Family Fun Time At Irons Mill Farmstead

Anyone who knows me very well knows just how much I love my family AND how much I love the autumn season. It's really the best season of all and with good reason, all of the pumpkins and hayrides and bonfires and apples and cool air and time spent with family... Oh, it's just the best!
Those are all some of my favorite things, and this year, I have a new favorite thing to add to my list of favorites. Irons Mill Farmstead! I mean, why I hadn't heard of this place until just last year is beyond me. Nestled beside the sweet little town of New Wilmington on the most beautiful Pennsylvania countryside, Irons Mill Farmstead might just be one of Western Pennsylvania's best kept secrets. This year was our first time visiting the farm, and since Irons Mill Farmstead was so kind to provide us with season tickets, it won't be the last time we visit either. It may even become a regular weekend event for us while they're open for the season! Last weekend we visited the farmstead and had the best time! We didn't even get to see everything since there is so much to do, but I'll talk a little about everything that we did get to do!

Since we're such foodies, the first thing we looked for when we arrived was to try out the available cuisines from the Irons Mill Grille. We got BBQ Pulled Pork sandwiches and the best French fries ever! Oh, and don't even get me started on the cole-slaw that came as a side to the pulled pork sandwich. I mean, I don't even like cole-slaw, but this stuff was so good, I could have literally eaten an entire bowl of it! The pumpkins on each picnic table added the cutest touch!

After filling our tummies we walked up to say hello to a friendly horse used for horse and buggy rides, then headed over towards the piggy races afterwards. You guys! This was literally the cutest thing I've ever seen. I about died from the cuteness and I'm pretty sure everyone else in the audience felt the same way. A little racetrack and little pigs with ruffled collars, and then the even tinier baby piglets! Gah, I just can't, literally I died from all the adorableness. Bella LOVED the pigs, as you can see from one photo, she wanted to hold one and held her hand out trying to get them to come to her haha, but alas, they ran by much too quickly to notice her and on to what I'm sure was the tastiest little treat in their little piggy barn.

We petted some friendly goats (and fed some too!), seen a miniature horse in pasture, said hi to some chickens clucking by and even got to pet a sweet bunny on the ears that came over to the fence to greet us!

Bella and I tried out one of the newest attractions to the farm next, The Rollin' Tumbleweeds. That one was interesting haha, definitely fun, but more for older kids who don't worry about falling down lol. (Now I feel old haha).

Corn Cob Beach was one of our most favorite attractions! Bella had the best time and I'm more than positive that she would have stayed in there the entire evening if we had let her. Let's be honest, even we parents had a blast at Corn Cob Beach! It slightly reminded me of when I was young, growing up on a farm and I always loved running my hands through the barrels of corn we kept in the barn and chicken coop. On more than one occasion when I was young, I thought "how fun would it be to fill up a sand box with this stuff (corn)"... Dreams do come true after all. :)

We all three tried out the giant slide on Irons Mill Hill. It was a blast, but obviously by my face you can tell I don't do that great with heights bahahahaha. We all LOVED it and each went a few times. Definitely a favorite and I just loved the old coffee sacks used to slide down on!

By that time, we needed to re-fuel. So we stopped in at Pappy's Kettle Corn for... yep, you guessed it: Kettle Corn! And don't forget that amazing funnel cake we got. I told you we were foodies lol. Of course we couldn't forget to take a family photo in the iconic Irons Mill Farmstead Giant Rocking Chair! It was so much fun sitting  next to each other in that giant chair to get our photo taken. And I'd say the photo turned out pretty well too (thanks to a kind lady snapping our photo), but then again, I'm pretty biased, because I love those two people sitting next to me in the photo. ;)

Bella also loved the new playgrounds and the new "The Bee Hive" attraction. To say she was fascinated with how the plastic balls hovered mid air and then shot straight up high in the air after you let go, might be a slight understatement. It reminded me of something that you'd find in a science or children's museum and we loved it!

The corn maze was so much fun, but truth be told, we didn't make it very far into it, and under my direction we got lost trying to re-trace ours steps to get back to the entrance Thankfully my hubby has a good sense of direction (better than I do obviously lol) and we found our way back to the start. But why did we turn around before we got very far? Well, for the hayride of course! Bella has been begging to go on a hayride (we got a new book about autumn recently that she is loving and she's learning of all kinds of new things to do this fall) for a few weeks, so we were happy to be able to make her wish come true (thanks to Irons Mill Farmstead). The sun was going down by we time we made it back to the main part of the farmstead after the hayride was over, and we saw the most beautiful sunset ever during the hayride. The pumpkin patch was so pretty to drive past in the sunset, we'll have to pick one out together next time for sure.

Well folks, that's all I'm gonna tell you for now, I'll share more tidbits from other trips we take to the farmstead on instagram (maybe even share more here on the blog, who knows). You'll have to head to the farm to find out about the rest yourself! It's so much fun at Irons Mill Farmstead, such a great family friendly environment and the friendliest staff as well! Oh, And if you're getting married soon, Irons Mill Farmstead also offers the most gorgeous wedding and reception  barn venue year round (I included a photo of the outside of the barn). This is a place you'll definitely want to check out and of course take the entire family. Some of the best memories are made at places like this and we are so excited to go back again soon. Which attraction are you most excited about?

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