Mini Date with the Hubs [and RITZ Sandwich Crackers]

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Since becoming parents, it's not been the easiest feat to find quiet moments alone with my husband. Date nights are nearly impossible and the moments we can just sit and hear the quiet are far and few between. They usually come after we've either already put our daughter to bed for the night, or on Mondays. One of our favorite days... Adventure Monday!
Adventure Monday is something we started last year after we were bored one day and didn't know what to do. So we decided to take a drive and explore the countryside! My husband has lived in Pennsylvania most of his life, and I've lived here a few years, and neither of us really knew what was even around us since we'd never explored before. And now it's become a tradition, sometimes we go every single Monday and sometimes we skip a week or two and then resume our explorations.
We love seeing all the beautiful surrounding countryside, seeing wildlife and farm life (we even saw an emu once), seeing barns and beautiful homes (we love daydreaming about building our own someday), seeing the Amish horse and buggies, and find quaint little towns, cute little stores, coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants and supporting local.
And you probably thought I got off track, but nope, I'm getting to where Adventure Monday's come in as far as getting some quiet moments alone with my love... You see, even though Bella doesn't nap at home, she usually falls asleep when we go for long drives in the countryside. And when she drifts off to dream-land my husband and I are free to have a few moments "alone" (even though she's in her car seat in the back seat lol). We can talk quietly, hold hands, or just sit next to each other, enjoy the company of one another and occupy space together. Sometimes we even make out... Just kidding... or am I? Lol.

Adventure Monday's are also a good time for snacking! We usually end up with quite an assortment of snacks, and if we don't take them with us from home, we typically end up stopping at the store for a pit stop to load up on snacks. Recently we stopped in at Walmart and I spied these NEW (and oh my word delicious) RITZ Cracker Sandwiches! Goodness you guys, they are amazing! I grabbed the RITZ Baked with Whole Wheat Cracker with White Cheddar Flavored Filling and the RITZ Everything Cracker with Cream Cheese Flavored Filling. And my husband grabbed the RITZ Bacon Flavored Cracker with Cheese Flavored Filling, because I mean, what man can resist bacon flavored RITZ crackers with  super yummy cheese flavored filling? We also grabbed some HoneyMaid Graham Crackers for Bella, because not only is she literally graham cracker obsessed, but if we're honest, we didn't really wanna share our RITZ cracker sandwiches haha.
On our Adventure Monday, we saw a dairy farm, an Amish horse and buggy, so many beautiful corn fields, wheat fields and an Amish farmer harvesting the ripe wheat. An old fashioned wind mill and a beautiful bird perched on an old fence, a long horn cow (or as our daughter call's them, moo-cow), and of course we snacked A LOT, we only had a few packages left by the time we got home!

These delicious RITZ cracker sandwich goodies can be found in the cracker and cookie aisle in Walmart, you can't miss them, and you won't want to. But don't take my word for it, you must try them for yourself! And what better motivation than a coupon? From now until August 3rd, use this Ibotta coupon offer for 50 cents off of any RITZ cracker sandwich (8 pack count)! That means you can try any of the flavors I mentioned above and save yourself a little money too! Seriously, I'd buy them allllll, they're THAT good!

Wanna hear something even better? Walmart grocery in selected markets is providing consumers with a VIP grocery box including RITZ samples and coupons through July when groceries are ordered online and picked up in store! I mean how fun (and might I add, delicious) is that? Who doesn't love free stuff and samples?! Especially when it involves RITZ cracker sandwiches! Oh! And buying my groceries online, have someone else do the shopping for me instead of having to tote my tot to the store... All I have to do is pick them up? Sign me up!

Don't forget to come back and comment here and let me know what you think of them! What flavor is your favorite?



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  1. What an incredibly original and fun mini date! #client