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Sitting down together at the dinner table as a family each night is something that's always been super important to me. It's how I grew up, sitting around a big farmhouse table with my Dad, Mom and 4 siblings, enjoying delicious homemade dinners and making so many memories. So now that I have a family of my own, and my husband and I are raising our little girl, it's become even more important to us, to carry on that tradition so our own little girl has those same warm and wonderful memories of dinners and laughter, conversation and yummy foods, around our table.

One of my step-daughters recently moved into a new apartment, so of course I felt that was the perfect opportunity to get new dinnerware (so she could have our old, but still in great condition, set of course), and with new dinnerware you need new flatware to go with it, right?

I've had my eye on this Antique Copper Titanium flatware set from Knork for a long time, I just love the look of copper and was immediately drawn to the unique look of them as soon as I seen them.

If you're looking to add a classy, yet bold statement to your dining table and entertaining or family dinners, this super cool flatware is the winning ticket, we've gotten so many compliments on them since getting them and they're so fun to eat with!

Not only do I love the way they look with their pretty copper color, but the way they feel is really great as well with their ergonomic shape. The flatware themselves are made from hand forged stainless steel, with a titanium coated technique is PVD and is dishwasher safe and scratch resistant (yay!). The Knork design is a unique one, the head of the fork is curved to make cutting through food a breeze, the the finger platform on the Knork flatware is designed to provide comfort with less effort while cutting food and eating, and the handles of Knork Flatware are large and smooth with a focus on balance, stability and leverage whether they're used with a left or right hand.

Knork flatware is designed to be comfortable, rustic yet modern, and is ergonomically shaped to fit the way we naturally eat. The design, while it makes cutting through foot easier due to it's design, is also safer for children, since there are no sharp edges! They have a limited lifetime warranty, complement any style and any table since Knork offers many different colors and finishes of flatware (this black flatware is so unique and would have been my second choice).

Knork also offers some lovely serving pieces to accent your flatware while serving dinner to your loved ones or favorite friends while entertaining, we have this copper 3 piece serving set and it's absolutely perfection, it really brings it all together on the table. This 2 piece hostess set is on my wishlist as well, Christmas is coming before we know it, so I feel it'd make a great gift (ahem, hint hint;)

Whatever your style may be, Knork has you covered with timeless and quality made pieces to choose from! Which Knork flatware set is your favorite?

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