Accessorizing our Garden with Flagology

Our garden has become such a fun family project this year. We've spent countless hours tending to it and spending time with each other and socializing with family around it. And then there's one of my other personal favorites, enjoying smoothies by it! We've also gotten quite a bit of produce from it already as well, and might I say, it's been mighty delicious, like, give me allllll the garden salad. It's that good, ya know? But as well as fun and delicious, the garden is a pretty sight to look at, and it's become even prettier since we got this little custom garden flag to put in it, all thanks to the lovely peeps over at Flagology!

I mean, if there's one thing I like to look at more than my garden, it's my family, so I thought to myself and I was like why not make a custom flag with not only our family name on it, but also our faces too? The photo I chose is one of my favorites from this year, maybe even from all time. A special photo from our last visit to see my family in Missouri. It brings back the loveliest of memories of even more lovely peope that I amazingly get to call my family, and such sweet moments and times together visiting. This particular photo was taken in the Mediterranean green house at the Missouri Botanical Gardens (seriously, one of the most beautiful places in the world) by my Mama's beautiful friend (and world renowned) photographer Elizabeth. I love this photo of my loves and I and I really love how great it looks on the fabric of the flag!

It printed so nicely, I was really pleasantly surprised at well it is printed and how detailed the photo was on the fabric! Another super cool factor is that all flags from Flagology are double sided! Their standard flagtastic fabric will print photos on both sides, but any text will be reversed on the back. I chose the flip-it fabric since it's ideal for text-heavy flag creations (like the one I created). It's a few dollars more, but definitely worth every single penny if you ask me the fabric is super thick too which I love! When in doubt, always go double-sided. :) I think the standard flagtastic fabric would be perfect for photo flags! It's extremely well made, durable and thick fabric and I expect will hold up for a good long while. The flag stand that it hangs from is also extremely quality made, very sturdy and definitely seems like it will hold up well. It goes very solidly in the ground without a lot of moving or swaying around which is great as well! It looks so perfect and fits so perfect right between our strawberries and our herbs!

I love how easy it is to create flags on the Flagology too! There are so many options to choose from. If you want a monogram, they've got it. If you want to celebrate a certain holiday, they've got you covered. Want something custom? They've got you covered there too! The possibilities are literally endless with what you can create with Flagology, and almost too fun to imagine!

Need a gift? I mean, something like this is the perfect gift! Completely customizable and wouldn't this be the perfect housewarming present? Or perfect for the Grandparents who live far away? A picture of the grandchild(ren) to proudly display by the house or garden for all to see. I mean, there is no pride like that of a proud Grandparent showing off their adorable grandchild(ren). Am I right, or am I right? The perfect gift for a newly married couple. Great for the couple who is expecting a baby on the way or with the little one who has just arrived earth-side. And what about a beloved pet? Honoring a late loved one? A favorite quote? Your address? Prom? Goodness, perhaps even a marriage proposal?!

So many occasions, so many possibilities. I can't think of one occasion that a flag from Flagology wouldn't be appropriate for. Maybe I'll even order another one for us, pretty sure we need another one because they're the cutest and even more fun  to create! Oh! And Flagology also makes large flags and welcome mats as well as the garden flags that we love!

Okay, now who wants 15% off? (My hand is raised!) Use the code JOYFUL15 when ordering (doesn't include Create4Me or accessories) to get 15% off your order until August 31st (08/31/16)! Now even more exciting? Who wants to WIN a custom flag from Flagology? Enter below! Woohoo! What will you create?

Win a Custom Garden Flag with Flagology!
This post is sponsored by Flagology but all opinions are my own. :)


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  1. So excited I won!!! Thank you A Joyful Tribe and Flagology!!! xoxo