Family Dinner, Shopping & Donuts | Weekend Re-Cap

The older I get, the more important family becomes to be, and there is nothing better than a backyard family picnic! Cook up the delicious dinner inside and carry it all outside to the picnic table, family all around, laughter abides and shoveling alllllll the food in.

It was my hubby and myself, Bella, my step-daughter Tiffani, her boyfriend Kevin, and their puppy Gemma, and my step-daughter Kristi and (her  little sons) our almost 2 year old twin grandsons! We had Caprese pasta, steamed crab legs, skewered Caribbean jerk seasoned shrimp and of course a freshly homemade apple pie for dessert! Yum!

The Caprese pasta is one of my favorite meals: bowtie pasta covered in a mix of oven roasted grape tomatoes, sautéed fresh basil, olive oil, garlic, Italian spices and salt and pepper. Oh! And don't forget to throw in the mozzarella pearls before serving it! I also love to add a little parmesan. Oh so much yum! And of course the shrimp skewers were one of my favorites. I love shrimp, especially when it's seasoned with our favorite Caribbean jerk seasoning from McCormick. We found these already on the skewer at our local Giant Eagle and grilled them up in the George Forman grill in our kitchen. Yummmm! I'd have probably eaten them all if I could have haha.The crab legs were delicious. Seasoned perfectly and messy and reaaaalllyy messy and yep, you guessed it, delicious. The pie turned out good, I whipped it up last second, made the pie crust from scratch, peeled and sliced the apples and made the pie filling from scratch. It smelled of apples and cinnamon and spices and warm crust... Mmmm! I'm getting hungry again just thinking about it!

We also had a couple fun days shopping, we headed to the outlets and got so many good deals... A Columbia brand winter coat for Bella, regularly $75, we got it for $27! Talk about a deal! And I got a cute winter shirt at Aeropostale for $3! Oh, and at Haggar, we snagged an $80 sweater for my husband for only $10! And we got a ton of things at Carter's for less than $35! Some serious money saved!

We also stopped in at Burton to look at clothes and Bella spied the entire line of snowboards in the racks against the back wall... She was in heaven! She grabbed the pink one and wanted to take it home! She kept saying "I'm gonna take it home, I wanna take it home". It didn't make it home with us but she got to try it out which made her day for sure.

And then there's the donuts... Gah! Literally THE BEST donuts I've ever eaten in my entire life! We stopped at Peace, Love & Little Donuts and purchased a half dozen. I got a s'mores donut and a maple bacon donut. That maple bacon donut was like a glimpse into heaven, or at least it felt that way lol, it was one of the best things I've ever eaten! Frank got a maple bacon one as well, and also a cookie dough donut, and Bella wanted a fruity pebbles one. After eating her donut, we asked her if she liked it and she said "Yep! Let's go get more". Hahaha! She's definitely our daughter.

We stopped at Charley's Philly Steaks for subs, french fries and lemonade for lunch, (and it seems like all I talk about is food haha but...) they were so good! I definitely love a good Philly steak (or in my case, chicken) sandwich! All the meat and onions and peppers and cheese and bread!  Talk about comfort food!

We ended up going back to the outlets on Monday because we needed a mirror for Bella's room (the complete room reveal will be up so soon) from Kirklands, and we of course had to grab some more donuts. Yep, more food, more donuts. Haha. But life is short, right? Eat allllllll the donuts. Hope everyone is having a great week!


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