Mama Style with Fawn Design

Every mama wants to feel stylish, but if you go to almost any store for a diaper bag, you'll be presented with only a few options, mostly plastic-ish character covered options, so I love that there are finally some stylish options, like Fawn Design, out there. I came across Fawn Design a couple years ago and never looked back, their bags are just the prettiest and can be used for so many different stages in life! They're perfect as a camera bag for photographers, a large purse for mamas to be and even women who aren't expecting! Great for when baby arrives, when your little one turns into a toddler and even after they're out of diapers. Bella has been potty trained since earlier this year and we still carry our Fawn Design Bag with us everywhere, because it's just so stylish and I can fit so many things! I'm a slight over-packer, my thought is that it;s better to have something and not need it than to not have something and need it, so I always have a ton of stuff that I carry in her bag "just in case", plus I use it as my purse as well so I don't have to carry around an extra bag, and let's be honest, this Fawn Design bag is twice as pretty as most purses I see in stores.

I definitely wish that Fawn Design had been around when I first had Bella, I was always trying to fit everything into one little diaper bag and never seemed to have enough room. One of my favorite features of this bag from Fawn Design is that has so much room inside! Literally, it seems to grow as you add more things inside, it just keeps going on and on. It has pockets all around the sides of the bag inside as well as a zipper pocket inside too, and then there is the main compartment which holds everything you need and then more. The outside also has several pockets and a zipper compartment, I love the front pocket because my phone slides down inside there so nicely when I need a free hand and don't want it in my pocket or am wearing a dress without pickets, and the side pockets work great for a sippy cup or water bottle, and I typically store Bella's Epi Pens in one of the side pockets as well to keep them in an easy to reach area in case we would ever have to use them.

We haven't stopped using ours since we got it last year (we seriously use it every single day and take it everywhere with us), we have a black Fawn Design bag, and our newest one is this "bloom" color from their spring collection, I immediately fell in love with the color and knew it would be perfect for us (they have several other simply gorgeous colors as well and have limited edition colors throughout the year). For the moment I'm keeping our black one as well, I'll probably use the bloom bag during warmer months, and then transition back to black during autumn and winter. The black is just so classy, and the bloom is so fresh, they're both beautiful neutral colors and go with everything though! 

Fawn Design bags are made with wipeable faux leather (because you know there are going to be spills and messes made) and the inside also pulls out for easy cleaning (make sure to clan with a damp cloth), this bag has gold zippers and custom hardware (soooo shiny and pretty), and I mentioned pockets before, there are a total of 10! Yes 10 pockets, 4 on the outside and 6 on the inside (including the zipper pocket), and ladies, there is also a key-chain hook inside (I just found this and it is so amazing) so you don't have to dig all the way to the bottom of the bag to find your keys. The straps are made from a durable webbing (similar to a seat belt type material in my opinion). The Fawn Design bag can be worn as a messenger bag or as a backpack (they recently redesigned the straps for backpack wearing and it is so comfortable as a backpack). I love that it can be worn more than one way because it makes life that much easier for me, I can wear is so many different ways and I absolutely love it. We were visiting the museum a few months back and I was wearing it in the backpack style and one of the curators said I'd have to leave it at the desk since they didn't allow backpacks, but all I had to do was flip it around the other way and showed him that it was also a messenger bag and I was allowed to wear it in the museum that way, definitely saved me a trip having to take it back to the car and potentially need something from it for Bella later on in the museum. Just one of the many reasons I love this bag.

These bags are not only perfect for moms (seriously every mama with little ones should own this bag), but dads as well, I have to say that my husband looks pretty good carrying a Fawn Design bag and walking along holding our little girl's hand. If you're needing a new diaper bag, or even if you don't "need" but just "want" (haha), Fawn Design bags are the only way to go. Which color is your favorite? And what is your favorite feature about this bag?

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