Princess Dreams

Some days call for a princess dress. Such was the day that Bella decided she needed to curl her hair, put in a gold hair accessory, wear her ballet shoes and of course put on her new dress from bumpNbeyond! We went to a local college that feels more like a "castle" and took some photos while pretending we were princesses and ballerinas! She danced her legs off, twirling and swirling and running and even leaping a few times. It was just the sweetest to see her little, well, rather big, imagination take flight like it did and the smile on her face was the best!

A dress fit for a princess, a truly exquisite work of art. This dress is one to behold. Yep, I'm talking about "The Gardenia" dress. A grey crocheted halter top with a blue-ish gray, ground length tutu bottom made from tulle.
It give the illusion of floating on a mist, a fairy princess perhaps? Maybe a foggy autumn morning water fairy. Yes, that's it. This dress perfectly doubles as a Halloween costume for your little fairies and princesses! Available from size 0-3 months to 5T (Evelyn also offers custom sizes! Yay!) this dress is the perfect flower girl dress, play dress or even a great Halloween costume since that time of year is approaching!

Don't forget to head to bumpNbeyond for some other super cute crocheted items such as headbands, baby booties, pom hats... Oh! And did I mention that the tulle dress comes in a ton of other colors as well? Check them all out here!

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  1. Love this and all the pictures!! I really appreciate the support!! Thank you so much April!! 😘