I've always loved the science center, when I was growing up, my Dad and Mom would often take us to St. Louis and we'd visit the science center there, so I have any fond memories of watching the stars and constellations in the planetarium, finding out how things work, moving robots and so much more. It was all just so much fun. So now that I have kid(s) of my own, and Bella is going to be 5 this year, I thought it was high time she visited a science center. I'd never been to Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh so it was such a fun first time for both Bella and I to visit there, Frank has been before, but it was years since he was there last, so everything was different and new which was fun for him as well. It was the perfect day for a day of indoor exploration and science learning, rainy outside, but perfect inside.

We spent hours, upon hours, upon hours finding so many new and fun things, Bella was especially excited to sit in a "space station" and also launch rockets into the air. And don't even get her started on the robots, I'm pretty sure she could have stayed there all day, moving robot hands, making them talk, and changing their eyes to hearts. We all three played air hockey against a robot arm too and boy was that robot good at air hockey, I mean, I may not be the best at air hockey either haha.

Bella especially loved the pretend sonogram machine since we had just found out about a month or so before our trip to the science center that we were expecting baby #2! She just loved being able to see how a sonogram machine worked which made our recent real sonograms even more exciting for her, because she knew how they worked and what was going to happen!

We learned about waterways, seen fish swimming in tanks, seen an adorable turtle and frog and Bella even held a huge, very real and very alive and very huge roach, ughhh... yes, I made her wash her hands afterwards and I may have been gagging while she touched it, she's definitely more brave than I ever will be.

The planetarium was my personal favorite part of the science center, just because they always bring back so many good childhood memories, and I always love learning more about the planets, solar systems and constellations.

Bella's absolute favorite part of the science center was the children's play and learn area! She is drawn to water and is a landlocked mermaid, so when she spied water play and toys, she immediately ran for it. She played for a good hour, fishing, watching the rubber ducks move through the water, painting with water and more.

If you are near Pittsburgh or traveling through and need a fun adventure, the Carnegie Science Center is seriously the best. I have a feeling we'll be making many more trips there in the future and will have so many more memories made there!

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