September Favorites

September has been a super busy and fun month around here, the start of autumn and a vacation to the beach, and we're ending it with trips to the farmer's market and a visit to the orchard tomorrow! We're definitely excited to bake some apple cakes, pumpkin pies, pick some apples, and choose tons of pumpkins for decor to sit around our home (the little white ones are always my most favorite) and I'm also hoping to find some pretty mums for our terracotta planters outside too! I'll share more about our vacation on the blog in a future post but here are some of our favorites below from this past month!

I've shared before about our journey to rid our homes of toxins and live more naturally, and after finding out that most cotton is sprayed with even more pesticides that most non organic foods I was appalled, especially after finding out that those said pesticides truly never leave the cotton, no matter how many times it has been washed. So say if it's cotton towels you're using, your'e basically drying your body off with toxins after showering, great. So when I came across the brand Boll & Branch, I was intrigued with their fluffy looking towels. So when they arrived, I was super excited to open the box to find that they truly were the fluffiest, prettiest and softest bath towels, hand towels and wash clothes I'd ever laid my eyes on or touched. So, so soft, they seriously make me feel like I'm at a spa or something every time I step out of the shower and wrap one around me, and I love them not only for that reason, but also the color is super gorgeous! I wanted something light colored that would keep it bright and fresh feeling in the bathroom, but also something that wasn't light enough that it would show every piece of lint or dust that fell onto it, and this pewter color that I chose for the bath towels and washcloths is literally everything. Made from fair trade certified, 100% organic GOTS cotton and eco friendly non toxic dyes, these towels should be in every bathroom.

Candles are such a favorite during the cooler months, during autumn I love to always have a cozy smelling candle burning and when I came across Antique Candle Works, I was immediately drawn to all her lovely fall scents. The Pumpkin Spice candle smells so good, like a fresh pie right out of the oven, and while I thought it would be my favorite because pumpkin everything is always my favorite, I was surprised to find that the Autumn Leaves candle became my absolute favorite. It reminds me of freshly fallen, crunchy autumn leaves. Colorful leaves swirling about in the crisp autumn air and of my little girl jumping into a pile of leaves with the biggest smile on her face. That's been one of her favorite things to do these past few years, even at less than a year old, autumn was one of her favorite times of the year, and her love for autumn has only grown since then, maybe that's why I love the scent of this candle so much, because of reminds me of all the sweet memories we've made so far and all the moments we'll remember for years to come.

As the weather cools off we love pieces that are versatile and can go with many different outfits, so when I spied these adorable basic cardigans from a new shop that just launched, Woodmouse & Thistle, I immediately knew they would be adorable on Bella and that she had to have one (or a few) for her wardrobe. I just love that they come in so many fun colors and prints and that they're basic yet stylish, so that girls or boys can wear them. We chose the olive green cardigan and black cardigan because they're such staple colors for us in autumn and winter (who am I kidding, these pretty neutrals are good all year around), and this red one I felt would be such a fun pop of color around the holidays, Christmas and Valentines Day especially. She's already gotten a ton of compliments on them when she's worn them out, to the farmer's market and grocery store, and I just love how soft and cozy they are, great for layering and your little one will love wearing them!

When it comes to toxin free life, we couldn't stop at just body care, hair care, makeup, bedding, bath towels and mattresses, yep, we took it a step further. Undies! Haha, but seriously, why wouldn't you want to wear organic undies? I found these ones form over at PACT Organic and I can't stop wearing them, well, I mean I do wash them often, let's make that clear, and I also have enough of them that I don't have to stop wearing them lol. They're made from the absolute softest fair trade GOTS certified organic cotton and you'll feel more like you're wearing a cloud than anything else. And don't even get me started on their leggings. Pure bliss, heavenly bliss. I wear these leggings constantly on repeat and I've never had a softer pair in my life. They also sell a range of other products as well that I plan on checking out in the future, tee shirts, hoodies, dresses, socks, and even newly released items for children and babies like pajamas, undies, onesies, bibs, leggings, socks and more! Definitely adding some of those to my to buy list for Bella soon!


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