I've loved the Jenny Lind style bed frames for as long as I can remember, so when we found out we were expecting Baby #2, I excitedly started researching cribs and when I found this one from DaVinci Baby, I turned into basically a giant heart eye emoji. Love at first sight. It's such a classic and timeless look, and when I found out that DaVinci Baby had also just released a twin bed version a few months ago, well, I'm sure you can imagine my excitement. I started envisioning matching beds for both my babies, Bella and the new baby. Since they will be sharing a room, I just felt it was perfect and would look so pretty, plus the white was so gender neutral.

The Jenny Lind twin bed, was so easy to put together, I'd definitely recommend 2 people put it together since you need more than 2 hands when setting up the slat frame, but it only took my husband and I around 30 minutes to assemble it (though admittedly, he was the one who done 99% of the work while I watched him or held things in place or handed him things on occasion haha). It was a breeze, and it makes the room look so adorable. Bella was so excited over her new big girl bed and just loves it. Me? I almost don't ever want to walk out of her room because I love it so much.

The crib... where do I even begin? I literally cannot wait to see our tiny little babe sleeping away in there. Be prepared for lots of sleepy baby pictures on instagram come the end of November or early December. The crib was even easier to put together than Bella's twin bed! My husband put this crib together in around 15 minutes, not even kidding! If you're looking for a functional piece, that's as pretty as it is easy to put together, look no further than this sweet crib.

All in all, I completely recommend DaVinci Baby's furniture products, they're such high quality and totally worth it (Bella has been sleeping on her new bed for a few weeks and we just adore it), not to mention their price tag is much less than many other brand's currently offering Jenny Lind style products. Another reason we love them, is because all of their Jenny Lind frames are formaldehyde free and don't contain any other nasty chemicals (like we previously had issues with from another brand when purchasing Bella's first big girl bed), they're just real wood and so perfect. If Jenny Lind isn't your style, DaVinci Baby has so many more collections and styles (find them all here) that will be the perfect addition to your baby's nursery and you'll love for years to come!


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