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I may be modern and minimalist in a lot of ways, but I'm also a traditionalist in a lot of ways as well, like Christmas cards for instance. They're something I just really enjoy, I love sending them as much as I love receiving them, as a kid I remember is was always so much fun to go to the mailbox every day during the holiday season and find a new card from family or friends. It seems it may be a dying tradition, but I'm doing my part to keep it alive, and I think more people should, it's just plain fun!

I've been using Shutterfly and Tiny Prints for our cards for years now, and they're our go to for all things photo gift related and especially holiday cards. You may remember I didn't have time to get Christmas cards out last year, probably because I was too busy having a baby haha, but I DID get New Year cards out, which was something new for us, and I kinda LOVED it. I decided to go with Christmas cards again this year, I mean you could argue that it's more of a multipurpose card, neutral, not significantly more Christmas than it was new year, but either way, whatever it is, I'm pretty much obsessed with the cards we chose this year. The design (found here) I chose is super simple, you know I'm all about simplicity and the minimal look, I used one of the photos from our beach sunset family session we had with my beautiful (and vert talented) friend Autumn from Autumn Trinity Photography when we were in vacation in South Carolina (side note: if you ever get a chance to visit Huntington beach state park in south Carolina, do it, it's one of the most beautiful places on earth) and it was the most perfect photo to grace the front of our cards. I couldn't just pick one photo though, so I added 5 more to the back. I was able to customize every last inch of our cards which is why we love the Shutterfly and Tiny Prints experience so much, they know everyone has different tastes and styles and let you choose just what you like! They also offer custom postage stamps as well and I highly recommend them to tie in the entire look, it's always one of my favorite added touches to make our holiday cards even more unique.

I also grabbed a few photo gifts for my mom, in-laws, sisters, brother and sister-in-law, Shutterfly just made my gift shopping a breeze and all it took was choosing some fun products from their website and adding a photo or two to add! Their mugs are super high quality and are always one of my favorite go-to gifts over at Shutterfly. I also found this adorable customized tea towel that's a new product this year and it immediately went into my cart, my mom collects tea towels so this will be the perfect gift for her! Have you created holiday cards yet this year? head on over and make some, you may even want to grab some gifts for the fam while you're at it, and don't forget to take advantage of the discount codes and rad sales they always have going on! 



Okay, I'll admit it, I was never the most outdoorsy person... that is, until this summer. I became a mom to a little boy last winter that changed our lives, as soon as the weather warmed up this spring, we started taking him outside, and he LOVED it. He loved it so much in fact, that he was pretty grumpy on days we didn't get outside much, so we eventually started going outside every single day, spending tons of time outside all through the summer and by the time the summer ended, we discovered, that this sweet boy we'd welcomed into our family, had in fact, turned us into outdoors people. We even got a tent and are planning to go camping this next spring!

To keep being able to go outdoors though, with wintertime fast approaching I knew we were going to have to get some kind of winter gear for the kiddos, because Pennsylvania gets COLD in the wintertime. Snow bibs and winter jacket to the rescue thanks to Arctix! We won't have to be stuck indoors all winter now and can actually go outside when it's cold and be warm enough to have fun and play! Yay!

if you haven't heard of Arctix before, they're a wholesale, value priced snow clothing brand, which means, if your taste for adventure is big, but your budget is small, they've got you covered! The products they sent over are great quality which I'm really happy about and they're pretty stylish too! Whether you just like staying warm while walking your dog, playing in the snow, ice fishing, skiing or snowboarding, working an outdoor job or whatever it is you like to do in the cold, they pretty much have whatever you need. The thing I love most (second only to their great price point and high quality) is their attention to detail, things like pocket details or a zipper in the perfect spot, they spend extensive time before the start of every winter researching the best fabrics and perfecting the fit of their clothing, so it'll be just perfect for you! You can outfit the entire family over at Arctix and they have something for everyone! What kind of adventures will you be heading out on this winter? I see lots of snow days filled with snowball fights, snowman making, sledding, hot cocoa and lots of memory making in our future this winter!



One of my favorite things about Halloween is creating costumes for my littles, it gets my creative side going and it's so much fun to come up with ideas and bring them to life, the best part of course is seeing how much they love their costumes.

This year I wanted to choose designs that were more eco friendly, we've only ever purchased one Halloween costume for Bella, when she was almost 2 years old she wanted to be Princess Anna because I've always really enjoyed making them myself. I love that costumes, especially princess costumes are great for pretend play (which is what the Princess Anna dress became for awhile until it ripped), but since we have limited space and I didn't want to buy something that might potentially sit in a toy box or rip after a few months of play, I had to rack my head for some different ideas. While it would have definitely have been easier for me to just buy a costume, I always like a good challenge, so here we are, with a honeybee costume for Bodhi and a jellyfish costume for Bella.

Bodhi's wings were made with re-purposed cardboard that a package had come in and that I hand painted, his onesie was a white nearly too small onesie that I pulled out of our donation box (instead of buying a new one) and dyed it with turmeric (such a fun experience and I think I'm now addicted to dying all the things), I hand painted stripes onto it after it had dried and he just wore dark colored pants and a shirt underneath. Bella's was made from tissue paper with one gigipip straw hat as the base, I sprayed a thin layer of clear glitter spray for a fun touch, and the rest is crepe paper streamers (I cut some scalloped edged onto each side on some, and the rest I just scrunched), and ribbon, we paired it with a pretty white nightgown and white tights (both things we already owned)! It was for sure the most unique costume I saw on our trick-or-treating adventures and they both turned out even better than I had anticipated they would. What did your little ones dress up as for Halloween this year?