IT'S A... BOY!

Last week was quite eventful! We turned 21 weeks into our pregnancy, had a family photo session, our mid-pregnancy sonogram, had a gender reveal and found out we are having a... BOY! We are still so elated and over the moon. So thrilled at the chance to raise a little boy, to have a son and for Bella to have a little brother!

As you can tell by our gender reveal photos, we were more than a little surprised that baby #2 was a boy, Frank even more than me since he was so sure it was a girl (though we all would have been absolutely thrilled with another sweet little girl). The initial "POP" of the balloon quite startled me, and then confetti EVERYWHERE, realizing what color the confetti was and then all the emotions, from all of us (though at that moment I'm pretty sure Bella was more concerned with gathering confetti). I was like "wait, what?" and started crying and smiling from ear to ear, and then when I looked over at Frank to see him crying as well, I cried even more. He said he first thought that the sonogram tech had told our photographer the wrong gender, or that our photographer accidentally put the wrong color confetti into the balloon haha, and then he realized it was true!

Looking back, I am so happy and thankful that our amazing photographer Hannah from LiviPhotos, suggested doing a gender reveal since we were already planning a family/maternity photo session for a few hours after our sonogram (we'll be getting all of those photos back in the next few weeks and goodness I can't wait to share them with all of you when she's finished with them, Hannah absolutely works magic behind the lens). It was the absolute best way to find out that we would be parents to a little baby boy, and even better that we will always have these photos to look back on and cherish. I only wish we had done the same thing with our first pregnancy when we found out we were having a girl, our sweet Bella.

It took me a hot minute to come up with how I wanted to reveal the gender, because let's face it, there are sooooooo many great gender reveal ideas out there on instagram and pinterest that it can almost be a little overwhelming, especially when you don't have a ton of time to decide. Finally, I came across the cutest little party supply shop on etsy, Glamfetti Co., and fell in love with the idea of popping a huge black balloon filled with either pink or blue confetti and knew that was the route I wanted to go. Tiffany (the owner of Glamfetti Co.) was so kind to send the balloon our way for the reveal and even went out of her way to send it directly to our photographer so it could all be a total surprise for us!

We are just so, so happy to welcome this sweet boy into our family and into our hearts and home, he is already so loved by all of us and we can't wait to meet him!

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