This post is in partnership with MY GREEN MATTRESS, all opinions are my own.

One of the top items we had on our wishlist baby as soon as we found out we were expecting, was a natural organic crib mattress. We switched Bella to a natural organic mattress last year, and within a week, noticed a huge difference in her health for the better, her eczema has cleared up almost completely and she doesn't get random unexplained rashes like she used to, she doesn't cough at night anymore AND best of all, she sleeps so much better. So when we realized what a difference a natural mattress made, versus a traditional mattress (with who knows what kind of flame retardants and chemicals) from any store out there, we took note, and wanted to make sure new baby had the best of the best for a good head start in life, just like his big sister.

After researching natural crib mattresses better than any secret agent could, I finally came to the conclusion that...

1. Most brands that claim to be natural or organic, really are not (which is totally not cool).

2. I kept coming back to the Emily Natural Crib Mattress from My Green Mattress.

It was the one for us. The perfect mattress for our new precious bundle of heaven and we were in love with it. The Emily Organic Crib Mattress is filled with only the highest quality and best ingredients: It is Greenguard Gold certified, it has a GOTS certified organic cotton quilted cover (that's so buttery soft by the way) with American Eco-wool sewn underneath. It's filled with heavyweight organic cotton batting and has 150 heavy duty coil inner-springs and a supportive edge so it will last your child for years to come and will be just like new even after it's well loved. It also features all natural needle punched cotton insulator pads (honestly not sure what this is, but it must be good lol). I LOVE that it contains wool, since wool acts as a natural flame barrier! Thank goodness for a mattress with no dangerous flame retardant chemicals, formaldehyde is among one of the top chemicals typically used for flame retardation, so I'm so happy to find a natural option that doesn't contain nasty things like that. Wool is also naturally resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites (which is great, since so many people suffer from dust mite allergies, even Bella). This perfect mattress is also double sided and identical on both sides!

Oh! Did you know that My Green Mattress also offers accessories for your mattress like this organic cotton waterproof mattress protector? Perfect for keeping your crib mattress safe and clean even during the leakiest of diapers and massive blowouts, which as parents, we all know are inevitable with babies.

My Green Mattress has all your mattress needs covered from crib mattresses all the way up to larger sizes like California king, plus every mattress comes with a 10 year warranty and a 100 night comfort guarantee. You can't get much better than that. Their quality is so great, and their shipping time is so fast, after we received our shipping notification email, we received baby's new crib mattress in no time at all! Now, who's ready for a natural crib mattress for their little one? Grab yours here friends!



This post is in partnership with MARPAC, all opinions are my own.

When my husband and I first got married was when I was introduced to white noise machines. If I'm completely transparent, I kind of hated them at first lol, I was like ugh, it's so loud! But it didn't take long for me to adjust to my new surroundings and soon I was to the point where I couldn't sleep without one! Fast forward almost 6 years and now if I ever try to sleep without one, I'm all like "umm I NEED my sound machine, I can't sleep without it". Haha. Seriously though, have you ever tried to sleep with the sound of cicadas right outside your window? Cars on the highway or streets? Or a super noisy upstairs  neighbor who constantly slams doors or walks like bigfoot? Lol.

Marpac makes it possible with their magical sound machines. They were so kind to send some new ones our way recently (because our other ones were ages old and on their last leg haha) and these are simply perfect. We had the Marpac Dohm Classic sound machines previously, and this time, I chose the modern look of the newly redesigned Dohm sound machine. It's the same sound as the classic, but has a more modern look to it. We chose the white and gray colorway for our new sound machines, but they also come in a variety of fun and pretty colors like white and pink (which would be perfect for a little girl's room), white and blue (which would be great if you have an ocean or coastal home), charcoal and more!

In our home, the fuzzy white noise sound signals bedtime and we're all asleep within very ling after turning ours on. It's just the best and I can't imagine sleeping without our Dohm sound machines.

I also recently discovered that Marpac offers some awesome memory foam products! We grabbed these Clean Sleep pillows (because who doesn't love new pillows or a ton of pillows on their bed to make it extra comfy?), and have been sleeping so good with them! They're so buttery soft and their instant response "yogafoam" provides fast relief for pressure points to make for the best sleep. The pillow cover also has a zipper and can be removed for easy washing, perfect for keeping that fresh clean smell and keeping your bed allergen free!

Now, who else is ready to hit the hay? Head here to grab all your sleep essentials for a good night's rest!



This post is in partnership with Allswell Home. I received products in exchange for this review, but all opinions are my own. As always, I only work with and share brands that we  own and truly love.

We've been slightly in love with memory foam mattresses ever since we spent a night at the Renaissance Hotel in Pittsburgh last year and slept on one. Like some of the best sleep ever. We had a traditional mattress until recently, and while it wasn't terrible, it also wasn't great, especially on our joints and muscles, hubby and I would wake up in the morning with back pain, shoulder pain and just generally achy... So soon after we found out I was expecting baby #2, and my back was killing me even more than it normally does, I knew something had to change or I wouldn't be able to walk by the time the baby was born.

I actually found out about Allswell from the place I've discovered most of all my favorite brands these past 5 years... Instagram! I was immediately drawn to their mattresses because memory foam, duh. Also, they just looked like high quality beds compared to some of the memory foam mattresses I've seen floating around out there on the internet. 

I loved the 12 inch height of the Allswell mattress (just call me the princess and the pea, the higher the bed, the better I like it), the built in plush top with it's performance memory foam woven in for breath-ability and the ultimate softness, and the cool factor, Allswell mattresses are encased in specialty fabric designed to feel cool to the touch and keep you from getting overheated while you sleep. One of the biggest reasons I loved their mattresses though was because of their ingredients! Allswell doesn't use any chemical deodorizers, and they try to use natural materials as much as they can. Their mattresses are CERTI-PUR certified, meaning that they contain none of the yucky ingredients like formaldehyde, phthalalates, lead, mercury and more!

While Allswell offers two different mattress options, I knew the Luxe Classic Memory Foam Mattress would be perfect for us with it's medium feel, so that's the one we went with. Not too firm, not too plush, just perfect.

When it arrived, I couldn't believe they fit that huge mattress into such a small box, it's pretty amazing how they can do that. A day or so after it arrived, we took it out of the box, used the little cutting tool they sent to cut the plastic open, stood back and watched the magic happen. Within minutes it had rose to normal mattress size and was soft and cozy. We let it rise for an entire 24 hours before sleeping on it and that first night... goodness... can you say heavenly. We woke up without an ache or pain in our entire bodies and had so much more energy than we normally do (talk about the power of good sleep).

We've been sleeping in heavenly peace ever since that first night and every night slipping into bed is pure bliss.

Allswell can even remove your old mattress during delivery of your amazing new Allswell mattress (not many bed in a box places can say they do that), and they offer a 100 night free trial and 10 year warranty! Not to mention they are a one stop shop for everything you need for your bed. I mean, their bedding is gorgeous! So much cozy prettiness. We even have some of their standard bed pillows, and they are worth every single penny. We had to share some of the Allswell goodness with Bella, and she love, love, loves her new pillows! She's slept so good since I switched her old pillows for these and so have we. Like laying your head on a cloud.

So are you ready for the best sleep of your life? Find the Allswell Home website here, to start your journey to blissful slumber!



I've loved the Jenny Lind style bed frames for as long as I can remember, so when we found out we were expecting Baby #2, I excitedly started researching cribs and when I found this one from DaVinci Baby, I turned into basically a giant heart eye emoji. Love at first sight. It's such a classic and timeless look, and when I found out that DaVinci Baby had also just released a twin bed version a few months ago, well, I'm sure you can imagine my excitement. I started envisioning matching beds for both my babies, Bella and the new baby. Since they will be sharing a room, I just felt it was perfect and would look so pretty, plus the white was so gender neutral.

The Jenny Lind twin bed, was so easy to put together, I'd definitely recommend 2 people put it together since you need more than 2 hands when setting up the slat frame, but it only took my husband and I around 30 minutes to assemble it (though admittedly, he was the one who done 99% of the work while I watched him or held things in place or handed him things on occasion haha). It was a breeze, and it makes the room look so adorable. Bella was so excited over her new big girl bed and just loves it. Me? I almost don't ever want to walk out of her room because I love it so much.

The crib... where do I even begin? I literally cannot wait to see our tiny little babe sleeping away in there. Be prepared for lots of sleepy baby pictures on instagram come the end of November or early December. The crib was even easier to put together than Bella's twin bed! My husband put this crib together in around 15 minutes, not even kidding! If you're looking for a functional piece, that's as pretty as it is easy to put together, look no further than this sweet crib.

All in all, I completely recommend DaVinci Baby's furniture products, they're such high quality and totally worth it (Bella has been sleeping on her new bed for a few weeks and we just adore it), not to mention their price tag is much less than many other brand's currently offering Jenny Lind style products. Another reason we love them, is because all of their Jenny Lind frames are formaldehyde free and don't contain any other nasty chemicals (like we previously had issues with from another brand when purchasing Bella's first big girl bed), they're just real wood and so perfect. If Jenny Lind isn't your style, DaVinci Baby has so many more collections and styles (find them all here) that will be the perfect addition to your baby's nursery and you'll love for years to come!