I've loved all things botanical for so many years, visiting the botanical gardens and greenhouses have forever been my favorite and when I discovered Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh a few years back I knew we had to make a trip. I shared all about our first visit last year here on the blog (here) and we recently made another trip! This trip was even better than the last, even though at the time, it was too cold to go outdoors. I just loved that it was a green oasis in the middle of colder weather, perfect for all of us with spring fever. My spring fever starts the day after Christmas, every single year without fail, and since Pennsylvania winters are never ending (or at least it seems to feel that way until around the end of April) this was the perfect way to get my green fix in. All the beautiful leaves and trees and bushes and flowers and growing things, what made this trip even better than last time, was the fact that the temperature inside the conservatory was absolutely perfect this time AND the citrus trees were blooming and putting on fruit! If you know me at all, you know how absolutely obsessed I am with citrus fruit of every single kind. Oranges, clementines, grapefruit, lemons, limes, pomelo... they're all my favorite. Oranges especially are my favorite and are actually sentimental to me because (well, it's a long story), but my husband and I actually met because of oranges! It was so fun to see real citrus trees with fruit and blossoms.

And the aroma of Phipps Conservatory... don't even get me started. Heavenly is only a mild way to describe it. Imagine a million flowers surrounding you and filling the air with the lightest, sweetest floral scent imaginable, it smells just like that, only better.

The orchids were another favorite, so many orchids everywhere, I just love how dainty and delicate they are, as well as the amazing smells that radiate from them. The ferns, the fiddle leaf fig trees, the banana trees, the collection of bonsai trees, so many good things that can't be missed.

Make sure to head on out to Phipps Conservatory to catch all of the green goodness for yourself, the perfect place to find you and your family for a relaxing day of nature enjoyment!

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