Back To School Style With Skechers

Everyone knows how much fun back to school is... Getting fun new backpacks, planning lunches, new clothes and of course new shoes! New shoes might just be my favorite, and I'm teaching Bella the ways of shoe loving early on. You should have seen her face when she pulled these Skechers shoes and boots from their boxes! You would have thought it was Christmas morning by the squeals and excitement coming from her.
The shininess of the Skechers Shoutouts - Zipsters Shoes in Navy Blue is so pretty. They're the perfect "skater" style (yep, she's still asking for that skateboard, but hasn't gotten it just quite yet). She loves them! They're perfect paired with jeggings and a simple white tee. Oh! And pigtails. Pigtails are pretty much a must. These lace up casual high top sneaker shoes are made from a shiny navy colored faux leather upper with stitching accents and Zipper teeth seam edging detail from toe to back. Don't forget the Glittering metal stud and gem accents on side! These are the most perfect pair of shoes for your kiddo's first day back to school. She (or he) will be walking the halls feeling like the coolest kid there with their shiny new kicks, and all the kids will be wanting to know where they're from and asking their parents for their own pair. Seriously, everyone should probably just go buy these for their kiddos like right now.

Living in Pennsylvania, we tend to get quite a lot of cold and snow. So when it gets chilly and for the snowiest snow days, the Skechers Twinkle Toes: Glamslam - Lil Lovelies Boots are the most perfect choice. This is the first time my daughter has had footwear that lights up and she loves them. Like seriously LOVES them! They might be one of her new favorite things, and she loves jumping and walking to see them light up even more! They keep her toes super toasty and warm and besides that, they're seriously super cute. These boots boast a super soft gray suede textured fabric upper and beautiful stitching accents and the cutest mint colored pom-poms that tie in a bow. Don't forget the glittery rhinestones and heart design by the lights on the top of the foot. They light up with every fun step! Your little girl can wear these to school when its chilly and also on the fun snow-day-no-school-days! She'll love them and you'll love how much joy she gets from these.

Thanks to Skechers for sending these awesome shoes our way for the review. Little Miss Bella is definitely going to get a lot of wear out of these shoes and boots. Once she officially starts school (when she's a little older) we'll definitely keep buying her the coolest shoes and boots from Skechers so she can walk her school halls and make her way to her classroom to gain allllll the knowledge. Do you or your children wear Skechers footwear? Which pair is your favorite?

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