Front & Center: Neat Cheeks Feature + A Big Announcement!

Soooo..... Neat Cheeks! Everyone's talking about them these days (or at least everyone will be after Friday evening) and they're all the rage in our home!

A few months ago we were in the same boat as every other toddler's parents. I mean, cleanup just wasn't happening, or at least wasn't happening without protest. Breakfast clean up, lunch clean up, dinner clean up, along with various snack clean ups during the day, it was just one BIG STUGGLE!
If you've ever had a toddler then you definitely know what I'm talking about. I mean, kicking, screaming, whining, sputtering, crying, pushing away... simply put, kids just don't like to get their face wiped! But can you actually blame them?
Baby wipes seem to be the most convenient "face wipes" but have you ever tried those things out on your own face? I didn't think so. Well I have. I tried them in place of makeup remover wipes, and you know what? I can understand where my little munchkin is coming from when she throws a fit at having her face wiped with a diaper wipe.
Those things are rough! Especially for sensitive skin! And lets face it, a wet washcloth really isn't much better than those unfriendly diaper wipes!
So yeah, something had to change... clean up was a struggle, they were too rough for me to even use on my own face... so what did I do?
Well, my friend Brianne kept telling me about these nifty little face wipes she'd found... A company started by two moms (Danielle and Julia) in Colorado just like us who were fed up with the other "options" and decided to do something about it!
A company called "Neat Cheeks"!
So on a whim I decided to order a few packages and... PRESTO!
No more griping, no more whining, no more struggling! Seriously, all that just went away for us in the literally snap of a finger!

My daughter actually LOVES GETTING HER FACE WIPED!

Say Whaaaa! YES! All because of these nifty little Neat Cheeks face wipes!

Flavored face wipes at that!
Flavored with Stevia (a natural plant extract) these wipes actually moisturize your little ones (or your own) skin and they can taste the sweetness in them so they get excited about having their face wiped... and they leave no sticky residue whatsoever!
These face wipes host an impressive line up of natural ingredients (aloe, stevia, purified water and honeysuckle... just to name a few) and are super duper soft, I mean don't we all like all natural things and who doesn't like super soft things?! They are Pediatrician and Dermatologist tested and they are all natural, non-irritating and hypoallergenic too!

Where can we buy these amazing face wipes? They are available online at the Neat Cheeks website and also at select Walgreens in Colorado as well as some specialty shops across the US...

But I can only imagine that these will be on the shelves more places pretty soon. These are just a great product that needs to be shared with the entire world!

I am excited to tell you that...

Neat Cheeks have landed on Shark Tank!


Friday Apr 17th (tomorrow!!!) at 9 pm EST is THE BIG DAY!

Does Neat Cheeks have what it takes to make a shark smile? We think so. Will the Sharks take the bait? I'm pulling for them to make a deal with Lori (since she's me favorite lol) and I can't wait to see them (hopefully) make a deal! Because EVERYONE needs to know about Neat Cheeks!

Will you be watching? We will! So wipe on a smile, a sharky smile, and let's tune in together!

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