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When my husband and I first got married was when I was introduced to white noise machines. If I'm completely transparent, I kind of hated them at first lol, I was like ugh, it's so loud! But it didn't take long for me to adjust to my new surroundings and soon I was to the point where I couldn't sleep without one! Fast forward almost 6 years and now if I ever try to sleep without one, I'm all like "umm I NEED my sound machine, I can't sleep without it". Haha. Seriously though, have you ever tried to sleep with the sound of cicadas right outside your window? Cars on the highway or streets? Or a super noisy upstairs  neighbor who constantly slams doors or walks like bigfoot? Lol.

Marpac makes it possible with their magical sound machines. They were so kind to send some new ones our way recently (because our other ones were ages old and on their last leg haha) and these are simply perfect. We had the Marpac Dohm Classic sound machines previously, and this time, I chose the modern look of the newly redesigned Dohm sound machine. It's the same sound as the classic, but has a more modern look to it. We chose the white and gray colorway for our new sound machines, but they also come in a variety of fun and pretty colors like white and pink (which would be perfect for a little girl's room), white and blue (which would be great if you have an ocean or coastal home), charcoal and more!

In our home, the fuzzy white noise sound signals bedtime and we're all asleep within very ling after turning ours on. It's just the best and I can't imagine sleeping without our Dohm sound machines.

I also recently discovered that Marpac offers some awesome memory foam products! We grabbed these Clean Sleep pillows (because who doesn't love new pillows or a ton of pillows on their bed to make it extra comfy?), and have been sleeping so good with them! They're so buttery soft and their instant response "yogafoam" provides fast relief for pressure points to make for the best sleep. The pillow cover also has a zipper and can be removed for easy washing, perfect for keeping that fresh clean smell and keeping your bed allergen free!

Now, who else is ready to hit the hay? Head here to grab all your sleep essentials for a good night's rest!

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