Sugarboo & Co. Favorites

Seriously I couldn't love Sugarboo & Co. anymore if I tried. Their designs have been some of my favorite for practically forever, even before I knew who they were and spied their designs on Pinterest (that darling I love you wall art anyone, I'm sure you've seen it). Their designs are so lovely and unique and I knew I wanted to incorporate some of their pieces into our home, so when I spied the Sugarboo & Co. poetry sticks, it was love at first sight.

I've been working on redoing Bella's room for a few months now and this "Ah, life grows lovely where you are" one had me smitten, it fit perfectly for two reasons, one being that we are redoing her room in a more floral type theme, the other is because life seriously has grown so much more lovely since she has come along. She brightens our days with her laughter and smiles and seeing her bloom as she grows into a little lady is the sweetest thing. We added it into her room below another farmhouse sign we own and it's simply perfection, it adds such a unique touch to her room and it's fast becoming one of my favorites. These poetry sticks are perfect for adding some art and a personal touch to a space even if you don't have a lot of room, I think I want a couple more now (maybe another for her room and a couple for our master bedroom above our closet).

We are also loving these Hello Series melamine plates, we have the hello baby cakes, hello darling, hello buttercup, hello cupcake and hello love muffin ones and they're our absolute favorite for sweet treats and snacks. They're just so much fun to use and not to mention adorable (pretty sure they make the food taste even better since they're so cute). There are 10 different greetings to choose from (each more sweet than the last) and they're priced really reasonably at only $8 apiece! These make the perfect snack plates, dessert plates and breakfast in bed plates (I mean, who doesn't want to wake up to "hello baby cakes"?).

Sugarboo & Co. has so many more beautiful items and I'm hoping to add more of their art to our home over the years that come, here are a few of my very favorite pieces below.

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten

I'm just loving all of these pieces (and pretty much everything on the Sugarboo & Co. website). Those throw pillow are perfect for Valentine's Day (or every day) and the Letter for you is my all time favorite (their first print I fell in love with), it's all just too good. Make sure to use code THEJOYFULTRIBE at checkout for 15% off a purchase (valid through May 16th, cannot be combined with any other offers) from Sugarboo & Co., and then head on over to @thejoyfultribe on Instagram this evening to enter the giveaway to win a poetry stick (single stick design only, US residents only) from Sugarboo & Co. for your own home!


Easy Room Style With Devine Color

If there's one thing I love, it recreating a space to make our more "our own" and more uniquely ours, I feel that that is something that is specially important no matter where you live, whether you own your home, or if you're like us and rent at the moment. For awhile I absolutely loved the plain white walls, I couldn't get enough of the stark white minimalism and the nothingness, but after almost two years of living here, my tastes started to change and transition to a more homey farmhouse style, I needed something different, something with character, something with texture and something on the walls. Lol.

So when I spotted this stick and peel wallpaper in the AT HOME group on Facebook (that was started by my sweet friend Kristyn Cole of the blog At Home with Kristyn Cole, if you're not already a part of it, you should totally join) and people were saying it was from Target, I was definitely intrigued. I immediately got on Target's website and started searching around and not only did they have the cutest stick and peel wallpaper, but OMG(!) THEY HAD WHITE SUBWAY TILE WALLPAPER! I've been dreaming of having a kitchen with white subway tile for a long time, and now that I have it, I love my little kitchen even more than before! It didn't have a back splash before, behind the sink and counter-top and stove were just plain white walls. My husband had helped me spruce it up behind the sink a few months ago by adding a little shelf (actually a spice rack from IKEA, but totally works for a cookbook nook) and also hanging my favorite white colander up, but I felt it needed something more. So a few weeks ago I took a few hours and installed a "subway tile" back splash! It looks so nice and you can't even tell that it's wallpaper and not real subway tile. My husband came home form work and was like "whoa! It looks so much nicer in here!", and I couldn't agree more.

Frank also helped me install the Devine Color white subway tile wallpaper on one wall in our dining room recently, it makes the room look so much bigger and we just love it! As most wallpaper is, it was a little tricky to install at first, there is a little bit of a learning curve and you have to get the hang go using it, but it doesn't take too long and once you figure it out, it's pretty simple overall. Cut, peel, stick, trim, repeat. Simple enough, and creates a new feel to any space! I also added it to the blank space above our shower in our bathroom recently as well and we're loving it.

We also just installed this this stick and peel wallpaper from Devine Color (available at Target, online and in stores) in our living room! It's a white washed wood plank look and oh so pretty! It really makes the space come alive behind the TV and makes a garet statement wall, we just love it and it has such a beachy look and also a very farmhousey look to it as well, it goes so perfectly with our farmhouse style furniture and decor.

If you're looking to change to look of a room for an affordable price, or you may rent your home and want to make it feel a little more "yours" this stick and peel wallpaper is the way to go!


Farmhouse Living Room Inspiration

I have partnered with Raymour & Flanigan and received product in exchange for this post. All expressed opinions are 100% my own.

I'm sure you remember that we recently worked with Raymour & Flanigan Furniture to redo and create our dream master bedroom (which I'm still absolutely loving by the way), and I am beyond thrilled to tell you all that we've partnered with them again to makeover our living room!

Yay! So fun right?! I knew right away the direction I wanted to go with the new theme and look for the living room... Farmhouse style of course! I mean, just because we live in an apartment doesn't mean it can't look the way we want and feel the way we want, and as you know, I'm simply smitten for the farmhouse style that Joanna Gaines has made so popular. I quickly got to work browsing the Raymour & Flanigan website and looking over all of the sofas, furniture and decor that Raymour & Flanigan offers, and though it was an ever so difficult decision, I kept coming back to the same one over and over. I just couldn't get this sofa out of my mind.

The Lakeside sofa. Yep, it's a classic farmhouse looking sofa, off-white, comfortable, and family friendly since it has a slip-cover that can be washed when needed.

When it came to the other seating in the room, I came sooooo close to choosing the "chair-and-a-half" that matches the Lakeside Sofaalong with the ottoman in the same collection, but since we are short on room and I also knew I'd miss being able to rock my little girl when she wakes in the middle of the night needing to be held we decided to go with the Avery Glider Chair. It's not a perfect match, but close enough that it totally works, gives the room a slightly matched but slightly mismatched and more unique feel and is just the absolute perfect chair. Though the Lakeside Sofa is currently unavailable through Raymour & Flanigan, this Brighton sofa looks really similar to the Lakeside sofa that we chose (I really love that it's a sleeper sofa as well) and is so pretty, definitely would have been my second option.

Now when it comes to lamps, I've had my eye on these Menlo Lane floor lamps for practically forever. I've been drooling over them, added them to every wishlist to keep an eye on pricing and dreamed of adding them to our home, so when I noticed that Raymour & Flanigan Furniture offered them, I might have done a little happy dance (or a big happy dance).

Now let's talk throw pillows, I LOVE throw pillows. They add so much character to a room and you can also let a little more of your personality shine through with throw pillows. That's why I chose these Family Throw Pillows! Not only are they cute and give off a rustic/farmhouse feel with the jute fabric they're made from, but family is so important to me. Truly one of the most important things in my life and I just love these.

The other throw pillows I chose, are so pretty, kind of a greige and mint color with different designs, though Raymour & Flanigan doesn't currently carry them online anymore, I knew I had to have them when I spotted them in the showroom in Jamestown, New York on our latest visit to the store. I'll show you more of them in the full room reveal coming to the blog next month but in the meantime, these are similar. :)

Last Autumn I gave a sneak peek of our living room (find that post here), and talked about this tv stand that I absolutely fell in love with and still love that we have, and also our rug that we still have (and still love). Some other new additions to the room: the new computer chair, which matches our dining room chairs (a full dining room reveal will also be coming soon) to sort of tie the rooms in together a little and keep the theme flowing. And since all of the walls in our home are white, we've been adding a little character to some of the rooms in the past couple months with stick and peel wallpaper, I'm loving this white-washed reclaimed wood look wallpaper that we added in the living room recently. Some other touches I love are farmhouse signs, especially scripture farmhouse signs, I've incorporated a couple of my favorite scriptures into our home recently. Right now we have a letter B monogram that we purchased a few years ago right after we got married hung above the tv (on the newly wallpapered wall, though you can hardly tell that it's wallpaper), and I'm considering moving our magnolia wreath (that was in our master bedroom) into the living room recently as well (but haven't decided yet). I'm also hoping to add a felt letterboard, and this "gather" sign above some family photos eventually. I definitely will have to add a few more decor pieces throughout the room, maybe I'll visit some antique stores or just do some online shopping haha.

Anyway, I simply cannot wait to show you all the entire room soon, I'll chat in more detail about all of the pieces we chose from Raymour & Flanigan and of course there'll be lots of photos. Here's a sneak peek of one of the lamps and a small portion of our pretty new sofa! XO!