Effortless Style with Madewell

To say that I've been crushing on all the items over at Madewell for awhile might be a slight understatement. Denim, which the Madewell brand is best known for, is so timeless, and they have some of the best around. It can be dressed up or dressed down depending on how you style it, and it can be oh so comfortable once you've worn it in a little. I don't know of anyone who doesn't love denim so I'm so excited to be partnering with Madewell to show you some great pieces, both denim and non denim! All of which are the best quality pieces I've found for awhile and will make your wardrobe as stylish as they come, all while being seriously effortless. Madewell focuses on the closet staples, denim, leather, statement pieces and pretty much all the great things that make a closet awesome and they do such a great job of it!

This Bellflower Ruffle dress is one of my absolute favorites! It's made from chambray, one of my absolute favorite kinds of denim and is without a doubt one of my new favorite dresses, I wore it to church recently and paired it with some super cute leather sandals and a sweet simple gold disc necklace with my daughter's birth date on it. That might be my favorite way to wear this dress so far, but I'm sure as the weather starts getting cooler this coming month I'll find many more ways to wear and pair this dress, I already can't wait to pair it with a cute cardigan! It's really comfortable and soft, and the ruffle detail is just the best. I'd say it fits pretty true to size, and I just love it!

The Striped Retreat dress is definitely another fast favorite. I wear it, wash it, (hang to) dry it, and wear it again as soon as it can be worn. I've been practically living in this dress since the day it arrived and goodness y'all, it might be the softest, most comfortable dress I've ever worn! It's just that good! I love to pair this one with the same leather sandals I wear with the Bellflower dress but converse sneakers, and Hunter boots (on a rainy day) would be super cute with this dress as well I feel. It'll definitely be super cute in the autumn paired with leggings or jeggings and a simple cardigan. Versatile pieces are just the best.

I'm also loving these Whisper cotton crewneck tees! Simple, soft, basic and get the job done kind of tee shirts. They're really great for everyday wear paired with jeans, shorts or overalls. I'm pretty simple when it comes to my tees, I like them in 3 different colors and that's pretty much it, black, white, black and grey.I love the feel to these, so breathable and comfy, something I even pair them with cozy leggings for sleeping!

A few other pieces I'm just loving are these road tripper skinny jeans. Um, I mean, comfortable doesn't really even begin to cover it, these are THE BEST jeans I've ever worn in my entire life! Since I'm 5'7", most jeans are high waters on me, which is fine if that's the look of the jeans and the look I'm going for, but during the autumn and winter months, I just wanna stay warm, and these are the perfect length. They come in several lengths: regular, tall (which is what I chose), and taller and every woman needs these in her wardrobe! They're also the perfect color, I just love the slightly darker wash on these.

A few other pieces I'm constantly wearing is this pretty tie back mini dress in shadowpetal (it's the perfect flowy, feminine dress) and these 9" high rise button edition skinny jeans (I just love the button detail). This quilted side tie dress in moroccan desert was the perfect dress to wear (more than once) during our recent beach vacation. It's so comfy and flattering and I received more than one compliment on it when we were out and about!

I'm definitely going to be needing some more Madewell pieces to add to my closet come autumn, so excited to see what arrives on their website then, but for now, I'll still be over here giving heart eyes to all of the other summer pieces on their website!

Thanks to Madewell for sending clothes in exchange for this post. :)

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