Our Homeschooling Favorites

One little known fact about me is that I was home schooled from preschool until I graduated, so I'm excited be homeschooling Bella this year. It sounds weird to even be saying that, I mean, it was just yesterday that she was born, right? Even though she technically wouldn't be starting preschool for another year or so if she were heading to public school (because of the way her birthday falls), I wanted to give her a head start on learning with some fun new items! Though we aren't 100% sure whether we'll keep homeschooling her when next school year arrives or let her go to public school when the time comes, I'm excited to be able to teach her some with these items and to share more about them with you also!

Wooden puzzles are some of my favorite toy items for little ones, I just love how old fashioned and nostalgic they feel, and how they can actually look cute in a space instead of crazy colorful and bright. I'm just drawn to that natural wood look and this one is super educational as well! What better way to learn about this great country we live in, the United States of America, than with a sweet wooden puzzle! Each Puzzle that This & That sells are handmade and hand stained, plus each little wooden state state cutout has the full name of each state listed, making remembering the names super easy! It's just the perfect toy for learning or beautiful as a display if you'd rather keep it up. Bella has already learned so much about the United States since we received this pretty puzzle, where a lot of them go, and what a lot of their names are. Perfect for learning domestic geography at a young age for sure.

Chalk Full of Design | Trace-n-Erase Chalkboards
Chalkboards are one of my most favorite things since they're so classic yet can also be modern as well. I just love, love, love these little chalkboards from Chalk Full of Design because not only are they pretty, but they're also functional! Your little one can learn their letter and numbers with the trace and erase feature and then you can display them later on! Each board is handcrafted with the finest care and attention to detail to ensure a no-smudge finish that will allow your little one(s) hours upon hours of tracing and erasing, memorizing their alphabet, how to write each letter, and more. I just love how they offer different levels of difficulty so you child can keep on learning with all of their products, starting at Step 1 (which is what these two boards are) all the way to learning cursive writing with Step 3! Bella just loves these and has had a blast learning how to write her letters and number since receiving them, bu the time we decide if she'll be home schooled from now on or if we decide to enroll her in school, she'll definitely be ready to go.

Kindergarten Toolkit | The Kindergarten Toolkit
We also couldn't help but add a Kindergarten Toolkit to our collection of Bella's home school supplies. This comprehensive toolkit helps build a basic foundation of reading, writing and mat skills. While some things might be a little advanced for Bella right now,  there's still so much she can get out of it and it'll also be a great way to introduce her to some new things and get her prepared for next year as well! This toolkit is full of so many great things, the Toolkit booklet, focuses on 10 main Kindergarten goals and there are around 3 to 4 mini lessons for each of the 10 goals. It also contains 4 sets of flash cards, both upper and lower case letters, number from 1 through 20, 25 sight words, and 10 different colors and shapes. The Toolkit also includes a whiteboard, a pen and eraser as well as a piece of sidewalk chalk (in case you want to take lessons outside on a nice day, or you could even pair it with the chalk full of designs trace and erase chalkboards. It's been so much fun to go through some of this with Bella and we can't wait to delve into more of it soon as the year wears on!

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