Tribe Favorites: Mikoleon

When I was a little girl, my mom always dressed me in dresses and little "granny boots" as she called them, and if I'm completely honest, I didn't love it when I was little haha. Which is why I find it particularly funny that now as an adult, I'm gravitating towards the styles that I didn't love as a kid, and now absolutely love for my own little girl! Good thing Bella loves wearing dresses and big hairbows and doesn't mind boots (she actually requests to wear these boots every single day).

This past year I was introduced to what is now one of my favorite brand's for children's footwear, Mikoleon! I simply fell head over heels for their Heirloom Ankle boots. First of all, anything with the word heirloom immediately catches my attention since I'm seriously smitten with items that can not only be used and last for more than one child, but also be passed down for generations. The quality of these leather boots are unmatched by anything that Bella has ever owned previously, they're made so well and the materials used in crafting these sweet boots are the best. You can tell that care and time went into making these boots, they're not something that was cheaply glued together and sold as soon as possible, but these boots are an artisan leather boot. Meaning that they are hand made in a traditional and non mechanical way, made by real cobblers using techniques that can't be replicated by machines. Our pair even arrived telling the name of the cobbler who handcrafted Bella's pair, which I thought was really neat and added a personal touch to them.

I just love how old fashioned and classic these artisan leather heirloom ankle boots look, like something out of an old photograph, from an era of days gone by, and they're simply the sweetest little pair of boots ever. These boots are unisex and are perfect for girls and boys, and look how cute those little side pocket details are on the side of the boots!

I also found out that Mikoleon offers a line of children's clothing, and since we are absolutely dress obsessed we had to get a dress to go with Bella's new boots! I absolutely love the color white so we chose the Amelia Gauze dress and it is simply divine! Bella wore it (along with the boots) for Easter and also for her "baby" dedication recently as well, and wore it for a day of play out on my parents farm. It washes really nicely, is chemical and dye free, made from 100% natural cotton, is sustainable and fair-trade as well as eco friendly and is a limited edition hand loomed gauze fabric (it's even prettier in person than the photo shows), and the fabric is the softest ever! The fabric is a light and cool fabric so it's absolutely perfect for summer!

Make sure to check out the rest of their designs here and head over to @thejoyfultribe on instagram for your chance to win a $50 shop credit to Mikoleon!

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  1. the boots are gorgeous, but your daughter is more gorgeous! great pictures! I would love to get some boots like this for my girls; and I even want some for myself! lol