When we found out we were having a baby boy last year, I instantly went to work taking Bella's room from somewhat neutral/somewhat girly, to a perfectly gender neutral shared space for both of my babies to love. Though it wasn't a conscious choice per say to go all black and white, it just kind of happened, I added a black piece here, added a white piece there, and before I knew it, I looked around and it was a monochrome room. And. I. LOVE. It.

It still has all of the white that I love, but also has pops of black contrast which I feel are just perfect, with some sage thrown in here and there for the final touches! The white matching Jenny Lind style twin bed and crib from DaVinci Baby, Bella's new piece of Sugarboo artwork from Vanillawood, Bodhi's sweet neutral rain cloud mobile from Baby Jives, our Pillowfort wire shelf that Frank spray painted black for me (the gold just wasn't working in the space and I love the way the black looks), Bodhi's crib skirt from Pehr Designs, Bella and Bodhi's matching black and white swiss dot sheets from Crate and Kids, Bella's (new to us) quilt from Land of Nod, the vetiver micro Gathre mat that tops our changing mat, their (washable) bereber rug from Lorena Canals, the sweetest moses basket from Plum and Sparrow... and so many other little details in the room all coming together so beautifully to create the most perfect space for our little ones.

It took me forever to find the perfect mobile for Bodhi, I searched high and low, etsy and amazon and pottery barn kids and crate and kids and restoration hardware... pretty much everywhere and anywhere that sold mobiles, I looked. I almost decided to go the DIY route after I found something that I kind of liked on pinterest. But I just couldn't find "the one". That is, until I remembered an adorable brand I had found on instagram a few years ago... Baby Jives! I looked them up and instantly knew that a Baby Jives mobile would be the mobile he had to have.

I just love their sweet whimsical cloud mobiles (which are actually made right here in Pennsylvania), they're absolutely perfect for every little one's room, they sell mobiles with hearts, mobiles with stars (and moons), mobiles with raindrops (and lightning bolts) and they're just absolutely darling. Bodhi loves laying in his crib and looking up at his sweet rain cloud mobile and it was the final finishing touch for his room that we hung a few days before he was born, it just completed the look and made it more than perfect.

Hope you love the room as much as we do! Also, if you have any questions about any of the items in the room, feel free to message me on Instagram or shoot me an email and I'd be happy to share!



January is one of those months where you just kind of wish it was springtime, the holidays are over, and it feels like winter is never going to end... so much time spent indoors (especially when you have little ones). Lately we're staying cozy with the cutest blankets from Clementine Kids, and gearing up for spring cleaning with some awesome home cleaning accessories from FullCircle Home. Since I'm breastfeeding, I'm also loving lactation bars from Milkful and the prettiest glass water bottles from SOMA. We're loving our new storage containers from U Konserve too! What have you been up to lately and what items have you been loving?

I'm a minimalist in pretty much all areas except cute blankets, I simply cannot resist them. I mean, yes, I did just get rid of a few blankets recently, but if I'm being completely honest... I mostly only got rid of them to quite the husband's requests of no more blankets (since he thinks we have too many)... so I could get more blankets, so we still have the same amount (except with a couple new ones), but hey, whatever works right? Haha. Clementine Kids quilts are some of our absolute favorites for the little ones and these new ones we recently added to their blanket stash are some of the cutest I've seen. Bella is in love with (read: obsessed with) all things unicorn. She wants all the things to have unicorns, so this sweet unicorn quilt is kind of perfect for her, and she loves cuddling up under it while reading or watching movies in the morning. I am currently loving all things monochrome and this black and white quilt is kind of perfect for Bodhi, so neutral so it blends perfectly into every space in our home, plus he loves when I snuggle him up in it and let him nap in my arms, we also use it on the floor for tummy time sometimes! This one which we've owned for a few years is one of our most favorites too!

I'm all about reusable things, and these stainless steel containers from U Konserve that we recently got are amazing! They arrived in the funnest packaging, an old nike shoe box with re-purposed newspapers instead of packing bubbles! I just loved that U Konserve really believes in their mission, of conserving and reusing to create less waste and make our world a better place! All of their items are thoughtfully created and sold with the ultimate purpose of less waste going into our landfills, and creating a better world for not only us, but especially our children who we are leaving it to. We have this container and this one, they're great for storing leftovers, sending lunches with my husband to work, snacking on the go and more! I think we'll have to add some of their reusable stainless steel straws next!

As a breastfeeding mama, I'm always searching for snacks and things that will help ensure a healthy milk supply. With Bella, even though I breastfed her until she was around 9.5 months old (when my milk dried up), we had to start supplementing her some around 4 months because my milk supply dropped so low, so I'm really hoping to not have to supplement this time and hopefully be able to breastfeed Bodhi for a good long while. I recently discovered these yummy lactation bars from Milkful (the chocolate banana nut flavor is my favorite) that are filled with so many good wholesome lactation supporting ingredients for breastfeeding/pumping mamas like rolled oats, brewers yeast, flax, black sesame, walnuts and almonds!

Raise your hand if you love cleaning... cricket, cricket... Okay, at least we're all honest here. I don't like cleaning, but I do love having everything clean and having a clean home, so of course as a mama to two little ones, cleaning happens often around here. I recently got some new cleaning accessories from Full Circle Home and let me tell you, I;m kinda loving them. Not only am I loving them because they clean really well, but I just love their modern, simple minimalist look AND I love what they stand for as a company: earth friendly, responsible living, intentional design, reusable and replaceable (instead of just cheap throw away products), and safe for you! A few of my favorite products from Full Circle home is this bottle brush (we've used it so much since bringing baby Bodhi home), this duster, this dish scrub brush, this brush and dustpan set, these walnut dish scrubbers, and this microfiber mop.

Another brand we've loved for awhile is SOMA! We previously owned one of their water filter pitchers and loved how clean and fresh our water tasted, and they were so kind to send us some glass water bottles recently from their new product line and I can't say it enough how much I love these water bottles. I love drinking water out of glass bottles because I feel that it tastes better plus I don't have to worry that there are plastic particles leaking into my water when drinking out of glass bottles; the silicone sleeves that encase these not only protect the glass from breaks and cracks, but they also make them easier to hold onto AND they come in so many fun colors! We have two of the mint and two of the blush and they're simply perfect.



Today was one of those days where I got everything done that "needed" to be done, but nothing on my "want to do" list. I finally emptied the kitchen sink of the overflowing dishes that had piled up since yesterday when I had been too tired to clean the kitchen after dinner, folded and put away the mountain of clean clothes from 2 days ago, kept both little ones fed and clean, vacuumed, and finally, found the time to shower... at 7:45pm.

I've learned in the past month that as a mom of two with much less time on my hands than as a mom of one, in order to keep my sanity I've had to start letting go of being a perfectionist.

While doing something good and doing a good job at it is something I still strive for, perfectionism is becoming overrated.  The first couple of days that Frank went back to work, I spent half the day in tears, sobbing into his arms the second he walked through the door, all because of perfectionism and the idea that I could do it all still. That I NEEDED to do it all in order for me to feel like the best mom and the best wife. As I've started to let go of that mind-frame, I'm finding that even though I like to make sure we have a home that is straightened up and in some kind of order, I'm not getting upset if I don't have time to do something, I'll either find time to do it later or do it whenever I can find the time, even if it's not that same day.

Some days there may be a laundry basket full of clothes sitting in the bedroom that needs put away or dishes in the sink, some days I may not find time to shower until after my husband gets home from work, and that's okay, it doesn't make me a bad mom or a bad wife.

Mama's, let's take this idea of needing to do it all and just toss it out the window. We don't need to do it all. All we need to do is just love our babies as much as we can and do what we can when we can, keeping the joy in our lives by doing that instead of losing our joy by feeling like we have to do it all and trying to do it all. Maybe tomorrow I'll tackle a few things on that "want to do" list of mine (hello marie kondo-ing all our belongings) that I didn't have time for today, but then again, maybe I won't. And that's okay. :)