Home Style with Linen & Ivory

Recently I was introduced to the cutest little shop, Linen & Ivory (formerly So Vintage Chic), and I am simply in love with all of her designs. Everything has that farmhouse look that I love and I just love that a lot of the pillows come in linen (one of my favorite fabrics that's just such a classic). We have the Watercolor Paperwhites throw pillow from Linen & Ivory and it is absolutely perfect for spring, I love that daffodil look with the smooth green leaves and bulbs underneath, it looks almost like a watercolor painting and partly like an old botanical poster (which might be my most favorite part). We recently got an off-white sofa so it looks great on it and fits right in with our farmhousy style theme we have going on in the room.

Another pillow I chose was the "Let's Stay Home" throw pillow, because I mean let's be honest: I'm a homebody, and so is Frank, aaaaand so is Bella. We all love staying home and doing nothing, just being in the comfort of our own home is one of the best things to us so this pillow is the cutest statement for our home that everyone always giggles at when they visit.

Since my husband is an expert napper, he can also attest to the comfort of these throw pillows because he loves taking naps on them, me on the other hand, well, I just love looking at them or snuggling them on the sofa, and Bella takes "throw pillow" literally because she loves throwing them all over haha.

Linen & Ivory also sells some other super cute items, I mean, just look at this adorable tea towel! We're a little pie obsessed in our home. A couple summers ago I made like 15 pies in a 4 month time span, and I may have to do that this summer again, because there's nothing better than homemade pie (and cobbler, peach especially) for breakfast. I love that it also matches my pie sign that I was finally able to snag from World Market a couple months back, too cute. Pie is life y'all.

Head on over to Linen & Ivory (formerly So Vintage Chic) and check out the rest of the adorable items they offer! I may just have to get a few more throw pillow cases so I can rotate the pillowcases according to holidays and seasons, how cute would that be?!

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