This post is in partnership with bObsweep and I received product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Let's face it, vacuuming just isn't my favorite thing... BUT with little ones constantly running around and spreading crumbs in their path, vacuuming isn't just inevitable, it's a necessity. Aaaaand since becoming pregnant with baby #2, my energy levels have gone from normal to practically nothing haha, so what did I do? I headed to the internet of course to search up a good hands free robotic vacuum! I wanted something sleek, neutral, quiet and that would get the job done.

bObsweep to the rescue! Our bObi Classic compact cleaner, or "bObi" for short, has seriously been so, so nice to have around and not have to lug the big vacuum out whenever I need to get a few crumbs off the floor. All I have to do is grab bObi's remote, and with the push of a button, she's of to clean all our floors for me!

Bella loves watching her scoot across the floor, she sometimes pretends that bObi is our very own robot dog and loves following her from room to room, and bObi totally makes me think of something the Jetson's might have owned.

One of the nicest things about bObi, and something that really pleasantly surprised us, is just how quiet she is! We can turn her on to clean during dinner, or while we're watching TV and we barely even notice her unless she bumps into our feet like a little puppy begging for crumbs haha. We've even had company over and they barely even noticed her because she's so quiet!

bObi is super light and compact so she doesn't take up a ton of room while cleaning or charging at her docking station, her small size also makes her perfect for slipping under furniture and cleaning under there too. bObi has over 80 sensors to help navigate her way around and underneath furniture as well as keep her away from steep drops such as stairs. She's super user friendly, and only took a few minutes to figure out how to use her to her full potential, you can even schedule cleanings and she will clean your home at a certain time each day if you'd like!

Parents, if you've been looking for a way to make your life easier: to not spend so much of your free time cleaning so that you can spend that time making memories with your sweet little ones, you need a bObi in your life! You can head here to read more about bObi and to get your very own! Happy cleaning friends!


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