazel eye gels for yourself!
Just follow the steps in the rafflecopter below to enter!
The giveaway will run from Monday, November 11th to Monday, November 17th at midnight EST. A random winner will be chosen via rafflecopter and announced on the rafflecopter widget here on the blog on November 18th.
(US Residents Only Please).
Good Luck!