Tribe favorites: Shabby Apple

I've loved Shabby Apple and their exquisite dresses for awhile. Their dresses have such a feminine quality about them, some look slightly old fashioned, some just look so classic and though each one is uniquely different, the one thing all of the dresses that Shabby Apple offers have in common, is that they are all beautiful!

Shabby Apple recently was so kind to send the Amanda Stretch Poplin Plaid Maxi Dress in Green and I absolutely love it! It's so comfortable, flattering, perfect for spring and summer and I find myself reaching for it on a regular basis; I just love it.

I love how it's a seriously true maxi, most maxi dresses on me only come to right above my ankles since I'm on the taller side, but this dress touches the ground! It's absolutely lovely!

This dress reminds me of summer days, picnics, warm breezes and sitting in the shade, some of my favorite things for sure. Made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex, it'll keep you cool while also being super modest, and with the summer fast approaching, you'll want to wear this short sleeve beauty every single day. Head over to Shabby Apple and scoop up this dress or snag another one of their beautiful dresses (their new Blossom Bright collection is simply the prettiest) for your wardrobe! XO!


Gearing Up For Grilling

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Two things that are pretty synonymous with the summer season are grilling and ice cream. There's just something about that combination that gets me again and again and I'm so excited to share a couple fun new recipes that are perfect for the summer season!

Since we have two Giant Eagle stores nearby, we always seem to end up there for groceries and anything we need, especially when it comes to grilling season, they're pretty much the grilling headquarters because you'll find everything in one store, instead of having to go to multiple stores. During a recent trip, we spotted these delicious looking cheddar bacon patty gourmet burgers at the meat counter and decided we simply had to try them. I'm glad we did, because they are so tasty! Perfect for taking to the park for a family grilling out trip and even more perfect for eating!

I also whipped up a batch of our favorite homemade jalapeno cheddar hamburger buns to pair them with! I'll share the recipe below (of course everything you need for this recipe can easily be found at Giant Eagle too)!

Jalapeno Cheddar Hamburger Buns

1/4 cups warm water
2 teaspoons butter (either room temp or cut into little pieces)
3 cups all-purpose flour
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
3 tablespoons sugar
1/4 cup whole milk
1 tablespoon yeast

4 fresh jalapenos (minced)
2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese

Add ingredients to a bread machine in order given and select the dough cycle. After ingredients have mixed into a nice dough (about 30 minutes, most bread machines have a beep around this time) spoon jalapenos and cheddar cheese into dough. After dough has completed it's entire cycle, preheat oven to 350 degrees. Make sure you have a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and coat your hands in olive oil (so the dough doesn't stick to your hands). Shape into round fist sized balls and set on parchment paper, take your hand and smash them down a little and sprinkle with shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Set on top of stove (or anywhere that's out of the way), let rise for about 15 minutes. Carefully slide buns into oven and bake for 25 to 30 minutes at 350°. Put them with your favorite burgers from Giant Eagle and enjoy!

These are so simple to make and are the perfect addition to the Bacon Cheddar Patties from Giant Eagle that we grilled up. Of course you know we have a little bit of a sweet tooth (I mean, who doesn't, right? Haha), so we made sure to grab some super delicious dark chocolate chip cookies at Giant Eagle too. We got both the Pepperidge Farm Nantucket Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies and the NEW Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Thin & Crispy Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies (newly available at Giant Eagle), goodness, they're so good, you simply must try them! They're the perfect compliment to a savory Bacon Cheddar Burger.

One of my most favorite sweet summertime drinks is a nice cold Izze, so I was super excited when I spied these new Izze Fusions at Giant Eagle a couple months back. We've been buying them ever since, so I made sure to grab a couple to bring to the park for our cookout. The perfect thirst quencher for sure, and they even go well with dessert!

Oh yes! I just went there! We're talking Fruity Izze Floats! Yum! Only the best Breyer's Ice Cream (I picked out the Extra Creamy Vanilla) easily found in the frozen aisle at Giant Eagle with all the other ice cream treats. One of the biggest reasons we love Breyer's is because of their Milk & Cream Promise, which means that no artificial growth hormones were used on their cows. I just love this about the Breyers brand!

Fruity Izze Floats

1 container Breyer's Extra Cream Vanilla ice cream 
2 cans Izze Fusion Lemon Lime 
1 cup frozen or fresh blueberries 
2 mason jars 
2 straws 

Put 2 scoops of Breyer's ice cream in each jar, fill it up to the level you'd like with your Izze Fusion. Throw a handful of blueberries on top. Add a cute straw and enjoy!

Make sure to head to Giant Eagle to gear up for your next cookout and grab all your grilling essentials! Who's ready for summer and looking forward to spending time with the family? Will you be trying any new recipes this summer?


Natural Citrus Play Dough

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Little ones and messes seem to go hand in hand, am I right? Thankfully I have the NEW sulfate free all® fresh clean ESSENTIALS® detergent that delivers a powerful clean without harshness, so laundry day and childhood messes (because aren't messes just one of the fun parts of being a child?) don't phase me a bit.

Making homemade play dough with beets and turmeric? No Problem. Did you get some flour on your dress while baking, or get covered in dirt while gardening or playing outdoors? No worries! Because I spotted this new all® sulfate free detergent while we were at Walmart the other day (you can find it on the top shelf in the laundry detergent aisle) and grabbed one! Since we don't typically use things that are scented I chose the fragrance free one, but it also comes in fresh scent for those of you who are scent lovers.

A few reasons we love the new sulfate free formula is because it infuses fabrics with essential, proven and effective ingredients for deep cleaning and fighting even the toughest stains. all® fresh clean ESSENTIALS® also includes the ingredients on the back of the bottle so you know what ingredients are going onto your family’s laundry (yay! I just love transparency in products). It's one of the first laundry products to put ingredients out there for consumers to know exactly what they are washing with and why they’re essentials. I just love this since it's important for me to know what kind of products I'm using for my family. all® fresh clean ESSENTIALS® is now in stores and available in select Walmart stores (Walmart carries both fragrance free and fresh scent in 36.4oz bottles).

In my excitement for this new sulfate free all® and it's stain lifting powers, I decided to whip up a batch of our favorite homemade play dough (since I haven't made it for awhile and Bella has been asking for it). I've changed up the recipe a little, to make it more natural (with natural dyes and essential oils for scent) and we are absolutely loving it. No artificial colors or scents, only a few ingredients you can read (and probably already have in your pantry), and it's super easy to make too! Find the recipe below!

Natural Citrus Play Dough


2 Cups Flour

1/2 Cup Salt

1 1/2 Cups Water

2 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil

1 fresh beet (if you're making pink grapefruit play dough)

20 drops grapefruit essential oil (if you're making pink grapefruit play dough)

1 teaspoon turmeric (if you're making yellow lemon play dough)

20 drops lemon essential oil (if you're making yellow lemon play dough)

Mix your flour and salt in a bowl and set aside. Add water into a pan along with the vegetable oil and bring your water to a rolling boil. If you're making pink (grapefruit) play dough, you'll want to add the beet quarters to the water then also, if you're making yellow (lemon) play dough, mix the turmeric into the water once it has reached a rolling boil. As soon as you take your boiling water off of the heat, add in your drops of essential oils. Slowly pour your boiling water mixture into the dry ingredients and mix with a rubber spatula. Keep adding the water and work the dough until it feels like play dough. Remove from bowl and knead with your hands for 10 to 15 minutes on top of a counter-top or cutting-board to further mix the ingredients. Store your play-dough in an air tight bag or glass container. :)

The most important part of making this natural citrus play dough recipe is to have fun, and then you can use the all® fresh clean ESSENTIALS® to clean up your clothes afterwards! I also almost forgot to mention that in addition to being sulfate free, this detergent is also dye free and hypoallergenic! It delivers a powerful clean without the harshness and a deeper clean with it's active stain lifters.

Grab a bottle (or two) of this new all® fresh clean ESSENTIALS® next time your'e at Walmart, and don't forget to use this coupon good for $1.50 off of one all® fresh clean ESSENTIALS® (offer is valid from 5/1 to 7/31 or while supplies last). What will you clean next using all® fresh clean ESSENTIALS®?