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Every year one of the top things on my "warm weather want to do list" is pick-your-own strawberries. And somehow every single year... we miss the season. This year is because both my hubby and I ended up in the hospital, but usually, we just forget. Lol.
Same with this year. My hubby had the day off this past Saturday since it was a holiday weekend and I said to him on Friday evening "why don't we go strawberry picking since you have the day off tomorrow". Well, Saturday morning I decided to call around and see who had pick your own strawberries, and as it turned out, everyone I talked to said the same thing. "Strawberries are out of season, no one has them". I mean, talk about disappointment. But on a whim, I decided to call around (again) and ask if anyone knew of any farms that had pick-your-own blueberries! the first two places I called didn't,  but they always say the third time is a charm and voila! Pick-your-own blueberry picking we went!
$3 a quart and I might have been a little bit in love with the adorable berry baskets and the color of the blueberries were just the prettiest deep blue. What a perfect day, family time, blueberry picking... It was such a sweet day!

Bella was such a good blueberry picker, she did go through a little bit where she only wanted to pick the green ones, but for the most part she picked the ripest juiciest berries, and she filled up a quart berry basket over half way by herself! It was the cutest sight to see her pick all the blueberries and run through the orchard.

Now... time for all the blueberry things... blueberry pies, cobblers, cakes,  muffins, smoothies and pancakes! Yum!


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