Hump Day Highlights Link Up #7 - Earth Day Edition

Happy Hump Day and Happy Earth Day!
I am so excited to announce that I have teamed up with an amazing group of bloggers to bring you another installment of "Hump Day Highlights", and today is the Earth Day Edition!
Each Wednesday we will list some things from the past week that we are loving, can't live without, are on our wish-lists, or are things we are just plain obsessed with - and we will even add links (when applicable) so you can check out or scoop up anything you love, too.

Your weekly hosts are MistyApril, ShannonAmandaDanicaand Kaitlyn. We would love for you to add your post to our link up of the things you are loving this week, too. And please spread the love by following the other blogs in the link up/commenting on their posts. This is such a great way to meet like-minded ladies and make new friends, all while showing off your blog, too.

The Hump Day Highlights weekly link up is going to be a blast, I hope you link up and follow along!
So here we go... My green, earth friendly and outdoorsy favorites/highlights/wish-lists/obsessions for this Earth Day week!

What's not to love about fresh mint. I'm rather obsessed at the moment actually. I want to put fresh mint in ALL THE THINGS.

Seriously, this is just too cute for words! With the weather getting warmer and summer approaching Bella is going to be needing a swimsuit and this might just be the perfect fit! With her super fair and sensitive skin it would be nice to have the extra coverage, plus the print is just so adorable! Yes, I'm kind of a big ROXY fan. The only thing that might stop us from purchasing is the $46 price tag. 

This flower has several names if goes by, Big leaf Periwinkle being one of them; it is also called Large Periwinkle, Greater Periwinkle, Blue Periwinkle and Vinca Major. I first seen it this past week when we walked the trail at our favorite local park and just had to stop and snap a photo! Such a delicate little beauty! It took a little googling to find out what it was called and apparently it is actually considered an invasive species by some but its so pretty I'd be perfectly okay with it growing pretty much about anywhere. :)

What is PittMoss? PittMoss is an "green" option to peat moss! They were actually on Shark Tank on April 17th, and definitely piqued the interest of both my husband and myself. Peat moss is harvested in Canadian, and peat-lands around the world make up only 3% of the Earth’s land surface, but they still make up 30-33% of all soil carbons. So when peat is dug up, carbon is released, which therefore increases climate change. Mont Handley (of Pittsburgh) decided to create an earth friendly alternative! PittMoss is made out of recycled paper, which is another great thing and which also decreases the need to expand landfills, since paper takes up the most space in them. And its actually supposed to retain water better than peat moss which is another plus, since that means it cuts down on water usage. Too bad its only available commercially at the moment. Definitely a product I'd be interested in trying!

Our laundry routine line up... Clean without the chemicals! Our favorite environmentally friendly Boulder Clean laundry detergent and [we've eliminated those toxic dryer sheets by using] felt wool dryer balls with a drop of a few of our favorite Young Living Essential Oils! [NOTE: Want to win some Boulder Clean Laundry Detergent? I'm giving some away on my instagram! Find this image to enter!].

We're obsessed! We love going to the park as much as possible and every chance we get! And grilling out at the park is our favorite, plus the trail is so much fun to walk and then there's those amazing swings!

Now go buy some flowers, hug a tree, take a trip to the park or try an earth friendly product!
Happy Earth Day!

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